3E Series

3E Series

the key to success.

Simple to drive, simple design solutions and simpler maintenance. The 3E Series is a versatile range of tractors with the ideal dimensions and weight for a wide variety of agricultural applications: from livestock farms and tasks in the open field to working with specialised crops (vegetable farms, fruit orchards and vineyards) and park maintenance. These compact, manoeuvrable machines are ideal for working in tight spaces. A spacious driver area conceived for superlative comfort when performing daily tasks or spending long hours at work.

3E Series

    Under the hood of 3E Series tractors is a 3 cylinder long stroke engine with extraordinary flexibility for coping easily with sudden peaks in load. An in-line injection system delivers a constant flow of fuel to the combustion chamber, maximising performance and minimising fuel consumption. The cross-flow geometry of the head optimises the flow of both incoming and combusted gases, improving the combustion process and engine efficiency. A sensor in the air filter warns the driver when the filter itself is clogged.

    A simple mechanical gearbox with 4 speeds and 2 ranges offering a top speed of 32 km/h. Dry clutch with modulated clutch plate release system to prevent slippage and minimise wear.


    The PTO operating speed of 540 rpm is attained at an engine speed of 1,780 rpm; this is where engine torque is highest, preventing excessive dips in engine speed and making continuous shifts unnecessary.

    As well as simplifying regular maintenance, the externally mounted 24 l/min hydraulic pump delivers a constant flow oil to the distributors and rear lift. Top link with mechanical draft and position control. A set of levers puts the driver in total control of the lift to raise or lower the implement quickly when needed, while a control valve with flow regulator may be used to modify drop rate. Lift capacity is 1,250 kg.

    Wet disc rear brakes ensure shorter stopping distances for greater safety. To maintain maximum traction in all conditions, the rear differential can be locked mechanically from a pedal.

    A simple, intuitive driver area with ergonomic operator controls. The broad footboards offer plenty of room to operate the clutch and brake pedals comfortably and precisely. The comfortable seat lets the driver find the perfect driving position. The instrument cluster features a clearly visible tachometer, while all the main indicator lamps regarding the functions and status of the tractor are immediately recognisable.


    Technical sheet - 3E Series


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