SDF Extracare

Series 8 TTV

Power: 287 HP
Cylinders: 6
Weight: 9.430 - 10.725 kg
Wheelbase: 2.918 mm


The DEUTZ-FAHR 8280 TTV is a reliable, powerful and fully connected working machine with the perfect technology mix for professional farmers and contractors.

Discover the cutting-edge digital solutions integrated into the 8280 TTV, empowering you to operate with unmatched efficiency, thus saving valuable time and resources.

The heart of the 8280 TTV lies in its robust twin-turbo engine, boasting an impressive 287 HP, ensuring a seamless and vigorous performance. Experience unmatched speed with a maximum of 60 km/h and be sure to have unrivalled stopping power with the proven dry disc brakes and the patented aTBM system. Comfort meets functionality with the fully adjustable, intelligent front axle suspension, providing a smooth ride even during the most demanding jobs. The further developed MaxiVisionPro cab takes operator experience to new heights, offering a comfortable and ergonomic working environment for those long hours on the field.

The 8280 TTV from DEUTZ-FAHR: where power meets precision, efficiency meets ease, and productivity soars to new heights. Embrace the future of farming technology with this exceptional tractor and elevate your agricultural operations like never before.

Upgrade to the 8280 TTV today and experience the future of farming at your fingertips.

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Series 8 TTV

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    • Engine

    • Transmission

    • PTO

    • Hydraulic system

    • Brakes

    • Cab


    The 8 Series equips the advanced DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine featuring a double turbocharger designed to deliver peak performance and unrivalled efficiency. This cutting-edge tractor sets new standards in agricultural technology, and the latest emission requirements are met with minimal AdBlue consumption.

    The state-of-the-art Common Rail system ensures optimal fuel combustion thanks to a high injection pressure of 2000 bar. The result? A highly responsive and dynamic engine behaviour, empowering you to conquer any task with ease. Embrace the well-rounded torque curve that provides impressive power reserves at lower engine speeds, giving you unmatched versatility and control.

    With 1000-hour oil change intervals and easy maintenance, the 8280 TTV significantly reduces running costs while maximizing the machinery's availability. Experience the ultimate driving comfort, as the tractor's smooth running guarantees a serene environment during long hours on the field.

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    The revolutionary TTV transmission is a testament to years of expertise in transmission development and production. Meticulously crafted through the intelligent fusion of a stepped planetary gearbox, clutch unit and two hydrostatic units, it gives rise to a groundbreaking compound transmission. This innovative design seamlessly amalgamates the strengths of each element, resulting in an absolute pinnacle of power flow.

    The 8280 TTV impresses with powerful acceleration, smooth deceleration and fast response to changes in load. A simple transmission structure with two automatically shifted drive ratios allows smooth and automatic changes from lower to higher speeds without noise.

    The powertrain management ensures unparalleled efficiency and strength in all operating conditions. Unleash the true potential of the 8280 TTV as it effortlessly reaches an engine speed of 1830 rpm at an impressive top speed of 60 km/h, and a smooth 1220 rpm at 40 km/h, making the 8280 TTV the ultimate transport vehicle of its class.

    Built with a robust structure yet lightweight design, the 8280 TTV boasts exceptional drivability, easy service access and a high mechanical power share. These elements form the foundation of the tractor's superior comfort and dynamic performance, setting it apart as a class-leading innovation.



    The 8280 TTV provides complete flexibility with 3 PTO speeds as standard: 540ECO/1000/1000ECO. Combined with the DualSpeed front PTO, this tractor opens up a world of possibilities.

    When using the ECO PTO speeds in the front and rear, an efficient engine speed can be maintained, like when cutting grass for the second or third time. The ECO PTO saves up to 18% of fuel consumption. The implement loading on the rear PTO shaft is automatically measured in a fraction of a second and the engagement of the PTO clutch is proportional to the actual load. In addition, the PTO offers driveline protection for both the tractor and the implement.

    Maintaining your 8280 TTV is a breeze, as the entire PTO unit can be effortlessly removed for any necessary maintenance without the need for major dismantling of the tractor.

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    The 8280 TTV tractor boasts an impressive rear linkage lifting capacity of up to 11.100 kg, making it ideal for heavy implements.

    It offers different configurations with electronic valves featuring full proportional controls, up to five hydraulic control valves at the rear, and up to two in the front area in addition to a front lift. Automatic or hydraulic lower link stabilizers, wheel slip control via radar sensor, illuminated external control buttons, and excellent visibility of the linkage and drawbar are only a few features for maximum power and control.

    The Load Sensing Hydraulic system provides a high output of 210 l/min, and flat couplers are also available. 90-litre removable oil capacity is enough for the most demanding implements.

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    Achieve ultimate vehicle control for unmatched productivity, both in the field and on the road, with the 8280 TTV. Its front axle suspension and brake system set it apart from the rest of its class, ensuring exceptional stability during heavy towing and pushing tasks. The intelligent and adaptive suspension system guarantees a smooth ride, even in challenging ground conditions.

    Experience enhanced safety with the innovative anti-dive system, which keeps the tractor stable during all transport tasks. You have the flexibility to activate or deactivate the front axle suspension independently of speed, making it valuable for heavy-pulling applications or mowing.

    In a league of its own, the 8280 TTV can be equipped with high-performance dry disc brakes on the front axle, mandatory for 60 km/h and recommended for 50 km/h or whenever superior braking is required. Remarkably, the 8280 TTV achieves a maximum permissible weight of 16 t, even at the top speed of 60 km/h. For maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure, you can rely on the booster brake system. Conquer any terrain with confidence, and embrace the unrivalled control and safety of the 8280 TTV.

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    Welcome to the enhanced MaxiVisionPro cab – your ultimate work environment. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, this cab offers a luxurious and seamless experience. Ergonomic controls, a logical layout with colour indications, and a clear InfoCentrePro display simplify tractor handling, ensuring utmost user-friendliness.

    Experience unparalleled visibility with large windows providing a panoramic view around the tractor. The bonnet's design allows effortless observation of the front area and front lift zone. Plus, the cab's detachment from the bonnet reduces heat, vibrations, and noise, ensuring a comfortable working space.

    Enjoy extra comfort features, such as the optional cooling box, the premium 4.1 sound system or the visibility package. Stay in control with XLarge Vision rear mirrors, providing added safety. The cab's well-thought-out design includes various monitor holders, tablets and phones, keeping your essential devices close at hand.

    Indulge in the MaxiVisionPro cab's high-quality materials, appealing colour scheme, outstanding visibility, and ergonomic control positioning, making your tractor the preferred place for long and productive workdays.

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    Technical specifications

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    An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential lock in relation to steering angle, speed and rear lift position (depending on model).

    1000h engine oil change interval

    To ensure reliable performance and longer-term use of the engine, the engine oil must be changed regularly. For the lowest running costs, the engine offers a maximum use time of 1000 hours until next oil change.

    60 KM/H

    Transmission with a maximum speed of 60 KM/H. Depending on the model, a speed of up to 60 KM/H can be achieved at a reduced engine speed, which improves travel comfort and decreases fuel consumption, vibration, and noise. Possibility to limit the speed electronically to 50 KM/H or 40 KM/H with super eco or ultra eco engine rpm.


    The DualSpeed front PTO allows the advantages of the economic rear PTO speeds to be used together with the front PTO. Desired speed can be selected easily in the InfoCentrePro.

    CleanOil hydraulic system

    With CleanOil Hydraulic System, transmission and hydraulics have two separate hydraulic circuits. Transmission and hydraulics oil cannot mix, so there is no risk of contaminating transmission oil with dust and other external pollutants that could come from implements.

    Transport position for lower links

    With a simple rotation, the tie rods can be shortened to lift up the lower links. This allows maximum clearance for the implement, preventing collision with the PTO or the drawbar which is hooked on the K80 hitch.

    Coming Home Function

    In combination with WOLP (Work Light Panel), the tractor features the Coming Home function. After stopping the engine, with a simple pull on the indicator lever, the working lights activate for a period that allows you come home safely.


    A fuse test available on the electronic circuit boards allows the operator to check if the fuses are defective or OK.

    Dry Disk Brakes

    Front dry brakes increase braking performance and, consequently, driver safety. Also thanks to this technology, the tractor can reach high speeds in combination with higher gross vehicle weight.

    High performance engine brake

    Compared with a standard engine brake, the high performance engine brake also activates the eVisco fan, in order to further increase the braking force.


    The advanced trailer brake management reduces the response time and optimises the braking behaviour of the pneumatic trailer brake system. In addition it informs the driver of the trailer brakes' condition.


    XTEND allows the display area to be extended easily, with a tablet, for example. You can either display the guidance application or even fully control all ISOBUS-UT functions – with your tablet! It is a cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative solution to a second terminal.


    Easy Steer is a feature of the steering orbitrol to decrease the manual steering movements of the driver. Once activated with a button on the armrest, four steps (from 0-4) can be adjusted via settings in the iMonitor. The benefits are quick turning manoeuvres in headland and added convenience for the driver.


    The Auto-Turn feature allows automatic turns to be performed on the headland. You as the driver can decide which track to steer into. Different patterns are available – whether to skip lines or fill plots. Benefit from added convenience, decreased soil compaction on the headland and time saved!


    EPB offers an automatic function that activates the park brake after stopping the tractor and deactivates them when the driver starts moving the tractor. It can also be activated in comfort via an electric push-button control on the armrest.

    Ready for Agrirouter

    The agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform that allows farmers and contractors to exchange data between machinery and agricultural software applications from different manufacturers. It ensures reliable cross-manufacturer online data transfer between all members, while users always have an overview of all data.

    Jolly Buttons

    To the freely programmable buttons the operator can assign the power shuttle, the fast steering system, the rear lift, the hydraulic valves and even more functions. This makes the daily work intuitive and extremely comfortable.

    Equipment and options

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    WARRIOR. Unique, like you.

    In brilliant black or original DEUTZ-FAHR green, the DEUTZ-FAHR Warrior edition is designed for farmers and contractors who make the highest demands on themselves and their technology. For perfectionists who make no compromises, who do their utmost every day and never give up, even when conditions are tough. For individualists who want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their uncompromising attitude to the outside world. DEUTZ-FAHR has set a new benchmark in terms of technology, design, superior comfort in field and on the road. Warrior is more than a name for a high-performance tractor. Warrior is an expression of the character of whoever uses this machine. Driving a Warrior makes a statement: “I can do anything”. 


    SDF Smart Farming Solutions


    SDF Smart Farming Solution allows users to have the freedom and power to choose the products that best suit their business needs, maintaining full ownership of their decisions and their data. We provide products and services that perfectly match the practical requirements of today’s farmers, contractors or any other users:

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    Services available for Series 8 TTV:

    • ISOBUS
    • SDF Guidance
    • SDF Data Management
    • iMonitor

    SDF ExtraCare

    DEUTZ-FAHR provides one of the best warranties in the business

    SDF ExtraCare safeguards your investment, provides you with maximum control over operating costs and ensures long life for your product. You can rely on the high technical knowledge and professional support provided by the DEUTZ-FAHR service network. 

    SDF extracare
    • Investment protection
    • Preservation of value
    • Better reselling opportunities
    • Use of original components and lubricants
    • Totally transferable
    • 3 or 5 years warranty

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