Unprecedented agility and grip

Agroclimber 410 SIX is a state of the art crawler for the open field, with compact dimensions (1.8 m in width), go-anywhere capability and a powerful 110 HP engine specifically developed to deliver high performance. This machine incorporates all the latest innovative engineering solutions in the crawler segment, and is incomparably easy to use and comfortable even in the challenging conditions typical of hilly and mountainous terrain. Unique to the 410 SIX is an undercarriage with six bottom rollers per side, for ideal weight distribution of the tractor, and flanged long-life track chains.


    Powerful engine with state of the art technology.

    Four cylinder, 4,000 cc Turbo Intercooler Euro III engines, for quiet, consistent operation.
    The engines powering the Agroclimber 410 SIX feature individual high pressure injection pumps, for optimised fuel atomisation and progressive, efficient combustion.
    The SDF injection system uses an individual injection pump per cylinder. Much more advanced than a conventional rotary pump system, this solution ensures instantaneous injection times (with electronically adjusted timing in relation to load), for optimised fuel consumption.
    The driver can store engine speed presets for specific applications and recall them whenever needed. The system maintains these engine speed presets at a constant value, saving considerable time when performing different operations and offering a significant advantage in terms of productivity.

    Robust transmission for high load applications.

    The Agroclimber 410 SIX is equipped with a mechanical transmission with two ranges and four gears, underdrive and supercreeper gear, and a synchronised shuttle, for a total of sixteen forward and reverse speeds, which ensures comfortable, smooth manoeuvring and extraordinary productivity even in very high load applications.
    Simple and immediate PTO.

    Simple and immediate PTO.

    Two speed PTO (540/540ECO rpm), with electrohydraulic clutch.

    A dual hydraulic system for unbeatable performance.
    This is a dual hydraulic system, with two independent pumps.
    The main pump, with a capacity of up to 52 l/min, feeds five distributors and supplies oil to all the most important components of the tractor.
    A second pump mounted on the engine has a capacity of 25 l/min, and feeds the steering system and PTO clutches, as well as providing lubricant oil to all the components of the transmission.
    The rear lift, with entirely mechanical hitching system, has a load capacity of up to 3,000 Kg.
    Simple controls on the lift itself let the operator select and adjust position, draft or mixed control modes.

    New generation track chains.

    As well as implementing state of the art technology, Agroclimber 410 SIX crawlers are built with safety as the primary goal, and every component is specifically designed to tackle even the most complex situation and tough terrain with absolute reliability.
    The steering clutches and brakes for each crawler track are controllable independently using pedals or a pair of levers on the instrument panel, for simple, precise manoeuvring.
    The track chains (with a footprint width of 45 cm) run on six flanged bottom rollers designed to withstand high axial loads.
    The sprocket profile is specifically designed to ensure uniform track chain wear, for extended durability of the tracks themselves.
    The spoke configuration of the sprockets prevents the build-up of mud and soil, protecting the track chains against damage.
    Controlled by next generation brake/clutch systems, the track chains are lubricated to minimise noise, while a sturdy, manually adjustable tensioner maintains the ideal track tension.
    The brake piston is equipped with a damper for adjusting the preload of the Belleville washers regulating the pressure of the hydraulic oil in the system, which in turn affects the responsiveness of the brakes.

    Vibration-free and quiet for total comfort.
    The platform is mounted on four silent-blocks, which insulate it against vibrations produced by the tractor.
    Generously sized silent blocks contribute to eliminating the typical noise produced by fixed mounts, which can be unpleasantly loud and constitute a serious distraction, making work significantly more difficult for the driver.
    Getting into and out of the driver seat is made safety and easier by the flat floor of the platform.
    The instrument cluster provides clear, comprehensive information on the status of the tractor: with engine speed, speed in Km/h, PTO speed, hour meter, fuel gauge and coolant temperature.


    Technical sheet
    Technical sheet - Agroclimber


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