Connected Farming Systems

Connected Farming Systems


Precision is the basic prerequisite for productivity.

Connected Farming Systems combine a large number of digital solutions for effi cient and comfortable operation of tractors and combine harvesters. This includes reliable, automatic high precision track guidance systems, ISOBUS applications, data management and fleet management.

The iMonitor3 is the central control element for all important applications. This includes tractor settings, automatic steering systems, ISOBUS device control and data management. Crucial considering the large number of functions: everything is available on one control interface. State of the art touch screen operation, optionally with external MMI control – conveniently integrated into the armrest – make the iMonitor3 a highly practical interface between tractor, attachment, driver and office. Integrated functions, such as quick guides and symbol explanations, and a clear menu structure ensure very simple operation. If any questions on operation should still remain open, the driver can also obtain support through remote service. Two monitor sizes are available, depending on tractor type and option level: 12", the largest tractor terminal on the market, and a compact 8" version.


Modern steering systems save resources, increase convenience and productivity and ensure reliable precision. You can expect high reliability even in difficult working conditions such as fog or night time. Satellite navigation provides the basis for this. You can choose the system that best suits your operation.


Optimise operations. Increase efficiency. The connectivity solutions from SDF keep you connected at all times. It allows convenient managment of relevant data. The BTM (Basic Telematic Module) is the entry level for transmission of tractor data. Telemetry data are sent to e.g. a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. All relevant data can be called up with an app. In the Pro version, the CTM (Communication Telematic Module) transfers the data directly to the office over the Internet using an integrated e-SIM card.


Efficient data management is becoming increasingly important for optimising work processes. SDF uses standard fi le formats for reliable data exchange so customers can keep an overview at all times and data are transferred in a coordinated manner. With the agrirouter, we offer a universal data exchange platform that allows farmers and contractors to exchange data between machinery and agricultural software applications from a wide range of manufacturers. The agrirouter simplifies data exchange and therefore work processes, reduces office work and improves economic efficiency.


Electronics make agricultural machinery safer, more powerful, more precise and more effi cient. The driver can use ISOBUS applications to individually control all implements with one single monitor – the iMonitor3 is also the central control element for all ISOBUS applications. The iMonitor3 easily manages tasks such as assigning AUX-N functions, processing application maps or automatic switching of up to 200 sections. A great number of functions are even available without activation.

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