GNSS receivers


Steering systems with satellite assistance.
Our receivers use free, internationally available signals.

You can choose the system that best suits your operation. Our receivers use free, internationally available signals, which offer different accuracy levels depending on the correction service and the receiver model:

  • Submeter for Egnos / WAAS / Autonomous with track-to-track accuracy of about 25 cm,
  • Decimeter for TopNet signals:
    • TopNet Global D (only SRC40) with a track-to-track accuracy of about 8 cm
    • TopNet Global C (only SR20) with a track-to-track accuracy of about 5-8 cm
    • TopNet Global C+ (only SR20) with a track-to-track accuracy of about 3-4 cm
  • Centimeter for RTK with an absolute and repeatable accuracy of 2-3 cm

DEUTZ-FAHR offers you all this with products that perfectly match your needs.

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    The SR20 is a new GNSS receiver designed for automatic steering systems. It is a completely new development created to achieve highest accuracy and best guidance performance in all conditions. It includes full control technology for the automatic steering system, which makes the SR20 much more than just a simple GNSS receiver. Our technology features so many assets and advantages – just to mention a few of them:
    1. IMU: the new 3-axis gyroscope is integrated as standard, to detect and compensate even the smallest fluctuations and movements of the machine in any direction. This means highest precision in all conditions, independently from the type of ground.
    2. Skybridge: this technology is available on all SR20 receivers and bridges signal losses. Skybridge keeps the steering system engaged in case the RTK signal is not available, e.g. if the mobile connection is lost. This lets the machine keep on working with high RTK precision for up to 20 minutes.
    3. GNSS: the SR20 receiver can pick up a huge number of different satellite systems, all compatible with it: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU and QZSS. The high number of compatible satellites available increases signal stability and accuracy, and ensures a guidance system that's fully reliable.
    4. CTM: to receive a RTK NTRIP correction signal, a mobile internet connection is required. The Communication Telematic Module is equipped with a 4G M2M multinet data package. These features significantly decrease issues of mobile data reception, with RTK NTRIP providing the highest reliability.

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    The SRC40 is not only a GNSS receiver, but also includes full control technology for the automatic steering system. The modular structure deserves a special mention, i.e. depending on the desired correction service, the components in the receiver can simply be upgraded:
    IMU: 3-axis gyroscope for detecting slopes on hills
    Modem: to receive RTK-NTRIP correction data
    As all components are integrated in the same housing, it is very easy to change the receiver over from one machine to another. This makes it very simple to switch vehicles, as the changeover only takes a few minutes!

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    This receiver is designed for manual guidance systems and is available in two different versions:

    • Visual Guidance 25: this aftermarket kit combines the SC10 GNSS receiver and a 4,3” touchscreen terminal, and can be installed independently on any type of machines.
    • Visual Guidance 50: machines equipped with the integrated iMonitor can easily be upgraded with a SC10 receiver. Besides manual track guidance, Visual Guidance 50 allows to use all standard functions included in the iMonitor. It is a very cost-efficient way to benefit from the wide range of features offered by our iMonitors, such as Automatic Section Control (TC-SC) and Variable Rate Control (TC-GEO).
      • Easy to install on machines through the iMonitor
      • Access to many functions of the iMonitor, e.g. Automatic Section Control, Variable Rate Control
      • Correction services: Autonom/Glonass

    Note: this receiver cannot be upgraded to self-guidance.

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