SDF Data Management

SDF Data Management


 SDF Data management

SDF offers customised data management solutions for farmers and contractors. Working with standard file formats is particularly important here. A huge advantage for you: makes data exchange between different end points very easy. We strictly work only with open and standardised file formats which ensure secure data exchange. With the ISO-XML format, we create compatibility with other manufacturers who also work with this standard. This ensures transfers between machine and office as well as between machines. You as a customer can decide which software product best suits your business.

Data exchange in combination with the corresponding software (e.g. field record files) becomes very simple, e.g.:

  • Farm master data
  • Measures (taskdata)
  • Field boundaries
  • Track lines
  • Application maps


The agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform that allows farmers and contractors to exchange data between machinery and agricultural software applications from a wide range of manufacturers. The agrirouter only transfers data, but never stores them. The agrirouter simplifies data exchange and therefore work processes, reduces office work and improves economic efficiency, leaving more time for other things. As a neutral instance, the new data exchange platform resolves a core issue of digitalisation in agriculture: It allows farmers and contractors to exchange data between machine applications and agricultural software applications from different manufacturers. Each user can create their own free personal agrirouter account and configure it individually. The routes on which the data is transported are defined only by the user in the settings centre. Existing machines can be retrofitted with the required SDF components and connected to the agrirouter.

With the agrirouter account, you can connect your machines to all applications from agrirouter partners. A list of partners and additional information can be found at

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Plan, document and evaluate jobs, possible with many filed record files thanks to the ISO-XML standard.

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