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Manufacturer-independent data exchange

Agrirouter: What is it?

The agrirouter is an internet-based platform that makes it possible for farmers and contractors to exchange data, e.g. between machine and farm management software applications from different manufacturers. This has not been possible up until now, as the equipment on many farms was from different manufacturers. As a result, operating procedures are significantly simplified and the economic efficiency of the operation is considerably improved. Data transfer takes place via a cloud-based platform – however sensitive data is not saved. Farmers can specify rules in their personal agrirouter account, which are used to coordinate the data transfer (what, who, where?).

How data exchange functions with DEUTZ-FAHR

As a manufacturer, DEUTZ-FAHR provides the technical requirements for smooth data connection between the tractor and the attachments. DEUTZ-FAHR does not store the data or analyse it in the background.

The DEUTZ-FAHR iMonitor3 has different interfaces with which data can be exchanged. The customer is free to decide if they want to use a normal USB stick or automate the data exchange via a communication unit (with an internet connection). The data is transferred directly via the internet between the various end points, e.g. farm management software and the iMonitor. Since their introduction, the operating terminals offer standard data formats (ISO-XML), which ensures compatibility with a wide range of software providers. Today, every farmer or contractor can create a free account at and establish their own individual ECO system out of machines and farm management software solutions.

The Agrirouter as a data transfer platform takes an open approach for all farm technology manufacturers and software and hardware providers. Agrirouter was developed by DKE Data GmbH and is supported by a consortium of well-known farm machinery manufacturers, including DEUTZ-FAHR.