Series C5000

Series C5000


Small, easy-to-handle combine harvesters that maintain the desired performance during harvesting for all types of crop and in the most adverse operating conditions. Every detail of the new DEUTZ-FAHR C5000 combine harvesters has been designed to last and master the harvest fields. When you choose the C5000 series, you are guaranteed a manoeuvrable machine. A simple combine harvester with reduced consumption and low maintenance costs.

Series C5000

A matter of performance: it all begins with the cutter bar. The distinctive features of DEUTZ-FAHR cutter bars are connected to productivity and durability. Measuring between 3.6 m and 4.8 m wide, the bars are equipped with a single-piece structure that guarantees excellent weight distribution, stability, long-term durability and reliable performance (irrespective of the cutting width). The large-diameter intake auger, equipped with broad spirals and helically arranged auger fingers, ensures continuous feeding and transfer of the product to the feed passage.

In the threshing system, the feed passage with a large opening is equipped with feeder bars attached to 3 chains; the support shafts are equipped with toothed guides to prevent jumping between the chain links, enabling continuous machine feeding and preventing the passage from overloading.

Feeder channel inversion
The passage and bar's electric reverse shuttle prevents the feed system from overloading.

A sturdy, reliable and highly productive system which treats the product gently throughout the grain separation process.

Threshing drum
The threshing drum is 1110 mm wide and has a diameter of 600 mm; it is equipped with eight rasp bars which are screwed for quick and easy replacement and which ensure a perfect threshing process. Crop enters the threshing drum horizontally for uniform, blockage-free feed, additionally, it can be accessed via an opening in the front to facilitate maintenance.

The turbine allows large amounts of crop to be cleaned; this is then fed back to the grain preparation pan for maximum grain collection without overloading the threshing system.

Cleaning - Series C5000

The grain tank on the C5000 enables long threshing periods thanks to its enormous 4600-litre capacity; it is fed by a lifting channel that minimises the risk of grain being crushed and ensures that the tank is completely filled. Quick grain unloading saves time, while the large engine power reserve means grain can be unloaded during operations without compromising productivity.

The 75 l/s discharge capacity ensures fast unloading with considerable time-saving advantages; the speed can be adjusted using specific deflectors in the tank near the unloading auger. The unloading auger is available in two lengths (4 m or 5 m) so that the crop can even be transferred onto high trailers.

Straw chopper
The straw receives the best treatment thanks to a straw chopper that fits perfectly into the combine harvester structure. The position of the counter-blade is adjustable to obtain the degree of chopping required.

Deutz TCD 6.1 L6 Stage 5  are powerful and reliable Common Rail engines with 24 electronically controlled valves, which can maintain constant power even when faced with sudden changes in load. The  C5305 deliver a maximum power of 175 hp (129 kW) respectively. The machine is started up via the multifunction lever that also controls the main functions of the cutting header; the two models are equipped with 3-speed hydrostatic transmission.

Three stage transmission

The three-speed hydrostatic transmission means you will always find the right speed for various harvesting conditions, thanks to a simple lever next to the driver's seat. In addition, adequate spacing ensures that there is always plenty of torque on tap to tackle the most difficult traction conditions. The gears of the reduction unit and gearbox are lapped to reduce operating noise without compromising the durability and reliability of the transmission system. 

Engine hydraulic transmission - Series C5000

Perfectly integrated into the new design, the Commander Cab EVO offers all the control and adjustment functions necessary to operate the combine harvester, with ergonomically designed controls for a safe drive on the road and in the field. The main couplings (bar, threshing equipment and grain unloader) are activated using mechanical levers to the left of the driver. The performance of DEUTZ-FAHR combine harvesters can be monitored via a performance monitoring system which shows the wind speed, the threshing drum speed and the loss rate.

Cab - Series C5000