6160.4 TTV – The best for consumption (Profi: DLG PowerMix Test)

Once again, one of the 6 Series models turns out to be winning not only in terms of aesthetics but also regards performance.

Profi, one of the most recognised magazines in the farm machinery field, claims from the tests made that " TheDEUTZ-FAHR 6160.4 TTV comes in below the average values in terms of diesel consumption for almost all work. The overall PowerMix* value for Diesel is more than 6% better than the average of all candidates already tested." We're talking about 276 g/kWh, that is to say 21.0 l/h!

Beyond the exceptional levels of consumption, the other strong points of 6160.4 TTV are:

• excellent performance in terms of power with a low drive line absorption and a great torque rise
• a "well done" handbrake
• four PTO rotational speeds
• a lifting power of more than 7t
• hydraulic valves with a "timing and flow control", that allows to change speed and flow rate
• and the new MaxiVision cab "very modern and comfortable", provided with the new multi-functional handle "MaxCom".

*The DLG PowerMix is an acknowledged test procedure among farmers and manufacturers for determining specific fuel consumption rates in practical use. This vehicle test simulates a wide range of field applications on the test track. Tractors can be subjected to towing, PTO and hydraulic loads all at the same time.



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