5KF/KM series

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5KF/KM series

Four new models for working in complete safety even in the toughest conditions. Whether used for specialised tasks in the vineyard or for forestry applications, the new crawler tractors of the 5KF/KM Series are the perfect answer to any need. Up to six oil-lubricated rollers and tracks with up to 40 segments distribute the weight of the 5KM tractor evenly in any terrain conditions. 5KF versions are also available with the superlative new ComfortTrack track chain, for class-beating stability and comfort and extraordinary soil protection. These crawler tractors boast a revolutionary new design.  The single piece cowl with centre-mounted headlamps allows unimpeded access to all parts subject to maintenance, and combines an attractive, modern style with superlative functionality.

5KF/KM series

    Under the all-new cowls of these tractors is a choice of extremely compact 3 and 4 cylinder FARMotion engines (compliant with Tier III B emissions regulations).  Developed specifically for agriculture and with an optimised unitary cylinder capacity, these engines feature Common Rail electronically controlled fuel injection and an exhaust aftertreatment system with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) to deliver class-beating performance and constant torque right from the bottom of the rev range. Fuel consumption, emissions, vibrations and the noise level are extremely low. The compact cooling pack is also new, with an engine radiator with a larger heat exchange surface area, an intercooler, a fuel cooling system and an optimised cooling cowl with viscostatic fan, while the air intake system includes a two-stage PowerCore air filter with dust ejector. Both the cooling and intake systems contribute to increasing engine efficiency and are specifically designed to ensure extended service intervals and for simple, quick maintenance.

    Two mechanical transmission variants are offered: a simple 12+12 speed transmission with creeper gear for ground speeds from 380 m/h to 10.5 km/h (5 KM model) or from 430 m/h to 11.8 km/h (5 KF model), and a 16+16 speed transmission with overdrive for a range of ground speeds from 1.32 km/h to 12.5 km/h (5 KM model) or from 1.50 km/h to 14.2 km/h (5 KF model).

    Equipped with a three speed PTO (540/540 ECO and 1000), the new 5KF/M Series is the ideal tool for a wide variety of tasks.

    The hydraulic system has two separate hydraulic pumps, with a dedicated pump for the steering system and a main pump feeding up to five utilities at the rear of the tractor and one at the front.  The 50 l/min main pump delivers oil to the hydraulic utilities attached to the tractor. The 25 l/min pump mounted on the engine, on the other hand, delivers oil solely to the steering system. The highly precise rear lift has a load capacity of 3170 kg. The 5KF/M Series is also equipped with a front hitch and a rear tow bar compatible with a wide variety of implements, with adjustable carrier rails settable to three different heights.

    The new 5 KF/M Series combines extraordinary driver comfort with intuitive controls. The driver's platform, which is suspended on silent blocks, absorbs all vibrations. A seat with mechanically sprung suspension keeps the driver comfortable even after hours at work. Four work lights (also available with LED technology as an option on the 5 KM) offer excellent visibility. These new models may also be equipped with a choice of factory fitted cab accessories, such as an A/C compressor, heating pipes, an powerful AC generator and a number of other electrical accessories.

    Sturdy track chains offer superlative traction and stability whether on steep gradients or wet surfaces. The tracks are offered in a choice of widths to offer the ideal solution for any application, while a choice of roller configurations ensures even weight distribution over the ground. Conceived to offer even greater driver comfort and soil protection, the new ComfortTrack track chain significantly reduces vibration and soil damage.

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