6145W HD

6145W HD

Superlative performance and state of the art technology

The new DEUTZ-FAHR 6145W HD is powered by tried and tested Stage and Stage III A compliant 6 cylinder engines matched to perfection by efficient, completely synchronised transmissions, and boasting high performance hydraulic systems. This effective technical package is completed by solutions for comfort and ergonomics in keeping with the latest European standards and eye-catching style.

6145W HD

    Performance worth boasting about

    6145W HD is powered by high performance Yuchai YC6J140-S300 engines, that features Common Rail injection and is Stage III A compliant. The superlative performance and reliability of these Yuchai engines are the results of zero-compromise technical choices such as: a generous engine capacity of 6,494 cm³, a maximum engine speed of just 2,300 rpm and turbo-intercooler forced induction.
    For total peace of mind even when working in extremely dusty conditions, all models are equipped as standard with a cyclone pre-filter mounted on the A-pillar, which extends the lifespan of the main air filter to keep the engine working at peak performance and efficiency without obstructing the view of the driver. Keeping the tractor working longer between refuelling stops is a generous 270 litre tank protected against impact with rocks and stones by sturdy steel guards.


    Robust, efficient and highly configurable

    6W Series tractors are equipped as standard with a sturdy, fully synchronised transmission with 4 gears and 3 ranges. A splitter is fitted as standard to double the number of ratios available,  for a total of 24+12 speeds, and allowing the tractor to work at a minimum ground speed of approximately 1 km/h at maximum engine speed. Alternatively, one of the ranges may be replaced by a supercreeper gear, to give the tractor a total of 16+12 speeds and a minimum ground speed of just 400 m/h. 

    Letting you give your best

    To let the driver optimise engine speed for the power demand of the implement used, the PTO - with independent drive shaft and mechanically engaged clutch - comes with the universal 540 and 1000 rpm speed modes.

    So simple and yet so powerful

    Everything about the hydraulic system of the 6W Series is also conceived for total reliability. The system comes as standard with open centre architecture and a fixed displacement pump with an impressive output of 80 l/min. Also standard is an additional pump feeding oil exclusively to the hydraulic steering system, for impeccably smooth steering even at idle speed and while the main hydraulic utilities are in use. These tractors come with 6-ways mechanically controlled rear distributors as standard, and may be equipped with 6 way rear distributors as an option.
    In the standard configuration, the rear lift has quick hitch couplers and a maximum capacity of 5000 kg. The precise draft control system uses sensors on the lower arms.

    Class beating power and safety

    The new front carrier facilitates fitment of modular suitcase type ballast weights. This type of ballast weight offers significant advantages over a single piece weight, as the weight applied to the tractor may be tailored to the effective need, avoiding damage caused by unnecessary overloading, while the lower mounting position of the weights on the tractor does not interfere with forward visibility.
    The sturdy front axle includes an automatically locking differential, while the Heavy Duty rear axle is equipped with a potent, multiple wet disc braking system.


    Class beating ergonomics and technology

    DEUTZ-FAHR 6145W HD Series tractors boast an ergonomic, comfortable cab. The spacious cab is suspended on 4 Silent-Block mounts to effectively isolate the interior against the vibration of the engine and transmission, and features a modern analogue dashboard providing the driver with all the information necessary on the functions of the tractor. The controls are organised rationally around the driver. Air conditioning is available, while the seat has an effective mechanically sprung and damped seat suspension, with adjustable stiffness to suit the weight of the driver.


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