4W Series

4W Series (4080W| 4090W | 4100W)

Even more power and performance than ever

The DEUTZ-FAHR 4W Series skilfully combines superior reliability and sturdy construction with extreme agility, modern design and impeccable comfort.
Available as 2 different models and with power outputs from 90 to 100 HP, the 4W Series is remarkably simple to use with intuitive controls. These tractors offer the ideal solution for both small and medium to large farms. With perfect weight distribution and generous ground clearance, the 4W Series is ready to tackle any task, from the simplest to the most challenging. Special waterproof seals and deep tread tyres are also available, to make the 4W Series the perfect machine for the rice paddy.

4W Series

    Compact in size but big on performance

    The 4W Series is equipped with the 3621 cm³ Yuchai YC4D 4 cylinder, which complies with CN III emissions regulations. This is a powerplant with state of the art technological solutions to maximise efficiency, such as turbo-intercooler forced induction and high pressure Common Rail fuel injection. The torque and power curves of this engine have been optimised specifically for agricultural applications: maximum torque is already available at just 1625 rpm, while maximum engine speed is just 2200 rpm - a remarkably low value almost unheard of for engines in this power class.

    The choice is yours

    4090 W and 4100 W models are equipped with a fully synchronised transmission, which gives the tractor a top speed exceeding 34 km/h. Two transmission configurations are available: with a 4 speed gearbox and 2 range splitter, or with a 4 speed gearbox with 3 ranges, offering a total of 16+8 or 12+12 speeds respectively.
    Regardless of the configuration chosen, the lowest ratio available lets the tractor work at a ground speed of just 1.14 km/h at maximum engine speed. Ideally spaced ratios let the driver tackle any task with the most appropriate drive ratio to deliver the power and torque needed.

    Conceived for productivity

    As standard, the PTO features an independent drive shaft and a dedicated, mechanically controlled heavy duty clutch.
    The standard configuration offers the universal 540+1000 rpm combination of speed modes for optimum performance and productivity with high power demand implements. As an option, the 1000 or 540 rpm mode may be replaced by a 540 ECO mode, which minimises fuel consumption when the tractor is hitched to implements with limited power demand.

    Potent and functional

    The open centre hydraulic system is fed by a 50 l/min fixed displacement pump, which in addition to the lift, also delivers oil to the 4-way (or optional 6-way) mechanically controlled rear distributors.
    The hydrostatic steering system is fed by a separate, independent pump which ensures effortless and impeccably smooth steering even with the engine at idle speed and/or during simultaneous use of the lift or other hydraulic utilities.
    The standard lift has a capacity of up to 1,940 kg and features position control, draft control, float and mixed draft-position control modes, while supplementary double acting lift cylinders may be added as an option. The supplementary cylinders increase lift capacity to up a 2,250 kg, further extending the range of implements usable with the tractor.

    Dependable performance, even in the rice paddy

    The Heavy Duty axle is equipped with special seals ensuring water-tightness even when submerged; solutions chosen for total reliability even in the most challenging conditions, such as when working in the rice paddy. The multiple wet brake discs are integrated in the rear axle. The sturdy final drive units are configured for generous ground clearance.

    So simple and yet so comfortable

    On the modern farm, superior comfort is a prerequisite even for mid to low power tractors. The 4W Series is the answer to this need, with a choice of versions with a state of the art, air-conditioned cab with just 4 pillars for total all-round visibility, or versions with a platform suspended on Silent-Block mounts and with a rear roll-bar complete with sunshade roof.
    On both cab and platform variants, the driver seat is extraordinarily comfortable, with adjustable mechanical damping, while the comprehensive, modern controls and instruments are organised intelligently and ergonomically around the driver and instantly recognisable to ensure immediate and intuitive control of all the main functions of the machine.


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