C6000 Series

C6000 Series

Your harvest, your combine, your success

Introducing a new milestone in the evolution of the DEUTZ-FAHR range dedicated to agriculture.
Our extensive experience in the field, combined with dialogue with DEUTZ-FAHR loyal customers to listen to their needs, formed the foundation for the development of the C6205. Reliable and compact but offering extraordinary productivity: A new benchmark for the 5 straw walker class, encapsulating the superior technology and concepts of DEUTZ-FAHR systems. A machine dedicated to medium sized farms aiming for greater independence, conceived to harvest all types of crop with outstanding results. With two models, four versions and extraordinary versatility making a huge choice of different configurations possible, the C6205 and C6205 TS are invaluable allies for your work.

C6000 Series

    The cutting table of a combine harvester is where the entire harvesting process begins. This is why DEUTZ-FAHR has created a comprehensive range of reliable cutting tables to cater for the needs of every customer. DEUTZ-FAHR headers are synonymous with precise cutting results, reliability, sturdy construction and versatility. The range covers a comprehensive spectrum of cutting widths with seven variants (four standard headers measuring 4.20, 4.80, 5.40 and 6.30 m, and two variable width headers measuring 5 and 5.5  m), with unique capabilities that can be extended even further by installing accessories designed to cater for even the most specialised case.

    Cutting bar - C6000 Series

    The feeder housing of the C6205 ensures that the harvested crop is transferred delicately and at precisely the same rate to the threshing system. The cutting table feeds into the entire width of the housing, and is fastened to three reinforced, load bearing chains. The elevator channel is capable of working with even very heavy cutting tables, allowing even maize pickers to be used and ensuring that all the power is transmitted in complete safety. The machine is equipped with two lift cylinders as standard, while a third is available for use with particularly heavy cutting tables. For even more accurate cutting quality, the machine may be equipped with the Auto-control system, which compensates for lateral movements of the cutting table for extremely precise results, especially when working with broader cutting widths.

    Feed channel - C6000 Series

    DEUTZ-FAHR means uncompromised performance. The threshing system of the C6205 offers the same capabilities as its bigger siblings to ensure unparalleled performance with any crop, and impeccable grain and straw quality.

    Threshing or separation - C6000 Series

    The C6205 combines power with a gentle touch. The highly effective cleaning system - a hallmark feature of all DEUTZ-FAHR combine harvesters - ensures both superlative productivity and quality.
    The crop is transferred from the straw walkers to the grain preparation pan, which moves in the opposite direction to distribute the product uniformly. The comes across a pre-sieve before it reaches the upper sieve, which creates the double step necessary in the path of the crop to slow it and pre-clean it before the actual cleaning process.

    Cleaning - C6000 Series

    Grain Tank

    Your crop is carried in a generously sized 7000 litre grain tank, so that you can keep on working without interruptions. Checking the harvested product is quick and simple, with a new sampling system within easy reach just outside the driver cab. The tank is fed by the grain elevator which features a folding joint to minimise the risk of grain shredding as well as ensuring optimum tank filling at any angle. Two sensors in the tank activate an indicator light and an audible warning signal to inform the driver that the tank is full, and that it is necessary to bring the tractor near the thresher for discharging onto the trailer.

    Harvest transport - C6000 Series

    Straw Chopper

    The integrated straw chopper is equipped with a rotor with 48 cutter blades arranged in four rows:
    This configuration produces an air flow which spreads material uniformly over the entire surface of the cutter bars, and may be adjusted with manually controlled deflectors (electrical adjustment system available as an option).
    The system may be set to chop straw or maize by simply changing two pulleys, without requiring additional reduction gears for threshing heavier crops.
    The position of the counter-blade is adjustable to obtain the degree of chopping required.

    Straw management - C6000 Series

    Putting every ounce of power to work

    Power is taken off from both ends of the crankshaft, making it possible to separate hydraulic and mechanical functions, and ensuring a direct transmission system with no power losses.
    This also means that fewer drive belts are used, and that the belts themselves are more accessible, reducing the running costs for the combine harvester.

    Engine hydraulic transmission - C6000 Series

    The COMMANDER CAB EVO II cab combines outstanding comfort and advanced technology to minimise operator fatigue and, above all, maximise safety. The electric controls of the threshing functions are all situated at the driver's fingertips on the right hand console. The soundproofed cab is also equipped with a tried and tested air conditioning system, ensuring ideal working conditions even with high outdoor temperatures. The cab air filters keep dust out of the cab, for impeccable comfort in all conditions. The headliner includes the air conditioning controls and air vents, and an automatically locking sun blind. Simple clips allow easy access to the air conditioner system for maintenance without tools.
    An optional portable refrigerator may also be stowed under the passenger seat in the cab, taking up no precious space and making even the longest working day in the field a pleasure.

    Cab - C6000 Series
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