SDF Fleet Management

SDF Fleet Management


SDF Connectivity Solutions
Running a business often requires complex actions. We therefore would like to help you with optimising your operations and, not in the least, increasing efficiency in your company. The Connectivity solutions from SDF keep you connected and at the centre of the action at all times. The digital connection between different end points allows significant productivity increases. Linking machines, the office and any other external sources simplifies work processes, allowing convenient management of relevant data. We have developed two modules for this which you can install in your machines as required.

Basic Telematic Module: entry level for transmitting tractor data. Telemetry data are sent to e.g. a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

Communication Telematic Module: professional data transfer over the Internet with an integrated e-SIM card. In addition to telemetry data from the machine, the module can also be used to send other important information, e.g. job data from the monitor (taskdata).


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SDF Fleet Management Lite can be used to easily transfer machine data to a mobile device. The BTM (Basic Telematic Module) allows convenient transfer to e.g. a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Information such as fuel consumption, utilisation and productivity can then be viewed in the SDF app.


SDF fleet management
SDF Fleet Management Pro makes all important data of your machine accessible at all times. The map view shows position and status of machines or an entire fleet. The location history provides useful information. You can also view performance data for the machines, such as fuel consumption, operating hours, engine utilisation or alarms. On request, you can set up virtual fences to receive warnings if a machine leaves the area.













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