Agromaxx 4045 E I 4050 E I 4055 E I 4060 E

The essential Agromaxx 45 to 60 HP expressing the strong character of these tractors. Available in four models with power outputs of 45, 50, 55 and 60 HP respectively. The Agromaxx series offers unbeatable agility and manoeuvrability. These extremely versatile machines are simple to use but comprehensively equipped with all the features and functions you’d expect from a proper agricultural tractor and are ideal as the primary workhorse for a small farm or as an addition to an existing tractor fleet.

Agromaxx 4045 E I 4050 E I 4055 E I 4060 E

State of the art, user friendly system. 45 HP-2700 CC engine, 50 HP and above 3000 CC engine continuous working with more power, More backup torque gives operator comfort with cost saving.

Ideal ratios and total traction. The transmission of the Agromaxx 45-60 HP series is extremely sturdy and extraordinally efficient with ideally spaced gear ratios. The standard configuration consists of fully Constantmesh gear box 8+2/8+4 and 12+3/8+8 Synchro Shutle with gear options capability to operate from minimum speed of just 0. 56 Kmph to maximum speed of 34 kmph. An ideal weight distribution and 100% lockable differentials Aromaxx 45-60 tractors are ideal for wide variety of applications. With particularly compact wheelbase of just 1950 mm combined with a front axle. Agromaxx 45-60 tractors are extraordinarily manoeuvrable.

When anything more than the essential is superfluous. As standard an independently and mechanically engaged PTO is offered. With dedicated clutch and standard speed of 540 & option of EPTO, 1000 & RPTO RPM.

Simple complete hydraulic, Easy lift-Comfort and uniform depth. Sensitivity control- sensing as per soil condition. DRC valve for hydraulic speed control, Mode selector vale for dumping trailer and three hole sensing bracket for better sening option.

Rational and essential Agromaxx 45-60 HP tractors are rationally designed and built with a sturdy construction and solid control mechanism. The driver zone is essential but extremely comfortable with an adjustable, Mechanically sprung seat and features comphrensive ergonomic controls and instruments. The rational, intuitive layout of the control levers makes even the longest working day spent on board the Agromaxx pleasure.


Technical sheet - Agromaxx 4045 E I 4050 E I 4055 E I 4060 E
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