C6000 Series

C6000 Series

Your harvest, your combine, your success

Introducing a new milestone in the evolution of the DEUTZ-FAHR range dedicated to agriculture.
Our extensive experience in the field, combined with dialogue with DEUTZ-FAHR loyal customers to listen to their needs, formed the foundation for the development of the C6205. Reliable and compact but offering extraordinary productivity: A new benchmark for the 5 straw walker class, encapsulating the superior technology and concepts of DEUTZ-FAHR systems. A machine dedicated to medium sized farms aiming for greater independence, conceived to harvest all types of crop with outstanding results. With two models, four versions and extraordinary versatility making a huge choice of different configurations possible, the C6205 and C6205 TS are invaluable allies for your work.

C6000 Series

The cutting table of a combine harvester is where the entire harvesting process begins. This is why DEUTZ-FAHR has created a comprehensive range of reliable cutting tables to cater for the needs of every customer. DEUTZ-FAHR headers are synonymous with precise cutting results, reliability, sturdy construction and versatility. The range covers a comprehensive spectrum of cutting widths with seven variants (four standard headers measuring 4.20, 4.80, 5.40 and 6.30 m, and two variable width headers measuring 5 and 5.5  m), with unique capabilities that can be extended even further by installing accessories designed to cater for even the most specialised case.

Schumacher cutting system

With a planetary transmission for very high cutting rates (1220 cuts/minute), the Schumacher Easy Cut II cutting system ensures precise cutting quality and performance to cater for any need, even when working with green or laid crops and with high crop densities.
An innovative optional system with blade presser rollers and blade guide rollers keeps the blade perfectly straight while also reducing vibration, wear and power consumption.


Proportional pick-up reel

The pick-up reel is equipped with six bars, each carrying a set of extremely resilient and flexible plastic tines, which are settable at an adjustable angle and individually replaceable far easier maintenance.
The pick-up reel is mounted on arms sliding on Teflon guides (for quick, precise hydraulic adjustment of tine inclination), and is also easily adjustable in position horizontally or vertically relative to the cab, to cater ideally for different crops and harvesting conditions.
The pick-up reel may be synchronised with ground speed. Once the driver initially sets the ground and pick-up reel speeds, when the ground speed is subsequently increased or decreased, the pick-up reel speed is automatically adjusted to maintain the same proportion between the parameters.

Special kits

DEUTZ-FAHR cutting tables have been designed for versatility. Both the sunflower and the rapeseed kits are easily fittable to the original grain bar to further extend the operational period of the combine harvester, for even more profitable returns on your investment.
This first kit consists of special extensions used simultaneously together with a smooth cylinder (installed in front of the feeder auger) and a toothed roller (mounted under the cutting table instead of the pick-up reel, which is removed) to harvest the crop efficiently and quickly.
The kit for rapeseed differs from the sunflower seed kit as it also includes an extension for the table and a vertical cutter blade on the right hand side of the hydraulic transmission (or with a blade on the left hand side, as an option).

VARICROP Cutting bar

VARICROP adjustable length cutting tables are the ideal solution for users who need to harvest multiple crops with their C6205. The range consists of two sizes (5 and 5.5 m), which are hydraulically adjustable in depth by up to 70 cm directly from the cab, as are the position and height of the pick-up reel with sturdy metal tines.


Cutting bar - C6000 Series

The feeder housing of the C6205 ensures that the harvested crop is transferred delicately and at precisely the same rate to the threshing system. The cutting table feeds into the entire width of the housing, and is fastened to three reinforced, load bearing chains. The elevator channel is capable of working with even very heavy cutting tables, allowing even maize pickers to be used and ensuring that all the power is transmitted in complete safety. The machine is equipped with two lift cylinders as standard, while a third is available for use with particularly heavy cutting tables. For even more accurate cutting quality, the machine may be equipped with the Auto-control system, which compensates for lateral movements of the cutting table for extremely precise results, especially when working with broader cutting widths.

Feeder channel inversion

You can never be too careful - so even the tried and tested cutting table and elevator channel systems of the C6000 feature a powerful electric reverse system, usable to clear any blockages and prevent overloading the feeder housing. 

Feed channel - C6000 Series

DEUTZ-FAHR means uncompromised performance. The threshing system of the C6205 offers the same capabilities as its bigger siblings to ensure unparalleled performance with any crop, and impeccable grain and straw quality.

Threshing drum

The 600 mm diameter threshing drum consists of 8 robust bars bolted onto 5 mounts for easy maintenance and replacement. Rotation speeds from 420 to 1250 rpm are available, with superlative performance across the entire speed range; while a reduction gearbox, installed with a few simple steps, makes it possible to reduce the speed of the drum by approximately 50%.
The concave of the C6205 has a rasp bars arranged with a broad pitch angle of 121° to use the separation surface as effectively as possible. The single-piece version is available with 3 different wire spacing configurations 14, 11 and 16 - each for harvesting a different crop.


The threshing system of the C6205 TS gains an additional, third drum after the straw beater and immediately before the straw walkers. This is the turbo-separator, a device that increases the work capacity of the combine harvester by approximately 20%, for unparalleled performance even when harvesting very dense crops or in difficult conditions, such as with green straw and with large quantities of weeds.
The turbo-separator has a diameter of 590 mm, and 10 toothed rasp bars; the drum is adjustable into 5 different positions, to select a more or less aggressive separation action or even deactivate the turbo-separator completely when not needed.

Straw walkers

The long, closed straw walkers ensure thorough separation in all conditions, even with wet crop and large quantities of weeds. The structure, inclination and mechanism of the straw walkers are the results of extensive experience in the field and ensure thorough separation, with only straw expelled from the rear of the combine harvester.
When harvesting particularly dense crops, the straw walkers may be fitted with special crests to accentuate the aeration of the crop itself. The straw walkers are mounted on bearings to minimise noise and power absorption.


Threshing or separation - C6000 Series

The C6205 combines power with a gentle touch. The highly effective cleaning system - a hallmark feature of all DEUTZ-FAHR combine harvesters - ensures both superlative productivity and quality.
The crop is transferred from the straw walkers to the grain preparation pan, which moves in the opposite direction to distribute the product uniformly. The comes across a pre-sieve before it reaches the upper sieve, which creates the double step necessary in the path of the crop to slow it and pre-clean it before the actual cleaning process.

Grain pan

The 1.85 m long reciprocating grain preparation pan ensures perfect stratification of straw and chaff which, being lighter than the grain, are immediately blown away on contact with the airflow generated by the fan; an effect that significantly improves the cleanliness of the finished product.  The double step configuration ensures excellent cleaning results, avoiding the risk of overloading the sieves without sacrificing productivity. 

An ingenious system ensures that the sieves function efficiently and quietly for maximum productivity.

The external transmission for the sieves and grain preparation pan halves the strain on the sieving system and is easy to service.
The opposed movement of the sieves prevents straw residue from accumulating and blocking the sieves themselves. The sieves are arranged in two levels (with an upper and a lower sieve) for an initial intense cleaning action followed by a finer second action.
The adjustable extension of the upper sieve optimises the grain recovery volume and, as a result, the performance of the combine harvester.
Sieve aperture is controlled mechanically from levers situated directly on the upper sieve level, or with an optional electric system from the Commander Stick. Using dual sensors and a control bar extending along the entire length of the sieve box, the sieve performance control system precisely monitors the productivity of the combine harvester.


The high performance (400 mm diameter) turbine with 44 vanes aspirates air along the entire width of the combine harvester. Turbine speed is adjustable electrically in a range from 480 to 980 rpm.
The transverse air flow volume is controlled by deflectors which advance or retard air delivery to the sieve for uniform delivery over the entire length of the box.


Another distinctive feature of the DEUTZ-FAHR system is the dual return system - a genuine stroke of genius which improves the performance of the combine harvester and the efficacy of the entire threshing system, minimising losses. This is an uncleaned product recovery system, which collects material from a table under the sieves and returns it to the grain preparation pan via two elevator passages on the sides of the machine.  Inside the elevator passages are two concaves which separate much of the grain from the uncleaned product during its journey at it is collected from the bottom of the sieve box and returned to the grain preparation pan. Two different types of friction plate may be used for the concaves, for cleaning different types of crop and making it possible to bypass the recovery system entirely if is not needed. The DGR system is not only extremely productive, but also technologically advanced, with special sensors monitoring the process to ensure total safety and prevent the risk of breakdowns or other problems.

Cleaning - C6000 Series

Grain Tank

Your crop is carried in a generously sized 7000 litre grain tank, so that you can keep on working without interruptions. Checking the harvested product is quick and simple, with a new sampling system within easy reach just outside the driver cab. The tank is fed by the grain elevator which features a folding joint to minimise the risk of grain shredding as well as ensuring optimum tank filling at any angle. Two sensors in the tank activate an indicator light and an audible warning signal to inform the driver that the tank is full, and that it is necessary to bring the tractor near the thresher for discharging onto the trailer.


The discharge pipe with a high outlet makes it quick (75 l/sec.) and easy to empty the tank, by simply bringing a high sided trailer alongside the harvester, even when using 6.50 metre wide cutting tables. The 4.5 metre high discharge outlet means that the tank may be emptied even when moving, and allows product to be transferred easily even into large trailers. Its length of 5 metres and with a generous 110 degrees of mobility, the discharge pipe means that the combine harvester can work with a large range of cutting widths, and ensures that the operator has a clear view of the discharge outlet at all times.

The aperture and closer of the discharge pipe is be controlled easily from the cab via the Commander Control.

Harvest transport - C6000 Series

Straw Chopper

The integrated straw chopper is equipped with a rotor with 48 cutter blades arranged in four rows:
This configuration produces an air flow which spreads material uniformly over the entire surface of the cutter bars, and may be adjusted with manually controlled deflectors (electrical adjustment system available as an option).
The system may be set to chop straw or maize by simply changing two pulleys, without requiring additional reduction gears for threshing heavier crops.
The position of the counter-blade is adjustable to obtain the degree of chopping required.

Chaff spreader

Like the straw chopper, the chaff spreader is designed to distribute material over even the broadest cutting table, for perfect mixing of the chopped material. 
The transfer pan (which transfers the product to be processed) ensures uniform chaff distribution, while a conveyor with metal chutes directs the chaff to the four-blade rotors.
The blades on the rotors include specific deflectors which regulate air flow for superlative distribution results without very high power demands, while the angle of the chaff spreader is adjustable to ensure ideal distribution with different crops.

Straw management - C6000 Series

Putting every ounce of power to work

Power is taken off from both ends of the crankshaft, making it possible to separate hydraulic and mechanical functions, and ensuring a direct transmission system with no power losses.
This also means that fewer drive belts are used, and that the belts themselves are more accessible, reducing the running costs for the combine harvester.

Stage V engine

Innovative Stage V engines, with extraordinary fuel efficiency and, even more importantly, very low environmental impact, further add to the merits of the C6205.
The C6000 Series is equipped with a 250 hp (184 kW) engine for maximum performance and efficiency. The liquid 6.1 litre cooled Deutz TCD L6 Stage V engines combine outstanding power with continuous productivity. With Common Rail injection, 24 valves and an electronic governor system, these engines deliver exactly the right amount of power for the occasion and can respond to load peaks with no loss in productivity. The DOC system (diesel oxidation catalyst), combined with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems, substantially reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx), which are among the most harmful of all emissions produced by combustion, without penalising performance. Combined with the extraordinarily efficient threshing system, the engines installed in DEUTZ-FAHR combine harvesters offer the lowest fuel consumption per hour in the industry.

Three-speed transmission

The three-speed hydrostatic transmission lets the driver maintain the ideal speed for all harvesting conditions, and adjust the speed continuously from a level next to the driver's seat. The ideally spaced ratios ensure that there is always plenty of torque on tap to tackle even the most critical traction conditions.
The gears of the reduction unit and gearbox are lapped to reduce operating noise without compromising the durability and reliability of the transmission system


Engine hydraulic transmission - C6000 Series

The COMMANDER CAB EVO II cab combines outstanding comfort and advanced technology to minimise operator fatigue and, above all, maximise safety. The electric controls of the threshing functions are all situated at the driver's fingertips on the right hand console. The soundproofed cab is also equipped with a tried and tested air conditioning system, ensuring ideal working conditions even with high outdoor temperatures. The cab air filters keep dust out of the cab, for impeccable comfort in all conditions. The headliner includes the air conditioning controls and air vents, and an automatically locking sun blind. Simple clips allow easy access to the air conditioner system for maintenance without tools.
An optional portable refrigerator may also be stowed under the passenger seat in the cab, taking up no precious space and making even the longest working day in the field a pleasure.

Commander control

The CCM system represents the state of the art in control systems today and lets the driver monitor the quality of the work done in real time. The system lets the driver monitor a number of parameters at a glance: ground speed, losses, total and partial processed terrain area count, threshing drum speed, ventilation speed and operating hour count of engine and thresher section. A set of warning lights and alarms immediately notify the driver of any malfunctions. Installed on a mount connected directly to the instrument cluster, the CCM is quick and easy to read but does not obstruct the view of the cutting table. The controls for the transmission and main machine functions (cutting table, pick-up reel, empty grain tank and emergency stop) are integrated in the latest generation Commander Stick joystick, making the machine extremely simple and intuitive to operate.

Visibility pack

To complement the standard equipment, the VISIBILITY PACK is now available to equip the machine with an even more comprehensive set of work lights to improve visibility and ensure even more precise harvesting at night. Tall dual parabola rear view mirrors on electrically adjustable telescopic mounts make driving safer and more relaxing. A rotating beacon completes the suite of safety features. C6000 machines are equipped as standard with 4 fixed work lights illuminating the cutting table, while four directional work lights are offered as an option; and with two rear work lights, a spotlight on the grain tank, a spotlight on the discharge pipe and two rotating beacons indicating when the tank is full. As an option, two xenon lights may be installed on the cab roof to increase the illuminated area.

Camera kit

Up to 3 cameras are available for monitoring the area surrounding the combine harvester. Images from the colour and infrared cameras are displayed on the new 7” monitor.
The cameras offer the operator an unobstructed view of: the area behind the combine harvester (ideal for manoeuvres), the tank discharge area and the lower rear area of the combine harvester, for unparalleled visibility and control when using the tow hook, the straw chopper and the chaff spreader.

Cab - C6000 Series