One terminal for all functions.

iMonitor3 is the core of our machines for the operation of all important functions. On one terminal, we combine the entire bandwidth of technology and applications of the Connected Farming Systems. You have the choice between an 8“ or the large 12“ display – its size cannot be outdone. In particular: Many functions are already standard on the iMonitor.

  • Tractor menu
  • Parallel guide
  • Universal Terminal (UT)
  • Section Control (TC-SC) with up to 200 part-widths
  • Variable Rate Control (TC-Geo) with multiple products (12")
  • AUX-N

In addition, we at SDF offer additional functions for the highest demands.

Auto-Turn allows DEUTZ-FAHR machines to perform automatic turns on the headland. You as the driver can decide which track to steer into. Additionally, different patterns are available – whether you want to skip lines or fill plots. Apart from the added convenience, this is also gentle on the headland, makes follow-up runs very simple and even saves time!

The standard version of the iMonitor already features a large number of functions. XTend is available for users who would like a larger display area. It can be used to easily connect external devices such as tablets to the iMonitor using a WLAN connection. The XTend app can be used to either display the track guidance or for full control of all ISOBUS-UT functions. This makes XTend a very cost efficient alternative to a second terminal! Another benefit: the WLAN connection allows the tablet to be taken outside of the cab, e.g. when conducting a calibration test on a seed drill.

Do you require quick support, e.g. for using functions directly on the machine? No problem with Remote Support. Your local dealership can simply connect to the iMonitor with your permission and support you with optimising the settings.


SDF 1910 Digital CFS 1920x1080px 3 DE2 Datenneu
All im portant data at a glance.



SDF 1910 Digital CFS 1920x1080px 3 DE Daten
All functions of the track guidance are integrated into the iMonitor.



SDF 1910 Digital CFS 1920x1080px 3 DE3 xtend
With the XTend app, either the Universal Terminal or the track guidance can be displayed on the tablet.