6215 TTV Warrior

6215 TTV Warrior


From soil preparation and tillage to seeding: with the 6215 TTV WARRIOR special edition, you're equipped with the perfect tool for any task. 212 HP/156.2 kW Stage V compliant 6 cylinder Deutz TCD engine, TTV continuously variable transmission for seamless speed control from 0.2 to 50 km/h, high performance hydraulic pump with an output of up to 160 l/min, 4-speed PTO (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO), rear and front lifts with load capacities of 10,000 kg and 5,480 kg respectively and up to 5 electrohydraulic rear distributors: an unbeatable technological package. Setting the WARRIOR variant apart are the WARRIOR lettering, the WARRIOR LED lighting pack and the WARRIOR comfort seat, while the gloss black colour scheme, automatic climate control and exclusive floor mats are also available as options. Flexible, agile, potent and indomitable: with the compact 6215 TTV WARRIOR, you'll never miss a deadline!

6215 TTV Warrior


The compact Stage V compliant 6 cylinder engine has been completely revised with all-new technology to reduce emissions and operating costs while maximising efficiency. The new engine is more responsive than ever, with greater torque reserves and even more impressive torque on tap immediately, right from the bottom end of the rev range. All has this has been achieved while actually reducing fuel and AdBlue consumption. The exhaust system features EGR and SCR exhaust after-treatment technology and an additional passive DPF (diesel particulate filter). On TTV models, engine efficiency is improved even further by the electronically controlled Visco fan.


Three driver strategies are available to ensure a perfect fit for every working situation: manual, automatic and PTO. This tractor is capable of working seamlessly in a range of speeds from 0.6 to 50 km/h. The TTV transmission is engineered for uncompromised efficiency and comfort in all applications and at any speed, while four mechanical work ranges ensure superlative efficiency. The engine and transmission control units are perfectly matched and enable user-defined settings. Trailer stretch mode maximises safety when towing by keeping the trailer at the right distance from the tractor at all times.


With four PTO speeds (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO) at the rear and 1000 or 1000ECO at the front, all work can be carried out very efficiently. The PTO's ECO mode helps reduce engine speeds and thereby has a significant impact on fuel savings. The proportionally controlled PTO shaft prevents abrupt starts and protects transmission and all tractor components. The new InfoCentrePro provides clear, easily understandable information about hydraulic and PTO functions. All hydraulic and PTO functions can be easily set and controlled from the right console or multifunctional armrest in the cab.


The attachment points of the new 6 Series are available with a wide range of feature options. The hydraulic system is available with mechanically or electrohydraulically controlled distributors and may be configured with up to five rear distributors and two front distributors, a pump output of up to 170 l/min, and with a rear lift with load capacities up to 10,000 Kg. The models with the MaxiVision 2 cab have all the hydraulic inputs proportionally controlled, for a very sensitive management of the implements. A separate oil tank ensures clean oil for a longer period of time in the TTV models. This extends service intervals. The system may be equipped with a load sensing or fixed displacement pump depending on the needs of the customer. The new hydraulic system 6 Series TTV allows a position-controlled front linkage to be equipped. The new front support with new integrated front lift is designed to match the front suspension. This solution combines a compact structure, for larger steering angles, with a lifting capacity of up to 5480 Kg, and may be equipped with up to two front distributors. The front hitching zone may also be equipped with an integrated ISOBUS terminal.


The 6215 TTV Warrior may also be equipped with optional high performance disc brakes on the front axle. The booster brake system ensures maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure. TTV models are equipped as standard with an EPB electronic parking brake: the automatic parking brake system which acts on the rear brake discs to relieve any pressure from the pinion shaft. The EPB automatically disengages when the shuttle direction is activated and automatically engages when the driver leaves the seat. Unparalleled agility, traction and safety, made possible by a suspended front axle capable of steering angles up to 52°.

The unique features offered by MaxiVision 2 cab can be seen inside and also from outside. When it comes to ease of use and ergonomics, the new 6 Series caters for the operator by making best use of the current technology available. The InfoCentrePro on the dashboard features a 5" colour display, providing the driver with a stream of data about the tractor’s operating conditions. It offers maximum convenience in terms of settings and information. On TTV models there is an additional WorkMonitor fitted on the right pillar, performing real-time working information. The impeccably ergonomic design of the new MaxCom joystick on the armrest lets you control all the main functions of the tractor in total comfort with you hand in a single position. The interior is wonderfully peaceful. It keeps out all engine noise, vibrations and heat because the cab and engine hood are not connected. The new hood encapsulates the latest, highly contemporary look of the DEUTZ-FAHR tractor family, while its optimized design also ensures outstanding forward visibility. The best possible view of rear attachments is guaranteed by the rearward position of the cab. To let you keep on working without stress and in total precision in all lighting conditions, the tractor may be equipped with a 40,000 lumen LED light kit with up to 16 work lights. Other features for maximised comfort and functionality include colour-coded controls organised by function, generously sized windows and the new closure system for the right hand door. The climate control system with all-new automated features maintains ideal temperature conditions inside the cab, with numerous air vents ensuring uniform air distribution unlike any other tractor in this class. With a MaxiVision 2 cab, you can be sure of extraordinary comfort and efficiency while you work.