6160: at the top of its category for fuel economy

Traction, one of the emerging German magazines in the agricultural field, reports, in the article published in May 2014 "Sparsamer Schwabe", the excellent results obtained by DEUTZ-FAHR 6160 both on test field and in DLG PowerMix Test*:

1. 6160 "consumes significantly less fuel at lower engine speeds, making it not only an outstanding machine for jobs in the field with the PTO, but also for transport applications at lower engine speeds".

2. this model represents "the tractor with the lowest consumption in its class tested to date by DLG", thanks to an average consumption equal to 272 g/kWh ( or 21.3 l/h).

3. Other strong points noticed during the tests are:

• a "powerful hydraulics" and a "superior lifting capacity" both front and rear
• "A maximum steering angle of 52 degrees and six degrees of caster that make the 6160 P extraordinarily manoeuvrable"
• an "high quality engine"
• an "airy and pleasant" cab
• an "easier, smoother direction inversions" thanks to the Shuttle lever
• and " total versatility".

*The DLG PowerMix is an acknowledged test procedure among farmers and manufacturers for determining specific fuel consumption rates in practical use. This vehicle test simulates a wide range of field applications on the test track. Tractors can be subjected to towing, PTO and hydraulic loads all at the same time.

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