Serie 5DF (Platform)

5 DF Platform Stage V

Maximum agility between rows


The ultimate specialised tractor, now available as an open station version as well.

The beloved Series 5 DF tractors are now also available as open station versions with a completely foldable front arch. Unique technical features and the revamped layout of the driver's seat, compliant with the latest ergonomic standards, offer a very high level of on-board comfort. The new 5 DF range includes three models, ranging from 95 to 116 hp, with 4-cylinder engines, two different wheelbases, and loads of options in terms of transmissions, hydraulics and accessories. The total integration of powerful, reliable, and fuel efficient engines, like the FARMotion 45, with high-performance transmissions entirely designed and produced by the manufacturer for this class of tractors, guarantees top of class performance while also maintaining low levels of fuel consumption.

Serie 5DF (Platform)

    The FARMotion 45, designed for agriculture.

    The new 4-cylinder FARMotion Stage V engines used with the models in the 5DF platform series are even more powerful and fuel-efficient than ever. Setting these engines apart is a formidable package of decidedly innovative technical content, like the electronically managed Common Rail injection (up to 2000 bar) with 7-hole injectors, an electronically controlled viscostatic fan and the PowerCore combustion air intake filter. It all minimises consumption and boosts productivity. Thanks to the extraordinary compactness of the suite of exhaust aftertreatment solutions used, which includes an external (electronically cooled and modulated) EGR, DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), passive DPF, and SCR, the tractor has the same sloping, tapered cowl as the previous Stage III/B versions, ensuring excellent agility, which is further improved by the tractor's generous steering angle. In addition to the new technology implemented for compliance with Stage V emissions regulations, all engines now develop greater torque and power, as high as 116 HP on the top-of-the-range model.

    Engine - Serie 5DF (Platform)

    Designed for maximum efficiency.

    The modular transmissions on the new 5 DF tractors are the product of SDF’s extensive experience with the development of cuting-edge transmissions for specialised tractors. Efficiency and modularity are the defining traits of the many options available, which range from a highly efficient, fully synchronised mechanical version with 12+12 speeds to a version with 30+30 speeds, with two (Hi-Lo) Powershift gear ratios. The 5-gear versions (15+15, 30+15, 30+30) are able to travel at 40 km/h with economy engine revs. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, a supercreeper gear is provided as standard, allowing for work to be done at speeds ranging from 187 to 295 m/h (depending on the configuration) with the lowest gear and the engine at maximum revs.

    Transmission - Serie 5DF (Platform)

    Versatile and efficient for top productivity.

    The PTO also offers an extensive choice of configuration solutions: the 540 rpm and 540 ECO modes come as standard, with a handy selector by the driver’s seat. Users can also choose between conventional fixed PTO shafts or versatile interchangeable splined shafts. Finally, another potential option is to add the 1000 rpm mode, as well as ground speed PTO.

    PTO - Serie 5DF (Platform)

    Extraordinary power and maximum configurability.

    Deutz-Fahr has given the new open station Series 5 DF a powerful system with a wide range of equipment options. The pumps dedicated to lifts and distributors achieve a maximum flow rate of 68 l/min (with a double pump system). Meanwhile, a separate second hydraulic circuit, provided as standard and dedicated to steering and ancillaries, employs an independent pump, for extremely smooth manoeuvring even with the engine idling and lift and/or distributors in operation. Up to 3 hydraulic distributors are available at the rear, with a selection of different operating modes and the option of adding a flow regulator valve. Free return is always provided as standard to ensure the optimal use of equipment powered by hydraulic engines. The mechanical controlled rear lift has a maximum capacity of 3130 kg, while a 3940 kg version is offered as an option.


    Hydraulic system - Serie 5DF (Platform)

    Top notch safety and towing capacity.

    Series 5 DF open station tractors offer a sturdy front axle that allows for a high steering angle ensuring superb manoeuvrability even in the narrowest headlands. To offer true all-wheel braking action, wet disc brakes are provided on all 4 wheels as standard. Excellent weight distribution, the optimal balance between ground clearance and a low centre of gravity, and the presence of all-wheel braking increase the level of operating safety for any task, especially when working on an incline. 100% differential lock and dual traction are activated with a simple push of a button.

    Brakes - Serie 5DF (Platform)

    Comfort never before seen on an open station tractor.

    The driver's seat on the open station 5 DF has been completely updated and revamped to meet the latest ergonomic standards, guaranteeing ultimate comfort even on tractors without a cab. The platform, available in different sizes and shapes to offer the best fit for the different tyre sizes, is suspended on innovative Hydro Silent-Block mounts to provide effective damping against the vibrations generated by the powertrain. The controls are arranged in accordance with Deutz-Fahr's familiar colour-coded layout to facilitate usage by even the least experienced operators.


    Cab - Serie 5DF (Platform)


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