New Comfort Shift drive

DEUTZ-FAHR presents the new 6 Series CShift, the evolution of the family of tractors from 150 to 210 hp with robotic drive.

The robotic drive, available only on models with ZF T7200 IRS drive, lets you manage the six ranges simply by using the joystick, without pressing the clutch pedal or moving any levers. To shift ranges (from 1 to 6) all you have to do is press or pull the joystick pushing the OK button on the back at the same time. When shifting from high to low, the gears in Powershift automatically adapt thanks to the speed-matching, while the electronic management of robotic drive handles the switch precisely and rapidly, safeguarding the bodies from overrun or loads that could compromise the system's integrity.

You will practically drive the new 6 Series tractors with one hand, going from one gear to the next in less than 0.5 seconds. All the drive parameters are visible on display on the front right column of the cab: reset gear, gear in place, speed in Powershift (LMHS), forward or backward direction. The number "0" on the display shows the "neutral" position. Also, with Automatic Powershift, the driving comfort is further increased: The electronic control unit, in fact, aids the driver in selecting and automatically switching the gear in optimal Powershift, precisely identified and making errors impossible, in function of the load and the engine speed detected, moment by moment.

The strengths of the CShift drive are the following:

  • Range shift in less than 0.5 seconds
  • Range change control via CAN (controller area network) with IRS (Intelligent Range Shifter)
  • Protection of the drive while repeatedly shifting gears
  • Easy management with the Joystick
  • 50 km/h (40 km/h at engine economy speed)
  • Proportional valves for ever perfect switching
  • Automatic clutch management during range changes
  • Electronic engine management in range changes with speed-matching
  • System for blocking of the selectors to avoid switch out or double switch in
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