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SDF Smart Farming Solutions supports farmers with a comprehensive and customisable suite of digital solutions, empowering them to make their individual best business decisions, work faster and with more precision, and thus maximise their profitability.

PRECISION IS THE BASIC PREREQUISITE FOR PRODUCTIVITY. SDF Smart Farming Solutions allows users to have the freedom and power to choose the products that best suit their business needs, maintaining full ownership of their decisions and their data. We provide products and services that perfectly match the practical requirements of today’s farmers, contractors or any other users:





GNSS guidance system for agricultural vehicles.

Steering systems are becoming increasingly established as a standard in tractors and combines on many farms. The advantages are obvious: working consistently with the highest level of precision helps you save resources, increasing convenience and productivity. You can trust the system's high reliability even in difficult working conditions such as in fog or at night-time. You can choose the system that best suits your activity, as SDF Guidance offers a wide range of products and applications for any occasion.

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customised data management solutions for farmers and contractors.

Efficient data management is becoming increasingly important to optimise work processes. Due to this, the connectivity solutions offered by SDF keep you connected and at the centre of the action at all times. No matter which type of data you need, whether it’s machine or agronomic data, SDF Data Management allows you to work with various applications, ensuring reliable data transfer and valuable data analysis.

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makes agricultural machinery smarter, more powerful.

Electronics make agricultural machinery safer, more powerful, more precise and more efficient. As SDF is an AEF core member, all its components are AEF certified, including the ISOBUS interfaces. This guarantees our customers maximum compatibility and perfect communication between tractor, equipment or any other device.

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central control unit which enables the management of all types of Precision Farming applications.

The iMonitor3 is a central user interface essential for carrying out several important functions. Users can access all different SDF Smart Farming Solutions applications, which include SDF Guidance, SDF Data Management, and ISOBUS, as well as other features like Comfortip headland management, tractor settings for hydraulic spool valves, cruise control, or the camera feeds. Thanks to convenient features such as the ability to split the screen or the optional XTEND feature, you can always keep an overview of all the applications.

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