Agroplus Ecoline

Agroplus Ecoline

The definitive all-purpose tractor

The Agroplus Ecoline series consists of four models of tractor covering a wide range of applications: from the compact 310, optimised for general farm duties, to the powerful 410, which is capable of performing open field tasks in complete safety. All models in the range are offered exclusively as a cab variant with a four-pillar structure. The 310, 315 and 320 are offered with 4WD only, while the Agroplus Ecoline 410 is available as both 2WD and 4WD variants. Versatile, with a high power to weight ratio for superior productivity, extraordinarily comfortable and with advanced engineering: these are true DEUTZ-FAHR tractors.

Agroplus Ecoline

    Efficient, programmable power.

    Three or four cylinder EURO III A Series 1000 cc engines with simple turbo or turbo-intercooler forced induction and electronic engine governor.
    Fully compatible with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel, and extraordinary autonomy with a generous 75 litre tank.
    Euro III A engines also use HRT technology - a hydraulic tappet system which optimises the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber.
    During engine starts while the engine oil is still cold, the system increases valve lift slightly to advance the injection timing, optimising engine efficiency right from the start of the day and in any weather conditions, and eliminating the unpleasant white exhaust smoke typically produced by diesel engines under cold starting conditions.
    The fuel injection system is controlled electronically by the engine management ECU, which continuously monitors engine load and optimised engine function accordingly.
    The driver can also set and store engine speeds for specific operations. Whenever an application calls for a constant engine speed, the governor automatically maintains the preset engine speed value, thus maximising productivity. This function is particularly helpful when using the PTO.

    Every ratio you need from a comprehensive transmission.

    These machines are equipped with a simple and reliable transmission with minimal power absorption,
    with a mechanically operated dual disc dry clutch, five synchromesh gears and two ranges with synchronised mechanical power shuttle for a total of ten plus ten FWD/REV speeds;
    alternatively, the Agroplus Ecoline is available with a transmission configuration with five synchromesh gears, three ranges with underdrive and synchronised mechanical power shuttle, for a total of thirty forward speeds and fifteen reverse speeds.
    For instantaneous, smooth and safe direction inversions for increased productivity, the transmission of the Agroplus Ecoline also includes the “Synchro Shuttle” synchronised reverse shuttle.

    Transmission - Agroplus Ecoline

    A versatile PTO for optimised performance.

    A choice of different PTO configurations and speeds is offered: 540/ 540ECO; 540/ 540ECO/1000; 540/540ECO and synchronised PTO with independent output shaft.
    The synchronised PTO is driven by a dedicated gear independent of the engine, and is activated mechanically from a lever on the left of the driver.

    Practical, safe hitching and lifting.

    The open centre hydraulic system, with a pump unit situated on the left hand side of the engine, has a maximum delivery capacity of 55 l/min, is extraordinary versatile and compatible with every possible implement.
    Completing the hydraulic system are: four-way (or optional six-way) mechanical distributors and a mechanical rear lift with a lift capacity of 2650 kg (or up to 3700 kg with two supplementary rams).
    Agroplus Ecoline features a sturdy hitching system that can easily be used with any type of implement.

    Hydraulic system - Agroplus Ecoline

    Safety first and foremost.

    The driven front axle (for dual traction) uses a central drive shaft that eliminates the needs for universal joints. Dual traction is engaged simply and quickly from a lever on the left of the driver.
    The electrohydraulic differential lock (with 100% lockable, simultaneously activated front and rear differentials) improves traction in challenging conditions for increased productivity.
    A steering angle of 55 degrees means that the Agroplus Ecoline can turn with ease even in the tightest spaces.
    The steering cylinders are installed in a protected position behind the axle: this protects the cylinders themselves from damage and reduces maintenance, as it permits the use of a straight driveshaft.
    Hydrostatic integral braking system with wet discs. immediate, safe stopping power even at high speeds and with heavy loads.
    “Separate Brake” braking system: if necessary for the operation in hand, the driver may use a specific valve to distribute brake force towards the rear axle.

    Brakes - Agroplus Ecoline

    Ergonomic controls mean significant savings in time and effort.

    The range is offered exclusively as a cab variant with a four-pillar structure and generous windows and screens. Agroplus Ecoline offers the driver a comfortable space to work in with a clear view of the surrounding area.
    All the controls are intuitively and ergonomically organised: on the right hand side of the driver are the transmission selector levers, different lock controls, the console with hand throttle and engine governor button and the controls for the lift and the hydraulic distributors; while on the left are the PTO speed selector, the parking brake lever, the PTO engage/disengage lever and the 4WD engage/disengage lever.


    Technical sheet - Agroplus Ecoline


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