Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

The importance of simplicity

The Agrolux 50/60/70I4.80 series is extremely robust and reliable. These extraordinarily agile, versatile and simple to use tractors with a very short wheelbase are conceived specifically for small farms approaching mechanisation for the first time, or as additional tractors to work alongside more powerful machines in a medium to large farm. The Agrolux range consists of four models with power outputs from 45 to 73 hp (2000/25/EC), and features extremely efficient, tried and tested transmissions matched perfectly with modern SDF engines.

Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

    Robust, compact and versatile engines.
    The Agrolux series is powered by SDF 1000 Tier I engines, offered in either a compact three-cylinder configuration for maximum agility, or in a four-cylinder configuration for maximum tractive performance. Offered as naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants, these SDF engines are extremely compact and combine ready power delivery even at low engine speeds with outstanding fuel economy.
    With maximum torque available at 1600 rpm, these engines are extraordinarily tractable in all applications.
    Much more advanced than conventional rotary pump systems, the exclusive SDF injection system uses individual pumps for each cylinder to maximise engine power (with injection pressures of up to 1,400 bar) and ensure extremely short injection times, while the electronic engine management system varies the injection timing itself in relation to load to optimise consumption.

    Engine - Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

    Modularity is everything for the ideal transmission.
    Extremely robust and efficient, the transmission equipping the Agrolux 50/60/70I4.80 range is conceived to offer an extraordinary degree of modularity. The standard configuration consists of synchromesh gearbox with three ranges and four forward gears (for a total of twelve speeds) and three reverse gears. This means that the driver has a choice of five speeds between 4 and 16 km/h - the range of speeds used most frequently on the farm. Furthermore, the ratios are all ideally spaced, giving Agrolux tractors the capability to operate from a minimum speed of 760 metres per hour to a top speed of over 30 km/h (with 16.9 R 30 rear tyres and at an engine speed of 2350 rpm). An extraordinarily efficient transmission, ideal weight distribution, 100% lockable differentials and generous ground clearance make Agrolux tractors the perfect solution for a wide variety of different applications: from the simplest, routine jobs (such as hay-making and cleaning cattle sheds) to more challenging applications, such as soil preparation and tillage.

    Transmission - Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

    Simplicity is efficiency.
    As standard, the PTO is independently and mechanically engaged, uses a dedicated clutch and offers two speed modes - standard 540 rpm and 540 ECO (economy), for maximum productivity when working with implements with low power demands.

    PTO - Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

    Unparalleled smoothness and power.
    The hydraulic system in the Agrolux series uses a gear pump with a maximum capacity of 33 l/min (or 45 l/min on the Agrolux 4.80) which feeds the rear lift and the two-way auxiliary distributors (in standard configuration - alternatively, four-way distributors or, for the Agrolux 4.80, six-way distributors are available as an option). All models in the series may also be equipped with a secondary hydraulic pump to feed the hydrostatic steering, for smooth, effortless steering action even at low engine speeds and during simultaneous usage of the main hydraulic utilities. The rear 3-point linkage is equipped with a powerful hydraulic lift with an impressive maximum capacity of 3000 kg (at both the lower link ends and throughout the entire travel of the lower arms), making Agrolux tractors suitable for use with a wide variety of implements.

    Hydraulic system - Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+
    Brakes - Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+

    Comfort in every tiny detail.
    Agrolux 50/60/70I4.80 tractors are built with extraordinary attention to detail and designed with a modern, rational style. The driver area is extraordinarily comfortable, with an adjustable, mechanically sprung seat, ergonomic control levers for the primary functions and modern instrumentation. Last but not least, Agrolux tractors also feature a practical cowl release button for simplified regular maintenance.


    Technical sheet - Agrolux 50 | 60 | 70 | 4.80 | 4.80+


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