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Combine harvesters

Series C9300

Power: 353 HP
Cylinders: 6
Weight: 16.900-18.300 kg
Wheelbase: 3.860-3.890 mm

More than 100 year of experience, loyal customers and top performance: the Legacy and the Future of the only DEUTZ-FAHR C9000 Series. Two models: C9306 TS and C9306 TSB. These machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications), an elegant design, incredible comfort and functionality, for unparalleled harvesting performance with all types of crop. With powerful engines, superlative fuel consumption and unbeatably low running costs and simple maintenance, the C9000 Series is truly remarkable.

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Series C9300

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    • Cutting bar

    • Feed channel

    • Threshing or separation

    • Cleaning

    • Harvest transport

    • Straw management

    • Engine hydraulic transmission

    • Cab

    The high performance cutter bars (in standard widths from 5.40 m to 9.00 m) are a single piece for superior weight distribution and stability, maximising durability and performance irrespective of cutting width.

    The large diameter feeder auger with broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers ensures continuous feed and product transfer.

    barre di taglio C9300.jpg
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    Extra Feeding feeder system

    The feeder channel has alternating rasp bars fastened to three chains. The carrier shafts are fitted with toothed guides to prevent slippage between chain links, to ensure continuous feed to the machine and prevent overload.
    The feeder channel has a large aperture facilitating access to the interior of the channel itself for maintenance.

    The feeder channel of the new C9000 Series implements the innovative “Extra Feeding” system: this channel is longer than standard channels to allow for the use of large cutter bars.

    The feed roller feeds the machine continuously and uniformly, significantly increasing productivity and drastically reducing power demand and fuel consumption. And as it operates continuously, the system prevents the risk of feeder channel and threshing system overload, significantly reducing maintenance.

    canale alimentazione C9300.jpg
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    DEUTZ-FAHR has developed a state of the art threshing system for the C9000 Series of combine harvesters. This is a robust, reliable and highly productive threshing system that handles the crop delicately during grain separation, to ensure extraordinary levels of crop quality. The system already achieves a high degree of gain separation between the threshing drum and the concave to reduce the workload on the straw walkers, increase productivity and handle the straw more delicately.


    trebbiatura e separazione C9300.jpg
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    The turbine works in conjunction with the double step system to clean enormous quantities of crop; while the crop is fed back to the grain pan for maximum grain protection without overloading the threshing system. Grain pan

    The very long grain pan moves with a reciprocating motion to ensure perfect stratification of the chaff and straw. As these two components are lighter than the grain, they are blow away immediately upon contact with the air flow produced by the turbo-ventilator, for more effective cleaning of the finished product. The grain pan is easily removable from the combine harvester, minimising maintenance times and simplifying the operations needed to reconfigure the machine for a different crop.

    pulizia C9300.jpg
    Further details

    Grain tank

    The grain tank of C9000 Series machines has a 10,500 litre capacity and is emptied with an extraordinarily high speed discharging system, thanks to dual augers that double the output speed and once emptied, reverse, which prevents crop spilling, eliminating time waste and lost productivity.
    The level in the tank can be observed via a window in the cab, while the sample may be checked via an external grain hatch.
    An indicator light and an audible warning signal activated by two sensors in the tank inform the driver that the tank is full, and that it is necessary to start the discharge procedure.

    trasporto e raccolta C9300.jpg
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    Long straw treatment

    The long straw is treated carefully by the threshing system and the straw-walkers is discharged in large swaths in perfect condition. The C9300 Series has a wide and direct opening just under the straw-walkers to ensure the straw runs as straight as possible.

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    The engine of a combine harvester must not only be powerful enough to meet the performance and functional requisites for the machine itself, but also to operate supplementary equipment and optional implements such as straw choppers, corn cutting heads, stalk cutters etc.

    It must also ensure an adequate torque reserve to ensure dependable operation even in demanding conditions with no loss in threshing system speed.

    The new models of the C9000 range reach unparalleled levels of performance with minimal environmental impact. The 7.8 litre Deutz TCD engine produces up to 353 HP.

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    Clear, simple and always updated, the new iMonitor defines a new era in combine management. All combine parameters and functions are managed directly on the 8’’ iMonitor, with the possibility to save and export all performance data. User friendly philosophy to easily identify the right page and convenient short-cuts to jump from one page to the other quickly and without stopping harvesting.Intuitive setting of the parameters thanks to the touch-screen number pad. The street page is displaying mainly speed and vehicle related information. The field page shows the status and performance of the combine while harvesting. The adjustments are made precisely with easy to read parameters system. A brand new cutting header page allows the user to control and adjust all relevant settings in one shot.


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