Central control unit which enables the management of all types of Precision Farming applications.

Working days can be long and demanding. As a central control element, the iMonitor can offer you assistance and provide you with the highest level of comfort. It includes various tractor settings, guidance systems, ISOBUS control and data management.

The iMonitor is easy to operate and includes a state-of-the-art touchscreen. A crucial feature, considering its large number of functions: everything is available in one interface, conveniently integrated in the armrest. The iMonitor3 is a highly practical interface connecting driver, tractor, device and office. This helps you take the best advantage, and even increase the performance, of your machine. Offered in two sizes, the iMonitor3 is available as a factory option or can be retrofitted on any type of machine.



    The processor of the iMonitor was built to ensure reliable performance even during those long working days when several applications are running at the same time. Our iMonitor3 provides a personal interface that guarantees the easy and intuitive operation of several functions via the touchscreen. Its support functions, such as the quick guides and the explanatory icons, guide you through the various settings and it’s also possible to set up different user profiles according to your requirements, for a better overview. It’s available in two different sizes, 8” or 12” – it's the largest terminal on the market and the display can be changed from full screen to split screen: three 8'' split screens (two mini views on the left, one main view on the right) or four 12'' split screens (three mini views on the left, one main view on the right). The benefit this offers is a constant overview of all applications that are running at the same time.

    The iMonitor3 is equipped with a touchscreen that can be intuitively and conveniently operated, similar to a smartphone or a tablet. You can easily swipe with your finger to switch between the different applications. For the guidance application, as well as for the ISOBUS Universal Terminal, you can use the entire size of the display, expanding it to full screen. The Dashboard on the bottom of the screen can be freely configured with information such as time, date, GPS accuracy or GPS speed.

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    Optionally, tractors can be equipped with a MMI which is fully integrated into the armrest. This is a great alternative way of operating, that can be employed instead or even in addition to the touchscreen. With the rotating wheel you can navigate the iMonitor, while three buttons are available for different functions. This allows you to assign shortcut buttons to quickly jump to predefined menus. Yet more evidence of sophisticated system integration resulting in great user experience.

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    The main page dedicated to the tractor provides the driver with an overview of all major details e.g. oil temperature or engine load. In addition, from there you can also manage the tractor's relevant settings. These include transmission and engine (e.g. cruise control, RPM memory), front and rear hitch (e.g. lifting speed), and PTO. How the hydraulic spool valves are arranged can also be changed, as well as flow rate and time control. In the ASM menu you can modify the speed and angle for automatic activation. It's really convenient: you can save the current settings (up to 10 profiles), assign them to a machine profile, for example, and then recall them.

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    The Comfortip is a state-of-the-art headland management system fully integrated in the iMonitor interface. It allows the driver to save and recall different sequences allocated to the piece of equipment. You can record or set up a sequence manually – in both cases, it’s always possible to modify any action. The predefined functions, such as lift out, cruise control on/off, etc., will start automatically according to the chosen trigger: you can select between time (s), distance (m) or simply start an action by manually clicking the Comfortip button. The automated functions in the headland reduce the number of manual operating steps for the driver, thus increasing comfort.

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    Still, even if such a clear menu structure means it's very easy to operate, we know that you might still have some questions. No problem! In these situations, the driver can activate the remote support service. Once the necessary permission is granted, this tool allows an expert, e.g. your local dealership, to connect and log into the monitor in order to assist you or even take control of some functions. Diagnostics or error codes can be extracted and settings can be easily improved. Our aim with this tool is to support you as much as possible and guarantee maximum operational reliability.

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    Efficient data management is increasingly gaining significance in order to optimise work processes for farm and field management. The iMonitor works with standard file formats to ensure reliable data exchange. This allows customers the freedom to use the software application that best suits their farm and transfer data in a coordinated manner, in order to obtain an overview any time it's needed. For reliable online data transfer, e.g. with any FMIS, an interface to upload and download agronomic data to and from the Agrirouter has already been integrated in the latest software.



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    In combination with our SDF GNSS receivers, the iMonitor includes the ability for both manual and automatic guidance applications as standard – depending on the receiver model. The SDF Guidance application is fully integrated in the interface and can be operated in parallel with other applications. Plenty of features are already available as standard, such as field and task management, different types of guidelines or the visualisation of tramlines.



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    The iMonitor is a fully AEF ISOBUS compliant terminal and offers different applications: a great number of functions are even available without having to activate them, such as the assignment of AUX functions to different buttons on the armrest or to shortcut keys on the iMonitor (AUX-N). The Universal Terminal (UT) allows the driver to individually control ISOBUS certified equipment made by different manufacturers with one single monitor. The Task Controller (TC) is fully integrated in the terminal and allows to process application maps (TC-GEO) or automatically switch between up to 200 sections (TC-SC).

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    Cameras offer the best overview – not only through the the iMonitor's personal interface, but also according to your environment. Both the size of machines and implements and the number of regulations are increasing. The iMonitor can assist you with up to four cameras (depending on the size), and two cameras can be active and on display at same time thanks to the split screen function. In addition, you are free to decide where to install the cameras – whether on the tractor or the piece of equipment. This allows you to keep an overview of your environment at all time.

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