Series 8W

The ideal solution for large-scale work.
Power: 275 HP
Cylinders: 6
Weight: 9.440 kg
Wheelbase: 3.120 mm

The Series 8W has been designed to offer high levels of productivity and be the ideal solution for challenging work over large areas. Thanks to its sturdiness and renowned versatility, the DEUTZ-FAHR 8280W model offers outstanding performance in all situations.

7.5-litre engine, Powershift transmission, 116 l/min Load Sensing hydraulic system, four rear hydraulic distributors and 2 PTO speeds (540ECO/1000) allow any equipment to be used. The cab ensures a comfortable work environment with an ergonomic layout for all the main controls.

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Series 8W

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    • Engine

    • Transmission

    • PTO

    • Hydraulics

    • Axles and brakes

    • Cab

    Powerful engines with exceptional performance.

    The responsive 7.5 l 6-cylinder engine with electronically controlled Common Rail injection can handle changes in load and ensures reduced fuel consumption. Maintenance is quick, easy and convenient, thanks to the monolithic hood with rear hinge, which lifts up completely. Specially-designed gas dampers keep the hood open. All main components and assemblies are easily accessible, thus removing the need for specific tools during maintenance. The reversible fan also helps to keep the cooling system clean.


    The ideal transmission for maximum productivity.

    The ZF transmission, featuring 6 synchronised ranges and 4 Powershift speeds for each range, and equipped with a hydraulic PowerShuttle, allows the driver to operate with the ideal working speed for each situation. The supercreeper gear enables all extra-slow work operations to be carried out, guaranteeing maximum performance levels and delivering excellent results.
    Up to 40 ratios can be obtained in both forward and reverse, with speeds ranging from 450 m/h up to 40 km/h achievable at economical engine speeds.

    The hydraulic PowerShuttle enables the machine to be started from a standstill, or to reverse the direction of travel, simply by using the lever under the steering wheel, without having to depress the clutch pedal. Reversing the direction of travel is extremely rapid, and effective modulation of gear engagement is guaranteed with no jerks or kickbacks, resulting in great comfort. In addition, it is possible to reverse the direction of travel under load, even on slopes, in maximum safety.  


    High-performance PTO solutions.

    With the two speeds, 540 Eco and 1000, selected through a dedicated switch, the 8W output at the rear PTO enables a host of uses. The 540 rpm, obtained at economical engine speeds, ensures lower fuel consumption and noise levels while providing high engine flexibility. The Auto PTO function lets the driver programme PTO engagement and disengagement depending on the raised or lowered position of the rear hitch. The multi-plate wet clutch is generously sized to absorb the load peaks involved when working with the most heavy-duty implements and engages progressively for superior reliability even when working with implements with high torque demands.
    At 1000 rpm, the front PTO is driven directly by the engine via a modulated start multi-plate wet clutch with electrohydraulic operation. This allows combined work operations (front - rear) to be carried out, including those with high power absorption, saving time and diesel.


    Unmatched productivity across all types of work.

    The main hydraulic system on the 8W Series consists of a 116 l/min Load Sensing pump which feeds the rear distributors and lift.
    The 8W models can be equipped with four dual-action auxiliary distributors. All the auxiliary distributors can be equipped with flow rate control. A joystick on the console in an easily accessible position allows the driver to safely and easily operate two of the auxiliary distributors from a single control device. All of the rear quick hitches are equipped with an oil collection container.
    The Power-Beyond system also enables equipment with its own built-in hydraulic motor to be connected. Connecting the Power-Beyond hitches provides a "direct" connection with the tractor's pump, thus resulting in a very high oil flow rate for the equipment.All models are equipped with a powerful electronic rear lift with a lifting capacity of over 10,000 kg. All of the key functions of the lift can be set with ease on the control panel: power and position adjustment, slippage, limitations on the lift height, and adjustment of the lowering speed.


    Safety and optimisation at the highest levels.

    The ASM automatic dual traction and differential control system engages and disengages the front wheel drive and the differential locks completely automatically, preventing the driver from having to carry out manually-controlled operations which could distract attention from the job at hand. In accordance with the steering angle and speed, the system engages or disengages the front wheel drive and differentials under load, without any possibility of an error occurring. As a result, this system guarantees maximum traction in all operating conditions, as well as ultimate comfort and driver safety.
    The hydrostatic steering system has a dedicated hydraulic circuit and pump, to ensure impeccably smooth steering action even at low speeds, and with no disturbance caused by the use of the lift and hydraulic distributors. With its wide steering angle, the tractor is easy to handle and manoeuvre even with front-mounted equipment. "Steering"-type front mudguards ensure that the steering angle can be exploited to the full.  


    Convenience and ease of use for working with no interruptions.

    The cab is mounted on the new, innovative Hydro Silent-Block, which reduces driver-perceived vibrations by 40 per cent and increases comfort compared to conventional silent-blocks.
    Freedom of movement and a logical arrangement of all the controls are two essential factors for relaxed, productive work. The controls of the 8W models are extremely clear. All of the levers and buttons have been designed in different colours in accordance with the function they serve, and are arranged intuitively according to their frequency of use; they are located on a special console on the right-hand side of the dash. This results in an optimal workstation which enables safe control of the machine whilst increasing operator productivity. The ladders with non-slip steps, the wide doors and the easy-to-grip handrails enable the operator to climb into and descend from the tractor in total safety. 


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