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Working precisely with satellite assistance and an accuracy of 2 cm – worldwide.

Steering systems are becoming increasingly established as a standard in tractors and combines on many farms. The advantages are obvious: saving resources, increasing convenience and productivity as well as reliable precision. You can rely on high reliability even in difficult working conditions such as fog or night time. Anyone who has ever worked with a steering system will never want to be without it again. Many precision farming applications are based on satellite navigation. Our receivers use free, internationally available signals which offer different accuracy levels depending on the correction service and the receiver model. You can choose the system that best suits your operation. Our innovative GNSS receivers are regularly adapted to new situations with firmware updates.

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SC10. The receiver for the manual steering system.
The Visual Guidance 50 is designed for machines with integrated iMonitor. The VG 50 expands the monitor with the SC10 receiver. This allows all standard functions included in the iMonitor to be used, in addition to manual track guidance.

• Easy to install on machines with iMonitor
• Easy to upgrade on machines with iMonitor
• Access to many functions of the iMonitor, e.g. Section Control, Variable Rate Control
• Correction services: Autonom/Glonass


SRC40. The receiver for the automatic steering system.
The SRC40 is not only a GNSS receiver, but also includes the entire control technology for the automatic steering system. This makes the SRC40 much more than a complete steering unit. The modular structure deserves a special mention, i.e. depending on the desired correction service, the components in the receiver can simply be
IMU: 3-axis gyroscope for detecting slopes on hills
Modem: For receiving RTK-NTRIP correction data

As all components are integrated into the housing, it is very easy to change the receiver over from one machine to another. This makes it very easy to change vehicles, as the changeover takes only a few minutes!

The following correction signals can be received by the SRC40:
• Egnos, accuracy 20 cm, not repeatable, free of charge
• TopNet Global D, accuracy 8 cm, not repeatable, license required
• RTK, accuracy 2.5 cm, license required


SR20. Automatic steering system for the next generation.

The SR20 is a new GNSS receiver. As the SRC40, this is designed for automatic steering systems. The housing contains the pitch module for detecting any fluctuations as a standard (3-axis gyroscope). The CTM with the integrated e-SIM card is provided for using RTK-NTRIP correction data. SR20 receives the same correction signals as SRC40.


 SDF 1910 Digital CFS EN 1920x1080px Trackline
 SDF 1910 Digital CFS EN 1920x1080px pitchmodule
Overview of different accuracy levels
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