DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series Keyline tractors

Hanover, 11 November 2019


Designed  for emerging markets, the new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series Keyline is an extraordinarily versatile and robust family of tractors with a modern, attractive design and offering superior comfort.

Designed in accordance with the latest standards for ergonomics, the driver zone features rationally organised and clearly identified controls that are intuitive and simply to use. The range consists of 4 models with power outputs from 45 to 60 HP and with 2 or 4 wheel drive. Equipped with tried and tested transmissions and engines, and with potent hydraulic rear lifts, the new 4E Series Keyline tractors are capable of working effectively with a wide range of mounted and towed implements that would normally only be usable with much more powerful tractors.

The engines powering the new 4E Series Keyline family of tractors are built for total reliability: these are proven, fuel efficient power plants, with a compact 3-cylinder power plant chosen specifically to accentuate the already superb agility of these machines.

The transmission has been optimised for sturdiness, reliability and extraordinary productivity. Based on a 4 speed gearbox with two or three ranges, the fully synchronised mechanical transmission is offered in 8+2,12+3, 8+8 or 12+12 speed configurations to cater for even the most demanding applications. For effortless long distance journeys by road, all transmission configurations offer a top speed of 34 km/h.

To maximise the versatility and configurability of these tractors, the rear axle is available as “Light” and “Heavy Duty” variants.

The comprehensive choice of PTO configurations offered for the 4E Series Keyline family caters for the needs of even the most demanding customer, making these tractors even more versatile and letting users maximise efficiency in the field even when working with implements requiring significantly less power than the tractor is capable of delivering.

The open centre hydraulic system is fed by a gear pump with a maximum output of 31 l/min (or 27 l/min on the 4046 E Keyline), and features 4-way rear hydraulic distributors.
For outstanding driver comfort, all versions come as standard with a hydraulic power steering system with independent pump.


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