6040 Series

6040 Series

Simply perfect for every crop

The DEUTZ-FAHR 6040 Series evolves with the introduction of two new extraordinary models - the 6040 and 6040 HTS - which set a new benchmark for this segment of the combine harvester market. The culmination of many years of experience, these new models offer extraordinary levels of productivity and comfort. Unparalleled performance with types of crop with impressively low running costs, excellent results in terms of grain cleaning and integrity, and extremely simple maintenance.

6040 Series

The high performance cutter bars (measuring from 3.8 to 6.3 m in width) have a monolithic structure for superior weight distribution and stability, maximising durability and performance irrespective of cutting width. The large diameter feeder auger with broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers ensures continuous feed and product transfer.

Cutting bar - 6040 Series

The feeder channel has rasp bars fastened to two chains; the carrier shafts are fitted with toothed guides to prevent slippage between chain links, to ensure continuous feed to the machine and prevent channel overload. The height of the front shaft is adjustable for threshing wheat or maize, while the intermediate shaft improves feed to the threshing drum and clears accumulated crop from the channel.

Feed channel - 6040 Series

A robust, reliable and highly productive threshing system that handles the crop delicately during grain separation.

Threshing drum
The threshing drum has five straw walkers, measures 1.27 m in width and 600 mm in diameter, and is equipped with eight rasp bars (screw-mounted for quick and easy replacement) for a perfect threshing action. A high threshing frequency (120,000 beats per minute) means that even the most difficult to thresh cereals are processed with ease.
Crop enters the threshing drum horizontally for uniform, blockage-free feed, while an access aperture above the feeder channel facilitates maintenance.

Threshing or separation - 6040 Series

The 6500 litre capacity grain tank is fed by a grain elevator which minimises the risk of grain disintegration and ensures that the tank itself is filled completely (while the level in the tank is observable via a window in the cab). Rapid emptying minimises time wastage, while powerful motors discharge the tank effectively while working, for no loss in productivity.
An indicator light and audible warning signal in the cab activated by two sensors in the tank inform the driver that the tank is full, and that it is necessary to approach the thresher for discharging.

Harvest transport - 6040 Series

Straw chopper
The integrated straw chopper is equipped with a rotor with 48 cutter blades arranged in four rows. This configuration produces an air flow which spreads material uniformly over the entire surface of the cutter bars. The distribution of material is adjusted with manually controlled deflectors (an electrical adjustment system is available as an option).
The system may be set to chop straw or maize by simply changing two pulleys, without requiring additional reduction gears for threshing heavier crops.
The position of the counter-blade is adjustable to obtain the degree of chopping required.

Straw management - 6040 Series

The engine of a combine harvester must be capable of powering additional or optional accessories such as straw choppers, maize heads, corn choppers etc., and must have a sufficient torque reserve to maintain maximum productivity even in the most challenging conditions, with no loss in threshing component speed. The modern 6 cylinder DEUTZ TCD 6.1 engines with common rail injection and four valves per cylinder combine outstanding power with extraordinary efficiency, for superior threshing performance with optimum fuel efficiency.

Engine hydraulic transmission - 6040 Series

The new “Commander Cab Evo” cab evolves the concept of the driver space to offer advanced technology and extraordinary levels of comfort.
The air conditioning system maintains an ideal environment in the cab in all conditions, while the configuration of the console is specifically designed to place all the controls within easy reach of the driver without hampering visibility.
The lighting system consists of eight work lights mounted on the cab with HB3 lamps which powerfully and clearly illuminate the work area without uncomfortable glare. An additional two work lights mounted on the straw walker cowl and a light illuminating the discharge pipe are also available.

Cab - 6040 Series


Technical sheet - 6040 Series
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