5 Series TTV

5 Series TTV


The new DEUTZ FAHR 5 Series sets new standards for the mid-power class in terms of efficiency, productivity, style and comfort. The TTV version takes a step further by adding the extraordinary versatility of a continuously variable transmission. The models in this new series are more powerful and deliver more performance than their predecessors, and stand apart from their rivals with futuristic, attractive style created in collaboration with Giugiaro Design to give these extraordinary machines the elegance to match their power.

5 Series TTV

A great engine for outstanding power and reliability.

The new engine powering the 5 Series is the Deutz TCD 3.6 L04, a 3620 cm³ four-cylinder unit bristling with state of the art technology. The engineering and design solutions adopted to maximise power and efficiency include electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, turbo-intercooler forced induction, a waste-gate valve and a proportional viscostatic fan. The electronically controlled, liquid cooled, exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) and special diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) catalytic converter ensure compliance with Tier 4i standards.
DOC is a special catalytic converter which catalyses chemical reactions within the exhaust gases on contact to transform them into harmless substances. DOC eliminates the drawbacks of the FAP system (which produces harmful exhaust back-pressures and necessitates energy-costly active regeneration cycles) and the SCR catalytic converter (which needs an additive such as AdBlue to trigger selective catalytic reduction), is maintenance-free and small enough for installation on compact tractors, offering the ideal solution to protect the environment. Just like its siblings with conventional transmissions, the TTV variant of the 5 Series is the ideal agricultural machine, with a practically flat torque curve offering close to maximum torque throughout a range from 1200 to 1900 rpm - the operating range used in the majority of agricultural applications. At higher engine speeds, power remains constant within the band from 1800 to 2200 rpm, for progressive, smooth operation even during jobs with very high power demands. The fully electronic engine governor delivers only the power effectively needed for the job in hand to eliminate fuel wastage.

Engine - 5 Series TTV

A simply unbeatable transmission.

Boasting a continuously variable transmission, the TTV variant takes the 5 Series to new heights in terms of functionality and innovation.
The TTV transmission combines the efficiency of a conventional mechanical transmission with the comfort and smoothness of a hydrostatic system: the result is an efficient and reliable solution that continuously alters the ratio used to take full advantage of the power of the engine for maximum productivity.
The TTV transmission of the 5 Series has two ranges (Transport and Heavy Duty), with a choice of three different modes for each: Manual, PTO and Auto.
In manual mode, engine speed is controlled directly via the accelerator pedal, while ground speed is controlled from and multifunction joystick. In this mode, TTV models drive like a tractor with a mechanical transmission, but with the smoothness typical of a CVT transmission and the added advantage of a practically infinite range of ratios.
Pushing and holding the joystick varies vehicle speed continuously, while pushing briefly and releasing changes speed in increments of 0.1 km/h from 0 to 15 km/h, and in increments of 1 km/h at higher speeds.
PTO mode is engaged automatically when the PTO is activated, and maintains the speed of the PTO at a constant value independently of the speed of the tractor (which the driver can modify continuously using the accelerator pedal).
This functionality overcomes the primary limitation of conventional mechanical transmissions: specifically that the PTO torque will always be the same for a given vehicle speed as it is dependent on engine rpm, and there is no possible way to modify PTO torque at a given vehicle speed without changing gear.
In automatic mode, which is ideal for traction and transport applications, an electronic control unit adjusts engine speed automatically in relation to load to maintain a constant vehicle speed.
Another benefit of the TTV transmission is the ability to attain a speed of 40 km/h at low engine speed, while dual traction and the differential locks are automatically engaged for maximum productivity in all conditions.

Transmission - 5 Series TTV

When a choice of different PTO solutions makes the difference.

Having a choice of different PTO speeds contributes significantly to increasing the versatility of a tractor, and makes it possible for the tractor itself to operate at maximum efficiency even with lower power demands. The PTO of the 5 Series TTV offers three standard speed modes (540, 540ECO and 1000), which are selected and engaged electrohydraulically with an automatic load sensing function to ensure that the implement connected is always started progressively and smoothly.
The PTO is simple and rational to operate, with electrohydraulic controls and an LCD display indicating the effective PTO speed.
The PTO start button is also replicated on the rear mudguards, while an automatic PTO activation function is also available, to engage or disengage the PTO in relation to the position of the implement hitched to the rear 3-point linkage.
Tractors configured with the front lift may also be equipped with an optional front PTO which operates at a standard 1000 rpm.
Completing the PTO solutions on offer, TTV versions are also available with a synchronised PTO with independent output shaft.

Versatile, efficient hydraulics.

5 Series TTV models are equipped with a simply outstanding hydraulic system that is powerful, extraordinarily modular and efficient.
Three configurations are available: The first consists of a single 60 l/min pump and six distributors as standard (or up to eight as an option), with oil flow regulation function.
The “60 ECO” configuration of the hydraulic system makes it possible to attain the maximum capacity of the distributors (60l/min) at an engine speed of just 1600 rpm. This configuration is particularly suitable for front loader applications, where hydraulic power is needed at low engine speeds.
This system (enabled and disabled by the operator from a button) consists of a dual pump (22.5 + 14 cc) and functions in relation to engine speed.
When the system is enabled, the secondary pump (14 cc) activates progressively in relation to engine speed, and the output flow rate of this pump is added to the flow rate of the main pump.
An alternative configuration uses an electrohydraulically controlled dual 90 l/min pump with flow regulator, timer function and Energy Saving system.
5 Series TTV tractors are equipped with “push-pull” hydraulic connectors, for trouble-free connection of hydraulic lines even when pressurised, and with a dedicated container for collecting any oil which may escape during coupling.
The rear lift has a maximum capacity of 4650 kg, which may be increased to 6600 kg with the addition of two external hydraulic rams. The lift is equipped with the EHR electronic control system, which enables draft force and position control, mixed control and float modes, by using a pair of load cells near the lower arms as draft sensors.
An optional front lift, with a maximum load capacity of 1850 kg at the quick hitches, is also available.
The optional radar system makes it possible to limit maximum slippage. This function is invaluable in maximising the efficiency of a tractor in very heavy duty traction applications.

Hydraulic system - 5 Series TTV

Extraordinary safety and power.

5 Series TTV modes are equipped with a dual rotor pump (effectively two pumps with a displacement of 80 cm³ each) dedicated to the steering system. While connected to one another, these two pumps are capable of operating independently: both pumps are active when the engine is running, while one of the two pumps continues to operate even when the engine is off, to enable power assisted emergency manoeuvres.
Another option for even greater steering performance is the SDD (Steering Double Displacement) system. This consists a dual rotor pump (125 cm³ per rotor), with the second rotor activated from a button by the driver.
For maximised productivity, when the SDD function is disabled, only one of the two pumps is active, while both pumps are active when the function is enabled, making it possible to steer the wheels to full lock with less than half the number of steering wheel turns normally needed (2.2 turns instead of 4.5). This saves considerable time when manoeuvring in confined spaces, during headland turns and when working with the front loader. For total safety, the SDD function is automatically disabled at speeds above 16 Km/h.
The 5 Series TTV excels in terms of stopping power, too: all four wheels are equipped with disc brakes, truly integral braking without having to engage dual traction. This solution prevents the typical understeer encountered under braking when dual traction is automatically engaged.
The Power Brake system (installed as standard) minimises the pedal force needed for braking. This system also includes a specific accumulator, which allows up to ten power-assisted stops even with the engine off. For even greater safety, the Park brake system applies a high mechanical braking force directly to the rear discs, for peace of mind even when working on steep gradients. The front axles (which are also available with suspension) used on 4WD versions have a maximum load capacity of 3000 kg (or 3800 kg for the 5120 TTV and 5130 TTV)

Brakes - 5 Series TTV

Function and style in total comfort. The “E Class” cab equipping TTV versions of the 5 Series was also developed in collaboration between Deutz-Fahr's engineers and Giugiaro design. The result is an extraordinarily elegant cab with attractive, curved forms, innovative materials and unparalleled functionality.
The controls are logically organised for unparalleled user-friendliness. The dimensions of the cab are optimised for outstanding all-round visibility, while an extraordinary air conditioning system with ten vents maintains the perfect environment inside the cab.
For unparalleled ergonomics and user-friendliness, the controls are rationally organised and colour-coded by function for immediate, clear identification.
The Comfort-tip system facilitates repetitive manoeuvres by letting the driver store sequences of operations which may then be recalled and executed automatically when needed.
The cab is also equipped with the Work Display monitor, which keeps the driver informed of all the main operating parameters of the tractor, regarding: engine and transmission function; PTO and distributor management; lift and ASM control.
In addition to this information, the Work Display also provides the driver with specific tractor performance information, such as consumption figures and productivity in terms of terrain area processed.
Last but not least, to limit vibration, the cab may be mounted on optional mechanical suspension (with steel spring and hydraulic damper) or with sophisticated air-sprung suspension.


Specifications - 5 Series TTVSpecifications - 5 Series TTV
Technical sheet - 5 Series TTV


Light Kit or Ready Kit 60 ECO hydraulic system SDD steering pump High visibility roof FOPS protection


ASM Power Brake system SDD steering pump 6660 Kg capacity lift with radar Air conditioning Passenger seat Mechanical cab suspension


3 PTO speeds ISOBUS 90 l/min hydraulic system Electrohydraulic distributors Power Beyond 6600 Kg capacity lift


ASM Sprung front axle Power Brake system Air conditioning Passenger seat Air-sprung cab suspension*


ASM Sprung front axle Power Brake system Automatic air conditioning Passenger seat Air-sprung cab suspension SDD steering pump WOLP (lights panel) DELUX driver seat 90 l/min hydraulic system Electrohydraulic distributors