7 Series

7 Series

The new style of productivity

Agrotron TTV 7 Series tractors offer state of the art style, efficiency, productivity and comfort. They boast outstanding equipment, including extraordinary DEUTZ AG engines and unbeatable ZF continuously variable transmissions.
The 7 Series consists of three extraordinary, unique models embodying the perfect union between advanced technological solutions developed and tested by the DEUTZ-FAHR engineering division, and unmistakeable Giugiaro Design style, with attractive, futuristic forms shaping every component of these superb machines.

7 Series

Class-beating features and systems for an unbeatable engine.

The jewel in the crown of the 7 Series is the six cylinder DEUTZ TCD 6.1 L06 4V engine (all versions of which with four valve heads and central injector), which delivers astonishing levels of power: 222 hp (163 kW) for the 7.210 TTV; 245 hp (180 kW) for the 7.230 TTV; and 263 hp (194 kW) for the 7.250 TTV.
This is a state of the art engine with turbo-intercooler forced induction, a waste-gate valve and innovative DCR electronic high pressure fuel injection.
The most significant difference making DCR a superior solution to other common rail systems is the fact that the two pumps feeding the rail are lubricated with engine oil instead of fuel, which is normally used for this function. This increases the reliability of the system, as lubrication is not dependent on fuel flow and eliminates the risk of temporary pressure loss in the common rail, while the dual pump configuration is less susceptible to stress and overloading.
The SCR exhaust after-treatment catalytic converter works in conjunction with the DCR system to attain outstanding specific consumption figures combined with very low emissions.
The 7 Series tractors consume up to 10% less diesel than previous generation models of equivalent power outputs: this is a considerable saving, which more than compensates for the cost of AdBlue additive needed to the SCR system to function.
TTV 7 Series engines are compatible with fuels with a biodiesel content up to 100%. But DEUTZ-FAHR's commitment to protecting the environment is not limited to catalytic converters and fuel, and is also put into practice through the extensive use of environmentally sustainable materials in the manufacture of its machines.
The 7 Series is the perfect machine for agricultural applications: maximum power and torque are produced at 1900 rpm and 1600 rpm respectively, the optimum upper limits for the range of engine speeds used in the commonest applications in the field.
A generous 380 litre tank ensures extended autonomy without refuelling stops during the working day.
Deutz engines also feature an “Extra” power mode, which boosts output by 27 hp. This extra power is available when using PTO driven implements or for transport usage on the road: in PTO mode, the extra power is available when the tractor speed exceeds 3 km/h, while in transport mode it is available at speeds above 30 km/h.

Engine - 7 Series

Unparalleled power management.
The 7 Series is equipped with the innovative TTV transmission, with automatic dual traction and differential lock engagement and extremely smooth, progressive speed control for maximum productivity, whatever the conditions.
TTV transmissions operate with a power split principle, splitting the power produced by the engine into two components: the majority of the power is transmitted mechanically via a planetary reduction gear units and wet plate clutches, while the remaining component is transmitted hydraulically by a load sensing pump. By varying the delivery of the hydraulic pump, the speed of the tractor can be increased or decreased smoothly, without the sudden jerking during gear shifts typical of a conventional transmission.
The mechanical and hydraulic power components are recombined at the output of the transmission by planetary combination gear.
Completing the transmission package is an electrohydraulic reverse shuttle controlled by a dedicated electronic unit.
The TTV transmission of the 7 Series has two ranges (Transport and Heavy Duty), and offers the driver a choice of three different modes: Manual, PTO and Auto.
In manual mode, engine and vehicle speed are controlled directly via the accelerator pedal and multifunction joystick. In this mode, TTV models drive like a tractor with a mechanical transmission, but with the smoothness typical of a CVT transmission.
In PTO mode, the speed of the PTO is maintained at a constant value independently of the speed of the tractor (which the driver can continue to modify continuously). This functionality overcomes the major limitation of conventional mechanical transmissions: specifically that the PTO speed will always be the same for a given vehicle speed as it is dependent on engine rpm, and there is no possible way to modify PTO speed at a given vehicle speed without changing gear.
In automatic mode, an electronic control unit adjusts engine speed automatically in relation to load to maintain a constant vehicle speed.
Alongside these three modes, three operating strategies are also available: “Eco” for maximum fuel economy, “Power” for maximum productivity, and “Automatic Mode”, which represents a balance between the former two modes.

Transmission - 7 Series

Outstanding PTO performance.

Only the very best equipment is good enough to the Agrotron TTV 7 Series. And this is also true for the PTO, which offers extraordinary versatility with a choice of four speeds (540/ 540ECO/1000/ 1000ECO), all of which electrohydraulically selected and with automatic load sensing to ensure progressive implement starts in all conditions.
Remote controls for the rear PTO on both rear mudguards are also offered as standard.
1000 rpm front PTO combined with front lift (ECO version available as an option).

PTO - 7 Series

Unprecedented hydraulics.

The hydraulic system of the 7 Series has a 120 l/min load sensing pump (or with an optional 160 l/min pump) which feeds the main circuit, and a secondary 44 l/min pump dedicated to the hydrostatic steering system and the auxiliary circuits.
The load sensing function continuously adjusts the hydraulic power delivered in relation to load, minimising power losses (and, as a result, fuel consumption), and maximising the durability of the hydraulic components.
As standard, the system comes with four electronically controlled dual action rear distributors, while optional configurations allow up to seven rear distributors and an additional two dual action distributors at the front of the tractor.
All distributors are controlled by a time and flow regulator and, if needed, may be converted into single action distributors.
The new 7 Series is equipped with “push-pull” hydraulic unions, allowing connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines even when pressurised, and a dedicated container for gathering the small quantities of oil which may escape during coupling.
For very high delivery rates between the tractor and the implement in use, the Power-Beyond connection links the tractor pump directly with the implement for more efficient, safer hydraulic power transmission.
The rear lift has a maximum load capacity (at the quick hitches) of 10,000 kg, while the optional front lift has a capacity of 4500 kg.
The rear lift features the EHR electronic control system, which implements draft force, position and mixed mode control, floating mode and slippage control.
Other functions performed by the EHR system are: quick soil engagement, oscillation damping for transporting implements, preset lift position lock, lift height limiting, and rate of drop control.

Hydraulic system - 7 Series

Smooth steering, impressive traction and dependable stopping power.

For superior safety, the front axle features a special suspension system which can be easily locked by the driver when necessary for extreme precision in implement depth control, even during the most challenging jobs.
Using the Bar Axle variable width half-axles allows facilitated track adjustment over a continuous range, and makes the tractor compatible with twin 650/65 R42 rear tyres and ballastable rear wheels (with a 140 kg central disc per side plus three additional 255 kg discs on each wheel, for a total of 1810 kg of rear ballast).
With its own dedicated hydraulic circuit and pump (to avoid pressure loss during simultaneous usage of the lift and hydraulic distributors), the hydrostatic steering system offers extraordinary manoeuvrability even when working with front-mounted implements. In addition to extremely smooth steering action, this system also ensures unparalleled agility with an impressive steering angle of 52 degrees.
The ASM system engages and disengages the dual traction system and the differential locks completely automatically, eliminating the risk of operator error. In relation to steering angle and speed, the system engages and disengages front wheel drive (under load) and, if necessary, engages the differential locks for maximum traction and safety.
The 7 Series is equipped with an innovative new integral braking system: the brake discs are mounted in an outboard configuration on the front hubs, so that dual traction does not need to be engaged automatically when braking. Additionally, TTV tractors are equipped as standard with the Power Brake system (with an automotive type brake servo), for extremely high braking power, and two different park brakes: the electronic EPB system, which adjusts braking force in relation to load, and the Park Brake, which operates the rear disc brakes directly to minimise power loss.

Brakes - 7 Series

Unparalleled comfort and automation.

Agrotron TTV 7 Series tractors are equipped with the extraordinary “Maxi Vision Cab”, which boasts state of the art technological features and superlative driver comfort.
For unrivalled comfort, the electronically controlled automatic air conditioner system maintains the ideal environment inside the cab, while the anti-vibration package - consisting of a sprung front axle as standard and optional mechanical or air sprung suspension for the cab - ensures outstanding stability. And for even greater driver comfort, the cab is equipped with air-sprung, self-levelling seats as standard, while seats with an active suspension system are offered as an option.
All the lights on the tractor are managed from a centralised main panel, which incorporates all the controls for both the work lights and the road lights. The control ergonomics of the 7 Series was developed in an in-depth project by Deutz-Fahr's engineers: rationally organised controls and clear on-board information are fundamental prerequisites for maximising productivity while minimising driver fatigue. All the levers and buttons are organised in logical groups and arranged in relation to frequency of use, while all the controls are colour-coded for immediate identification: each colour corresponds to a specific operation, allowing the driver to quickly and instinctively find and use the right button. All the operating parameters of Agrotron TTV 7 Series tractors are monitored continuously by three different multimedia devices: the Work Display (mounted on the A-pillar), which displays the status of all machine functions; the Infocenter (in the instrument panel), which provides information on system and device states; and the iMonitor-2, the innovative ISOBUS-compatible multimedia interface, which manages the configuration of all operating parameters. The iMonitor-2 lets the driver interact with the machine via a user-friendly touchscreen, or from the practical control panel. For even greater productivity, the iMonitor-2 may also be combined with the Agrosky satellite guidance system.

Cab - 7 Series


Specifications - 7 SeriesSpecifications - 7 Series
Technical sheet - 7 Series


“Tractor of the Year” is the prestigious international accolade assigned each year to the best tractor on the market. The 2013 edition of the award was presented to the 7250 TTV Agrotron during the EIMA show in Bologna.



The tractor also received the “Golden Tractor for Design” prize during the EIMA International show in Bologna.

rdda winner 2013 rgb


The Red Dot Design Award is considered one of the world's most important design accolades. The 7250 TTV Agrotron won the “Product Design” prize embodying the perfect fusion between advanced technology and unique style.



The Good Design Award is one of the world's most prestigious design and graphics prizes. In 2012 the award voted the 7250 TTV Agrotron as the winner of the Industrial Design category in terms of function, aesthetics and ergonomics.

Compasso dOro


One of the most prestigious awards in the world, assigned since 1954, to highlight the value and quality of products with a distinctive design. A confirmation that DEUTZ-FAHR is at the forefront in terms of technological content with the unique styling by Giugiaro Design.



One of our most powerful and technological tractors has been awarded with the "Machine of the Year" Award 2014 in the category "Best Powered Machine" at Farm World Lardner Park.