Telescopic handlers

Telescopic handlers



Astonishingly powerful

Two all-new models join the DEUTZ-FAHR series of state of the art telehandlers. This brings the total number of models now available up to five: Agrovector 29.6, Agrovector 29.6LP, Agrovector 35.7 and the brand new Agrovector 37.6 and Agrovector 37.7. Boasting generous ground clearance, a low centre of gravity and four wheel drive, this series offers unbeatable advantages when working in challenging terrain conditions and for particularly complex applications.

The Agrovector range gains a new model catering for farmers who need a compact, agile machine.
As its name implies, the new 25.5 model has an arm extension of up to 5.6 metres and a capacity of 2.5 tonnes.


    Powerful yet extremely economical engines.

    All the models of the Agrovector series are equipped with 4 cylinder, 3.6l Tier IIIb Deutz engines, with a choice of powers from 102 to 123 hp.
    As well as ensuring unrivalled reliability and efficiency for any application, these latest generation turbodiesels are also inexpensive to run, combining superlative productivity with extremely low fuel consumption.
    These results have been made possible by using a state of the art liquid cooled four cylinder layout and a high pressure fuel injection system, for outstanding, uninterrupted power delivery in all conditions.
    The engines equipping the Agrovector 37.6 and Agrovector 37.7 models have been further optimised to deliver continuous power and torque over a broad range of engine speeds, to make any job simpler.
    With extremely long regular engine maintenance intervals, the Agrovector series boasts very economical running costs: the engine oil is changed every 500 operating hours, while hydraulic system fluid and relative filters only need to be changed every 1500 operating hours.

    Engine - Agrovector

    A specific transmission for every model.

    Agrovector 29.6, 29.6LP and 35.7 models are equipped with a two range hydrostatic gearbox for a top speed of 32 Km/h. The two new Agrovector 37.6 and 37.7 models, on the other hand, are equipped with a Powershift transmission with four forward and three reverse speeds (or, as an optional variant with six forward speeds and three reverse speeds) for a maximum speed of 40 Km/h.
    The hydrostatic gearbox ensures that the right gear is always selected for the job in hand, while the Powershift transmission transfers the engine power efficiently to the wheels for superlative productivity and maximised fuel economy.

    The 25.5 model has a hydrostatic transmission; this machine has a top speed of 27 Km/h and responds quickly and smoothly to all arm movements.

    Transmission - Agrovector

    Lift more, even higher than ever.

    Agrovector telehandlers are equipped with a hydraulic system with faster cycle times than ever for extraordinary productivity. The Agrovector 29.6, 29.6Lp and 35.7 have a potent hydraulic system with a 102 l/min capacity pump, while the two more advanced models feature a hydraulic system with load sensing function and a 150 l/min variable displacement pump with an operating pressure of 250 bar.
    The Agrovector series is equipped as standard with a remotely controlled dual action distributor situated on the telescopic arm, while an optional remotely controlled dual action distributor may also be installed on the rear of the machine. Both distributors are operated easily from a lever.
    The innovative geometry of the telescopic arm ensures outstanding lifting capacity, for quick and easy loading. The maximum load capacities and lift heights for each model are as follows: Agrovector 29.6 and 29.6LP - 2.9 tonnes, 6 m extension; Agrovector 35.7 - 3.5 tonnes, 7 m extension; Agrovector 37.6 and 37.7 - 3.7 tonnes, 6 and 7 m extension respectively.

    Hydraulic system - Agrovector

    Manoeuvrable, agile and safe.

    Agrovector models are offered with three different steering modes (and a maximum steering angle of 56 degrees): front wheel steering only, all-wheel steering and parallel all-wheel steering (crab steering).
    These capabilities make Agrovector machines extraordinarily nimble, for manoeuvring quickly and safely even in the most restricted spaces.
    An axle repositioning system is available as an option for 29.6, 29.6LP and 35.7 models, while this function is standard on the new Agrovector 37.6 and 37.7.

    Brakes - Agrovector

    Total visibility.

    In spite of their sleek lines, Agrovector telehandlers boast one of the most spacious cabs in their class: with a comfortable seat and plenty of space to move for the driver, ergonomic instruments and controls organised rationally and intuitively. All the functions of the machine are easily accessible from a joystick, which lets the driver simply and immediately operate the proportional telescopic arm control and the functions of any implements or accessories installed.
    The cab of Agrovector telehandlers has been specifically designed from the outset to meet the most stringent safety criteria, with total protection for the driver in all situations, yet also offer uncompromised all-round visibility - a crucial factor for a telehandler. Numerous intelligent solutions have been adopted to maximise visibility: the engine is mounted laterally, the arm articulation is situated at the rear of the machine, while the centre of gravity of the telehandler has been shifted towards the centre, so that the telescopic arm does not obstruct the vision of the operator on the right hand side.

    Cab - Agrovector