Next level versatility.

Concentrated high technology.

The new DEUTZ-FAHR 5D TTV is the best utility tractor on the market today. With unprecedented versatility and class-beating high tech content, these machines are unlike anything else in their class. Practically unlimited scope for configuration, extraordinary compact construction, the TTV continuously variable transmission, a suspended front axle and a pressurised cab with a category 4 filtration system are just some of the features that set these machines apart from their rivals in this segment.


Outstanding performance in a compact package.

The DEUTZ-FAHR 5D TTV range is powered by acclaimed FARMotion engines with Common Rail injection (with injection pressures up to 2000 bar), 7-hole piezoelectric injectors, electronically controlled viscostatic fan and PowerCore air filter; this advanced technology allows FARMotion engines to deliver superlative performance in any situation, matched with outstanding fuel efficiency. These engines were developed specifically for agricultural use, with generous torque and power even at low engine speeds, and minimal maintenance requirements. Compliance with Stage III B emissions regulations is attained simply with a DOC catalytic converter and an electronically controlled external EGR system, both of which maintenance-free and requiring no costly periodical regeneration cycles. The extensive configurability of the 5D TTV range even includes a choice of 3 or 4 cylinder engines. 90 and 100 models are available with 2 engine variants, while the most potent model in the family - the 110.4 - is powered by a 4 cylinder unit with an impressive output of 113 HP at 2000 rpm. All power variants deliver maximum torque at 1600 rpm and boast a practically flat torque curve between 1200 and 1800 rpm, for smooth, dependable power delivery when working.

Engine - 5D TTV

Seamless, efficient power.

Developed in-house by SDF specifically for machines in this power class, the innovative TTV continuously variable transmission maximises productivity with very low power losses, and combines the efficiency of a mechanical transmission with the comfort of hydrostatic technology.
An efficient, reliable solution which continuously varies the ratio used to put the power produced by the engine to the most effective use possible, making your job even easier and more productive. With two automatic work ranges (Transport and Heavy Duty), this transmission offers the ability to drive at 40 km/h on the road at low engine speeds while still ensuring uncompromised productivity and efficiency in the field. Using the clutch and shifting gears are no longer necessary to drive the tractor, as everything is now controlled smoothly and precisely from the joystick and throttle. The PowerZero function, which holds the tractor in complete safety even on steep gradients, also minimises the need to use the brake pedal. The control software offers the operator a choice of 3 modes (Auto, PTO and Manual), ensuring the ideal response and behaviour of the machine for any task. The highly ergonomic joystick and puts all the primary functions at the operator's fingertips, for simple and intuitive control of the machine. A practical dial lets the operator select from a practically endless choice of different engine management modes ranging from “Eco”, which minimises fuel consumption, to “Power”, which maximises tractor performance.

Transmission - 5D TTV

The best is already standard.

The generous standard equipment contributes significantly to the versatility of the DEUTZ-FAHR 5D TTV family. The rear PTO already comes as standard with 540 rpm, 540 ECO and 1000 rpm speed modes. Also standard is an electrohydraulic PTO clutch, engaged progressively and without sudden kickback either from the ergonomically situated button on the MaxCom console or from outside the cab, using control buttons mounted on the rear mudguards. But that's not all: another standard feature is a function which engages and disengages the PTO automatically in relation to rear lift height, saving precious time during headland turns.
To further increase the versatility of the machine, a simple and practical interchangeable stub shaft is available to reconfigure the tractor quickly to cater for different U-joint drive shafts without having to use dangerous adapters. A transmission-synchronised groundspeed mode is available as an option.


Top of its class.

The hydraulic system of the Deutz-Fahr 5D TTV family may be configured with an 84 l/min pump or with a Load Sensing pump with an impressive capacity of 100 l/min on tap at an engine speed of just 1850 rpm. This latter variant also delivers 70 l/min of oil flow at an engine speed of only 1300 rpm, for maximum productivity with power hungry implements even at low engine speeds. All Deutz-Fahr 5D TTV tractors are equipped with an additional 42 l/min pump dedicated solely to the hydraulic steering system, for seamless and progressive steering action even at idle speed, irrespective of any other hydraulic demands.
Extreme configurability in terms of hydraulic distributors: these tractors can be equipped with from 4 to 10 rear couplers, with free return as standard and the power beyond coupler as an option. All distributors are electronically controlled and feature timer controlled hydraulic flow. A wide choice of other options is on offer, such as the ability to add up to four belly hydraulic couplers or two couplers on the front lift, complete with free return.
And for total versatility even when working with very heavy implements in confined spaces, 2 different versions of the rear lift 3-point linkage are available. On all machines, the rear lift comes as standard with electronic control and a damping system to attenuate the oscillation produced when driving on roads with mounted implements. Truly impressive lift capacity: the compact version is capable of lifting up to 3660 kg (on the quick hitch couplers), while the standard version can lift an impressive 4310 kg. Naturally, a front lift is also available, with a maximum capacity of 2880 kg.

Hydraulic system - 5D TTV

True all-wheel braking.

DEUTZ-FAHR 5D TTV tractors also come with premium solutions for axles, brakes and safety, such as all-wheel braking, for more responsive brake feel, especially when cornering, and for better performance when braking on gradients.
For effortless headland turns, the SDD function halves the number of steering wheel turns needed to steer the wheels fully: if selected, the function is automatically disabled once the tractor exceeds a predetermined speed, for greater steering precision.
In addition to a conventional swing axle, these tractors are available with an innovative double wishbone articulated quadrilateral front suspension derived from passenger car applications. The damping action of the axle is managed by an adaptive electrohydraulic circuit, which works in concert with the DTC (differential control function). Offering a combination of active damping, self-levelling and traction control capabilities, the independent front suspension system improves stability, grip, traction, comfort and safety in all terrain conditions, both in the field and on the road. Boasting a compact design and highly effective integrated management functions, the axle also includes Anti-Dive and Anti-Roll functions, which significantly increase productivity in tasks demanding extreme precision, such as hedge and living wall management. All tractors feature electrohydraulic 4WD and differential lock engagement as standard, and with optional speed and steering angle dependant automated 4WD and differential control.

Brakes - 5D TTV

Top class comfort.

The spacious 4-pillar cab comes as standard with air conditioning, hydro-silent block suspension, the ergonomic MaxCom console, instrument panel with InfoCentrePro colour LCD display, Bluetooth radio and an air-sprung driver seat. Options include an FOPS homologated roof and a Cat.4 filtration system, which allows the cab to meet the requirements for certification as personal protective equipment (PPE) for working with protective crop treatments. In spite of the compact external size of these machines, DEUTZ-FAHR 5D TTV tractors offer superlative levels of comfort, with features you'd normally expect to see only in a high power flagship tractor. The clearest example of this is the advanced MaxCom armrest integrated into the driver seat, which lets the operator access and control all the functions puts the operator with their forearm resting comfortably on a dedicated cushion. All the controls are organised rationally for superlative ergonomics, with extensive usage of the tried and tested, intuitive colour coded scheme developed by DEUTZ-FAHR.
The auxiliary electrical connectors inside and outside the cab can be configured as preferred, while driving lights and work lights are offered as both halogen and LED variants. Users demanding the latest in connectivity can equip their tractor with the precision farming pack which, in addition to autosteer functionality, also adds an ISOBUS connection, managed from the 8" iMonitor3.

Cab - 5D TTV


The system monitors a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Automated for total simplicity: lets the driver set, store and recall the most appropriate engine speed for the job in hand.



An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential lock in relation to steering angle, speed and rear lift position (depending on model).



Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Oxidation catalyst which reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by combustion.