Profi: 6180 is not just for the eyes - DLG PowerMix Test

Profi, one of the most recognised magazines in the farm machinery field, reports an article regards the DLG PowerMix test carried out on our DEUTZ-FAHR 6180.

The DLG PowerMix is an acknowledged test procedure among farmers and manufacturers for determining specific fuel consumption rates in practical use. These vehicle test simulate a wide range of field applications on the test track. Tractors can be subjected to towing, pto and hydraulic loads all at the same time.


Beyond a captivating look designed by Giugiaro, during the DLG Powermix tests in March 2014, our DEUTZ-FAHR 6180 shows many advantages:

  1. it deserves special appreciation for the low diesel consumption. The consumption of this tractor in Powermix measurements puts it at the top of its power class: "266 g/kWh means almost 10% less on average than all the other tractors tested until now".
  2. As far as transportation is concerned, another test showed that the diesel consumption of the 6180 P was lower on average both uphill and on level ground: "on average, the 6180 P is almost 8% better at 40 km/h and over 2% better at 50 km/h".
  3. The main details to be highlighted are:
  • a Deutz engine that complies with European emissions standard IIIB (Tier 4i)
  • a gearbox with the redesigned lever, the Powershift "SenseShift" with automatic functions
  • an adjustable shuttle

These are just the main figures that reveal the great capacities of this tractor, listed in the Profi article, here enclosed.

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Profi Article - Extract translated in English