Agrotron X 720


A versatile, manoeuvrable and fast tractor capable of working in all conditions. The Agrotron 720 uses all the latest technological solutions of the 200 hp class, with DEUTZ Common Rail engines, electronic lift with radar control, APS transmission and a hydraulic system with three independent circuits. With a compact construction and essential, eye-catching looks, this tractor is the perfect fusion between design and function. Extraordinary manoeuvrable and remarkably user friendly, the Agrotron 720 is the definitive state of the art tractor.

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Agrotron X 720

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    • Engine

    • Transmission

    • PTO

    • Hydraulic system

    • Brakes

    • Cab

    Powerful, reliable engines packed with high technology.

    The Agrotron 720 is powered by potent 7146 cm³ six cylinder DEUTZ TCD 2013 L06 engines. The four valve per cylinder head ensures perfect combustion chamber filling, and makes it possible to locate the injector vertically and precisely in the centre of the head, for maximised power and fuel efficiency perfect. The Agrotron 720 is bristling with state of the technological solutions: turbocharger and intercooler with dual water/oil cooling circuits; AGRex external exhaust gas recirculation system, which recirculates precisely measured quantities of cooled exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber to minimise nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx); DCR (Deutz Common Rail) electronically controlled high pressure injection system, with two injection pumps embedded in the cylinder block and lubricated with engine oil. All of these features work in concert to ensure extraordinarily high and consistent productivity, even in the most challenging applications. The DCR system delivers injection pressures of up to 1600 bar independently of engine speed which, together with the electronic engine governor, ensures an outstanding torque reserve even at low engine speeds. This system significantly reduces noise at both idle and rated speeds, increases peak torque and minimises vibration, but with no increase in fuel consumption.



    Superlative reliability and productivity.

    The Agrotron 720 is equipped with a ZF 7.300 Series transmission, consisting of a synchromesh six speed gearbox with four Powershift ranges and a hydraulic reverse shuttle, which gives the tractor the ability operate in a range of speeds from 450 m/h to 50 Km/h (or an electronically limited 40 Km/h, where required by law) with astonishing progressiveness and responsiveness.
    The multiplate wet clutches are engineered for maximum reliability and durability even in the toughest operating conditions.

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    High performance PTO solutions.

    In addition to the two standard speeds of 540 and 1000 rpm, the PTO of the Agrotron 720 also offers a 540ECO mode for working with specific implements, which maintains an engine speed of just 1630 rpm to optimise productivity with minimised fuel consumption and noise. The AUTO function may be used to automatically engage and disengage the PTO in relation to the position (raised or lowered) of the implement mounted on the rear 3-point linkage.
    The multiplate wet clutch is generously sized to absorb the load peaks involved when working with heavy duty implements, and engages progressively for superior reliability even when working with implements with high torque demands.
    The optional front PTO, which operates at a standard 1000 rpm, is driven directly by the engine via a electrohydraulically controlled multiplate wet clutch, and is ideal for working simultaneously with front and rear implements with particularly high power consumption.

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    Three independent hydraulic circuits for unrivalled productivity.

    The hydraulic system of the Agrotron 720 series consists of not one but three different circuits. The first circuit provides lubrication oil to the transmission and hydraulic power for a number of functions and systems such as the Powershift, the hydraulic reverse shuttle, PTO engagement and front wheel drive and differential lock management.
    A second, completely independent circuit feeds the hydrostatic power steering system, while a third closed-centre circuit with a 120 l/min load sensing pump feeds the lift and the distributors.
    The latter system has four dual action auxiliary distributors (for a total of eight ways) with flow regulator function. The control levers are colour-coded in relation to the respective hydraulic connections and may be locked in “delivery” and “float” modes.

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    Advanced automation for optimised time management and improved safety.

    The ASM system engages and disengages the front wheel and differential locks completely automatically in relation to steering angle and speed, reducing driver workload by eliminating operations which may otherwise constitute a distraction. This system maximises traction in all conditions, improving safety.
    For even greater driver comfort and stability, even at high speeds on rough terrain, the electronically controlled front suspension uses an innovative linkage solution with two hydraulic cylinders assisted by three nitrogen filled dampers. The electronic control system keeps the suspension level in all conditions irrespective of load, to make full use of the entire wheel excursion. In applications where particularly high traction is needed, the front suspension may be locked to create a rigid axle for increased implement control precision.
    The hydrostatic steering system has a dedicated pump to ensure impeccably smooth steering action with no disturbance caused by the simultaneous use of the lift and hydraulic distributors.
    A generous steering angle of 52 degrees and steering front mudguards ensure superior manoeuvrability and agility even when working with front-mounted implements.

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    Minimised noise for maximum productivity: silence is golden.

    The Agrotron 720 series is equipped with an outstanding cab module with unique, state of the art air suspension. In this electronically controlled, automatically adjusted system, compressed air is automatically delivered to the air springs in relation to the weight in the cab, for maximum comfort in all conditions.
    Larger amplitude oscillations are cancelled out quickly by two hydraulic dampers, while a Panhard bar eliminates pitch and roll.
    Access is facilitated by practical anti-slip zinc-plated steps and broad doors, with large handrails for a sure grip when getting into and out of the cab.

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