Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer

Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer



5DF TTV ActiveSteer: 4-wheel steering for specialised tractors, for unbeatable manoeuvrability

Whether a tractor is used to work in fruit orchards or public gardens, or for landscaping or municipal services, productivity and versatility are essential requisites for cost effectiveness. The new 5DF TTV ActiveSteer offers a combination of performance, productivity and comfort unlike anything else before. DEUTZ-FAHR presents an innovative new specialised tractor conceived to cater for the most demanding tasks: with features such as TTV continuously variable transmissions, unparalleled driver comfort, easy to use controls, with the MaxCom multifunction armrest, and an efficient Load Sensing hydraulic system for working with unprecedented productivity. On top of all this is the new ActiveSteer 4-wheel steering system, a technology conceived to let the tractor work effectively even in extremely cramped spaces and to save time when making headland turns of changing row. The new rear axle is capable of steering angles up to 18°, for a turning radius of just 2.87 m. The 5DF TTV ActiveSteer is versatile and configurable with a wide choice of customisable features to tackle any specialised task.

Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer

State of the art technology to cater for any need.

Conceived specifically for agricultural use, the potent and highly advanced FARMotion engines powering these tractors deliver impressive torque with a curve optimised for specialised applications, class-beating performance and extreme fuel efficiency. Two models are offered (5100 and 5115), with 3 or 4 cylinder turbo-intercooled diesel engines with outputs from 97 to 113HP (71 to 83 kW), with electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, exhaust aftertreatment system and viscostatic fan. With ample torque and performance for even the toughest job, these new engines are also extraordinarily fuel efficient. The compact layout of the individual engine components not only allows for a sleek cowl design, for excellent forward visibility, but also contributes to the superlative agility of these tractors. With cutting edge engine and exhaust aftertreatment technology, these engines meet all international emissions regulations (with Stage III B emissions compliance). And then there's another best in class achievement for a specialised tractor: with maximum power (of 97 or 113 HP) already available at just 2200 rpm. All engine ancillaries such as the radiator, fan, hoses and filters have been optimised for compactness and easy maintenance. Also new is the two stage PowerCore filter, which may also be supplemented with an optional dust ejector. The compact, lightweight aluminium radiator pack (including the engine radiator, hydraulic oil radiator and intercooler) is extremely quick and simple to clean. The 85 litre fuel tank means that even the most potent version of the 5DF TTV ActiveSteer can work for hours on end without stopping to refuel.


Engine - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer

The new 5DF ActiveSteer with TTV continuously variable transmission has all the traction you need in any situation.

Advanced transmission technology that the power of the engine is used effectively in any situation, whether on level ground, slopes or rough terrain. As well as making the driver's job less tiring, this also significantly reduces fuel consumption: the transmission of the 5DF TTV ActiveSteer combines the efficiency of a mechanical transmission with the comfort of a hydrostatic system. This efficient, reliable transmission transforms the power of the engine into real world productivity, seamlessly and with no loss in performance. The top speed of 40 km/h is already attainable at an economical engine speed of just 1650 rpm. The new TTV transmission offers unrivalled simplicity in controlling the tractor: all the driver has to do is set the required ground speed and the tractor accelerates smoothly to attain it, with engine speed and drive ratio optimised automatically in relation to load to maintain the most efficient engine speed possible. The Tempomat function makes everything even easier: letting the driver save a working speed and recall it again when needed by simply pressing a button. The ergonomic MaxCom joystick offers extremely intuitive control over the transmission. All the main functions are controlled from buttons. The operator can even choose to select drive direction with the user-programmable buttons of the MaxCom joystick. The Sense potentiometer dial lets the operator select different settings for the engine and transmission: from “ECO”, for minimised fuel consumption, to “Power”, for maximum power.

Transmission - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer

Equipped to tackle any situation.

The PTO equipping the DEUTZ-FAHR 5DF TTV ActiveSteer tractors is just as versatile. These tractors are equipped as standard with a two-speed PTO with three modes (540 rpm, 540ECO and 1000 rpm), all of which selected electronically. Also standard is an automatic PTO management function, which engages and disengages the PTO depending on the position of the lift. A groundspeed PTO with separate, removable flange shaft and a 1000 rpm front PTO are also available as options.

PTO - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer


Class-beating hydraulic power.

As well as being increasingly more power-hungry, the mounted implements used for specialised crops are also mode complicated to operate, as they are often involve the combined use of both front and rear implements. As an answer to this, DEUTZ-FAHR has designed an all-new hydraulic system for the 5DF TTV ActiveSteer. To cater for the differing demands of a wide variety of applications, this tractor may be equipped with up to five double acting electrohydraulic rear auxiliary distributors with both flow rate and time control. At the front of the tractor, up to four double acting auxiliary distributors are available, with common flow rate control. A duplicated single acting distributor may also be included at the rear, as well as an additional double acting distributor. The electronic rear lift is capable of lifting up to 3400 Kg, while the optional front lift has a maximum capacity of 1500 kg. Whichever of the four possible hydraulic system configurations chosen, the lift and auxiliary distributors are fed by an efficient 100 l/min Load Sensing pump, while a separate hydraulic circuit with a 42 l/min pump for the steering system ensures effortless steering action.

Hydraulic system - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer


Superior comfort and safety in all terrain and road conditions.

As an option, the 5DF Series ActiveSteer is available with exclusive active control independent front suspension. This innovative suspension system is controlled automatically in relation to ground speed and steering angle. Specific sensors provide the front suspension control unit with a continuous stream of information; which it used to adjust the stiffness and travel of the dampers in real time to suit the effective operating conditions. This system reduces shock and vibration much more effectively than ever before, letting the operator work more safely and in greater comfort. The front axle suspension system of the 5DF TTV ActiveSteer comes as standard with anti-dive and anti-roll functions. Specifically, anti-dive increases braking safety by countering sudden front suspension compression and the subsequent shift in load towards the front axle. This reduces stopping distances, especially in the case of sudden, emergency braking. The anti-roll function, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the stiffness of the suspension system in relation to steering angle and ground speed. In a bend, the damping action on the outer wheel is stiffer than on the inner wheel: this helps keeps the vehicle level and minimises potentially dangerous roll. For impeccable traction in all terrain conditions , 4WD and the 100% lockable differential lock are engaged and disengaged automatically. These tractors may also be equipped with an optional automatically controlled rear axle differential, for even greater comfort and traction. All versions come as standard with four-wheel braking.

Brakes - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer

The most spacious cab in this class: for a more comfortable, less stressful working environment.

One of the main goals of the design for the new 4 pillar cab equipping the 5DF TTV ActiveSteer was to offer a spacious interior but with compact external dimensions. The rounded edges and corners of the structure lend the cab a contemporary look and maximise all-round visibility while also minimising plant damage when passing between narrowly spaced rows. The compactness and lowered installation position of the TTV transmission have made it possible to give the cab a completely flat floor. As well as making the cab easier to get into and out off, this also offers more legroom for the operator and allows the pedal board and seat to positioned ideally for comfort. The height adjustable steering wheel also features adjustable rake, settable simply and quickly with a practical pedal.

The instrument cluster is mounted onto (and adjusted together with) the steering column to keep all the information and controls in the line of sight of drivers of any stature. The InfoCenterPro, with 5” high resolution screen, provides the driver will comprehensive information relative to the operating status of the tractor simply and intuitively; while ground speed and engine speed are also displayed in analogue format. In addition to offering all the information the operator needs in real time, this controller can also be used to programme work sequences. Arranged to the left and right of the InfoCenterPro are the controls for individual functions such as front axle damping, automatic 4WD management and the SDD rapid steer system, the lever for the hydraulic parking brake system (HPB) and a mobile phone holder. The air-spring operator seat and the optional multimedia audio system contribute to making the cab an even more pleasant place to work in. In short, a cab that offers the operator everything they need to work comfortably and efficiently. Consisting of a single element and situated well ahead of the driver, the windscreen offers an unobstructed view of the front implement mounting area. A liftable flap at the rear of the roof ensures a clear view of the work area behind the tractor, whether using a soil preparation implement or a tall implement such as a baler or a lifting mast. The special air filtration and positive pressure ventilation system integrated into the all-new roof allow the cab to meet all the requirements for Category 4 operator protection. This means that the operator can work without having to wear additional personal protective equipment when applying crop protection products.

The layout of the work space in the cab has also been completely redesigned to place the seat and, as a result, the operator, in the ideal position for working effectively and comfortably. The new MaxCom multifunction armrest integrated into the operator seat features an ergonomically designed joystick and clearly and rationally arranged control buttons. The multifunction armrest also lets the operator control all the functions of front, lateral or rear implements with the arm in a comfortable, relaxed position. When working with mounted implements, the driver keeps the left hand on the steering and uses the joystick with the right hand. The joystick includes the controls for the front distributors and front lift, the ground speed selector and three buttons assignable freely by the user to a number of different functions - such as changing drive direction, for example. To control the functions of rear mounted implements, the operator uses another joystick, which controls the rear hydraulic distributors and the programmable functions. The controls for the engine, transmission and PTO are situated at the front of the MaxCom armrest.

Cab - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer



ActiveSteer technology offers truly unprecedented manoeuvrability: working in even the most cramped spaces and headland turns are now child's play. Switching direction is effortless and quick, saving time and maximising productivity. Despite the new system, the wheelbase and track are the same as on the 5DF TTV, allowing the tractor to manoeuvre through spaces as narrow as 1.44 m (with 7.50 R20 front tyres and 340/85 R28 rear tyres). The new rear axle with steering knuckles is capable of steering the rear wheels up to an angle of 18°. Specific sensors are used to continuously monitor the effective steering angle of the rear wheels. Tractors equipped with this system gain an additional control panel on the right hand side of the dashboard. The operator can select from 6 different steering modes: in addition to conventional front-wheel only mode, activated automatically at speeds above 20 km/h, five 4-wheel steering modes are available. For maximum agility, the rear wheels are steered proportionally with the front wheels and in the opposite direction. The result is a truly tiny steering radius of just 2.87 m (for the 5100 model, depending on tyre and track), measured at the outer front wheel. Nothing else can compare! When working with towed machinery, the ActiveSteer system offers a delayed 4-wheel steering mode. In this mode, the rear wheels are steered after the front wheels with a certain delay to prevent the risk of jack-knifing. For precise, conventional steering when working between the rows and added manoeuvrability for headland turns, the ActiveSteer offers an innovative automatic 4-wheel steering mode. In automatic mode, 4-wheel steering is activated or deactivated in accordance with a specific, settable parameter such as rear lift height, for example. In other terms, 4-wheel steering is activated for headland turns, and deactivated - with front wheel steering only - while the tractor is working, completely automatically and with no effort required from the driver. Crab mode may be used to exit ruts, to improve stability on lateral gradients and to minimise terrain damage during manoeuvres. This parallel steering mode is particularly useful when loading and handling materials with a lifting mast, or to get around obstacles without having to perform laborious, complex manoeuvres. ActiveSteer also offers entirely new capabilities for those who like to do things their own way, with a specific dial which lets the operator manually select and maintain a steering angle for the rear wheels. This manual steering function is particularly useful on lateral slopes, to counteract the tendency of the vehicle to slip downhill: this keeps the tractor on track at all times, setting new benchmarks for precision, innovation and efficiency. ActiveSteer: steering technology which makes your everyday job easier and less stressful!

Technologies - Series 5DF TTV ActiveSteer
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