The RVshift transmission awarded as Technical Innovation 2022 at EIMA

Once again, at EIMA, FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, sponsors a Competition for awarding prizes enhancing the value of innovative products presented by manufacturers in the sector at the service of agriculture and gardening which are increasingly more avant-garde for quality manufacture, safety and environmental sustainability.

The Federation has assigned to SDF a Technical Innovation and two mentions:

Technical Innovation: RVshift transmission


A hybrid transmission electronically controlled to offer an user experience which condensates the advantages of both a powershift and a TTV, improving easiness of use and productivity.

For example, it allows to have pre-determined ratios, which are also fully customizable, as well as continuous speed variation for precise working up to 5 km/h, possibility to keep the tractor standing without activating the brakes, optimization of braking actions during coasting in downhill, hydraulic reversing at all speeds.

Mention: Ultrasonic Guidance (US Guidance)


The innovation consists of an ultrasonic system, which allows to have redundant and robust information used by the navigation algorithm to define machine position and orientation in respect to the surrounding environment with centimetrical precision, also in case of sensor obstructed by implements or pipes. An additional function is to recognize and manage properly areas with missing or rich vegetation.

Mention: EasyBUS (with XFarm Technologies)


Universal and open mobile application (Android and iOS) for prescription map files usage in field regardless ISOBUS capabilities of the tractor or the implements. This solution enables small agriculture companies with a machine fleet with low technology content to get access to precision farming solutions.