Series 4E

Power: 65-75 HP
Cylinders: 3
Weight: 3.000 kg
Wheelbase: 2.100 mm


The 4E Series is the ideal tractor for smaller farms and operators, local authorities and horticultural businesses. With a choice of two different models with power outputs from 65 HP (48 kW) to 75 HP (55,4 kW), and with both 4WD and 2WD variants, this range has the perfect utility tractor for the specific needs of any user. The forms of the sturdy cowl in premium pressed steel accentuate the extraordinary compactness of these utility tractors. The three-cylinder FARMotion engines are extremely powerful, reliable and economical. Three mechanical transmission configurations are available, with top speeds of 30 or 40 Km/h.

These tractors are equipped with front axles developed specifically by DEUTZ-FAHR for this power class. With a steering angle of 55°, electrohydraulically engaged differential locks and 4WD and all-wheel braking, the tractors of the new 4E Series are unstoppable. The extraordinary versatility of the new 4E Series comes to the fore when working with almost any implement. Options available include a rear lift with quick hitch couplings and a maximum load capacity of up to 3500 kg, a hydraulic system available as 42 l/min or 50 l/min variants with three distributors and PTO with 540 speed. The driver’s platform meets the highest standards for comfort. All the controls have been redesigned in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles. The new dashboard provides clear information concerning all the operating parameters of the tractor. The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series: the versatile and comfortable utility tractor.

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Series 4E

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    • Engine

    • Transmission

    • PTO

    • Hydraulic system

    • Brakes

    • Cab


    Under the cowls of these new tractors are potent, compact three-cylinder FARMotion engines with EPA emissions compliance. Developed specifically for agricultural applications, these engines feature electronically controlled Common Rail fuel injection with injection pressures up to 2000 Bar which ensures extremely effective fuel atomisation in the combustion chamber, for even more power and a flat torque curve, with generous torque already available at low engine speeds. Other solutions that were key in achieving the impressive performance of these engines include a cooling system with a large surface area cooling pack (which consists of the main radiator, the intercooler, the fuel radiator and a transmission oil radiator), the user of a viscostatic cooling air fan to reduce power consumption, and the two-stage Powercore air filter with dust ejector. These solutions not only contribute to the efficiency of the engine but also to extended service intervals and quicker, simpler maintenance. The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series: potent and efficient utility tractor.

    motore 4Estage5.jpg


    With the perfect transmission for any application offering the right groundspeed for any job, the new 4E Series is up to any challenge. For working with extreme efficiency and unparalleled precision. The choice is yours. A choice of three mechanical transmissions is offered for 4WD models. All configurations come with synchronised transmission, 4 or 5 speeds and up to 3 ranges, but differ in terms of gearing. The 4-speed gearbox is available in 12+3 or 8+8 while the 5-speed in 15+15 allows a top speed of 40 Km/h.

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    The new 4E Series also offers a 540 rear PTO with a removable shaft. The dry clutch of the PTO is operated from a practical level allowing for progressive, smooth PTO engagement. The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series: the practical, functional utility tractor.

    pto 4Estage5.jpg


    Utility tractors are put to work in an extremely varied range of tasks, such as working in poultry sheds and hay barns, draft or transport duty and working in the field, to mention but a few. With an extensive choice of implement attachment solutions, nothing is impossible for the new 4E Series. As you'd expect on a DEUTZ-FAHR tractor, the mechanical rear lift is extremely precise and responsive to the controls. The lift has a load capacity of up to 3500 kg. The Category II three-point linkage is available with ball-type hitches and mechanical stabilisers. The hydraulic system is available with a choice of 42 l/min or 50 l/min open centre pumps and up to three rear distributors with flow regulators. On both versions, the hydraulic steering system is fed by an independent pump, meaning that implements can count on all the hydraulic power of the main system at all times. The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series: the versatile and potent utility tractor.

    impianto idraulico 4Estage5.jpg


    Crucial requirements for the new 4E Series were absolute agility in restricted spaces and uncompromised traction in all conditions. To achieve this, DEUTZ-FAHR developed a new front axle specifically for this power class. The result is unrivalled manoeuvrability, and the unique design of the axle and front cowl of the 4E Series allows for an impressive axle swing range and a generous steering angle of 55°. Superlative traction is ensured in all conditions by electrohydraulically selected four-wheel drive and differential locks. Four-wheel drive models are equipped with two steering cylinders and wet disc brakes on all four wheels. The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series: the agile, safe utility tractor.

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    Operator comfort has always been a priority for DEUTZ-FAHR. Any operator will feel immediately comfortable and at home on board these tractors, thanks to the telescopically adjustable steering column, seat with adjustable, mechanically sprung suspension and controls now relocated on the new console to the right of the platform. Broad anti-slip steps and grab handles on both sides make it extremely easy and safe to climb onto and off the tractor. The controls have been reorganised logically in accordance with frequency of use and colour-coded for immediate identification. The parking brake lever and the PTO clutch and speed selection controls are situated to the left of the operator. To the operator's right are the transmission controls, the hand throttle, the engine speed memory controls, the rear lift controls and the hydraulic control units. The display in the centre of the dashboard provides the operator with clear information on the operating status and functions of the tractor in both digital and analogue formats. Naturally, the new 4E Series offers an unobstructed view of the entire working area, making your work not only more productive but also safer. The new rubber mat and insulating material minimise the noise, vibration and heat reaching the operator. The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Series: the comfortable, ergonomically designed utility tractor.

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