6 TTV Series

SDF ExtraCare Tractor DEUTZ-FAHR 6 TTV Series



Made in Germany, the new 6 Series TTV stands out for its superior reliability and comfort as well as for even lower fuel and operating costs. This is due in part to the engine oil change interval, now set at an incredible 1000 hours, and in part to the transmission and hydraulic change intervals, now set at an amazing 2000 hours. The family's four models – the 6190 TTV, 6210 TTV, 6230 TTV and 6230 TTV HD – are equipped with the tried-and-true Deutz TCD 6.1 Stage V engine with maximum power and torque of up to 230 HP and 970 Nm respectively. All models rely on the brand new TTV transmission, with unprecedented smoothness and ride comfort and significantly improved efficiency. For the first time, 6 Series models above 200 HP can be driven at 60 kph.

6 TTV Series


The 6-cylinder Deutz TCD engine with turbocharger, intercooler and Common Rail up to 1600 bar, uses injection pumps lubricated by the engine oil. With the SCR, DOC and passive DPF package for exhaust after-treatment, it can perform to its full potential, guaranteeing minimum fuel consumption, which, when combined with its new large monolithic fuel tanks with capacities of up to 505 l (6230 HD), ensures an extremely long operating range. The passive diesel particulate filter used in the exhaust after-treatment system offers three advantages: no supplementary diesel injection to clean the filter, less production of heat, and decidedly quicker regeneration operations as compared with traditional filters. This all helps to save time and money in full compliance with the limitations imposed by Stage V. For transport on the road, an engine brake is available with a special foot pedal, increasing engine braking capacity by 40%. The additional braking force generated by the engine brake reduces wear significantly and increases the lifespan of the components of the conventional braking system.

Engine - 6 TTV Series


Based on the same layout already introduced in the 7 and 8 series TTV models, the new TTV continuously variable transmissions raises the bar in the category in terms of efficiency and reliability. A perfect combination of planetary mechanical components with two highly efficient high-pressure hydrostatic units, guaranteeing a consistently smooth and even power flow without jerks and with maximum performance, not to mention reduced fuel consumption and lower heat dissipation. The new powertrain, which is finally assembled in Germany at the Deutz-Fahr Land in Lauingen, features an exceptionally high-performance transmission, giving the new 6 Series TTV unprecedented acceleration and smoothness, as well as a significant increase in the torque transferred to the wheels. The new TTV transmissions also allow these tractors to attain a maximum road speed of 60 kph (models above 200 HP) at an engine speed of just 1800 rpm, while 40 kph is available at an incredibly low engine speed of around 1200 rpm.

Transmission - 6 TTV Series


The profitability that can be obtained from a tractor is strictly connected to both operational capacity and operating affordability. The new 6 Series TTV stands out precisely for these characteristics: the engine offers outstanding performance, even at low rpm, whereas the PTO, which has electro-hydraulic activation that can be modulated through iMonitor, comes as standard with 3 electronic shifted speeds at the rear (540ECO/1000/1000ECO) and up to two at the front (1000 or 1000ECO). With the DualSpeed front PTO option those speeds can be changed from the cab in the InfoCentrePro. This allows maximum operating efficiency at all times and means that it is possible to operate frequently with the engine at low rpm, significantly reducing fuel consumption, wear of the moving parts, and noise in the cab, which also extends the routine service intervals. The interchangeable rear PTO shaft makes it quick and easy to swap out, facilitating connection with any equipment and also reducing costs in the event of damage. The PTO operating modes can be managed both from the armrest in the cab and from either rear mudguard. For a comfortable coupling of the implement, the rear PTO now also features a neutral position.

PTO - 6 TTV Series


The hydraulic system of the new 6 Series TTV sets new standards in the segment. The hydraulic circuit is independent from the transmission lubrication circuit, guaranteeing long service life. The Load Sensing pump – available with flow rates of 120 or 160 and, for the 6230 TTV HD, even 210 l/min – increase efficiency and reduce losses to a minimum. Up to 90 litres (or 60 litres on the models 6190 - 6230 TTV) of oil is on tap for hydraulically operated implements, while these tractors can be equipped with up to 5 hydraulic distributors at the rear and two at the front (in addition to the front lift distributor, if installed). All the distributors are electronically controlled and they can be programmed and controlled proportionally. The Power Beyond connection is available, including with clean-looking flat fittings. The powerful rear lift has a capacity of up to 10,000 kg. A new feature on the new 6 series TTV is the integrated transport position for the lower links as well as the optional hydraulic side stabilisers. A front lift is naturally also available, with position control and an incredible 5,450 kg of maximum capacity. All of this is rounded out with an intuitive interface for easy connection of compatible ISOBUS equipment available at the rear and front.

Hydraulic system - 6 TTV Series


In order to be productive, the operator must have maximum control of the vehicle, both in the field and on the road, whether at high speeds or on bumpy terrain. While working with the new 6 Series TTV you can feel the machinery's high level of safety. The intelligent and adaptive suspension system gives the new 6 Series TTV maximum stability – both during heavy towing operations and when driving large loads. The innovative suspension concept stabilises the tractor during all transport operations and boosts driving safety. In order to ensure better handling on uneven ground, the dampers are mounted on the front side of the axle. The 6 Series TTV is the only tractor in this range that can be fitted with high performance dry disc brakes on the front axle. The additional booster brake system ensures maximum braking performance with lighter pedal pressure. Best flexibility ensures the DUAL-MODE hydraulic trailer brake system and for increased safety the pneumatic trailer brakes of the new 6 Series TTV is equipped with an aTBM – advanced trailer brake management system, which increases the braking performance of the tractor-trailer combination in harsh braking situations.

Brakes - 6 TTV Series


The revamped MaxiVision 2 Cab raises the bar in its class, thanks to air suspension, high-quality materials, great reliability, and attentive controls design. A multitude of features can be controlled using the ergonomic joystick located on the armrest: from speed selection to driving direction, to the combination of ComfortTip actions, to front and rear lift controls. It is an intuitive and straightforward system that you don't even have to move your hand to operate. Having the cab separated from the engine compartment limits the transmission of heat, vibrations and noise, increasing comfort to car-like levels, so much that the internal noise is contained to 69 dB(A) with the engine at maximum rotation speed. Visibility is outstanding in all directions, even at night, thanks to its powerful LED lights. InfoCenterPro provides information that is always clear and accurate and the mini MMI allows for easy definition of all tractor settings. The openable roof is available in opaque and shading version, transparent with anti U.V. treatment or transparent in high density polycarbonate, with internationally certified FOPS protection.

Cab - 6 TTV Series


Deutz Common Rail. High-pressure common rail injection system, with two lubricated injection pumps integrated in the engine block, and an innovative combustion chamber configuration for superlative power and torque over a wide range of engine speeds.



With the state-of-the-art power units applied to DEUTZ-FAHR tractors, electronic control systems, and the best high-quality equipment, these tractors provide outstanding results in terms of economic running.



Selective Catalytic Reduction. SCR is an exhaust gas after-treatment system which injects atomised urea into the exhaust to break harmful NOx compounds down into nitrogen (the major component of the atmosphere) and water vapour, which are completely harmless for the environment.


The system monitors a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Automated for total simplicity: lets the driver set, store and recall the most appropriate engine speed for the job in hand.



An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential lock in relation to steering angle, speed and rear lift position (depending on model).



Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Oxidation catalyst which reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by combustion.

Sense Clutch

Sense Clutch

Hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multiplate wet clutches and an electronic control unit.


A system ensuring an effective and immediate response from the brake system in all conditions with minimal pressure on the pedal by maintaining a constant pressure in the relative hydraulic circuit.


Operating Sequence programming allows the tractor to perform a series of functions automatically. The pre-set program is automatically executed while successive operations are performed manually (by pressing a button) or automatically (following a defined period of time or distance) if the tractor is equipped with an iMonitor.

Over Speed

Over Speed

Optimised power curve usage, reduced consumption and improved driver comfort by maintaining lower engine speeds and using the engine at speeds close to maximum torque.


This advanced-technology tractor is equipped with several sensors monitoring the correct operation of all machine systems and functions. Sensor signals are collected and analysed by a control panel which adjusts tractor settings on the basis of this information in order to meet current needs.


The diesel particulate filter is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. In combination with an SCR system and an EGR the latest emission Stage can be achieved.


The eVisco is a cooling fan with rotation speed electronically controlled by ECU. The main difference is that eVisco fan allows you to reach any possible fan speed (between low and max fan speed). This makes it possible to reduce power absorption, fuel consumption, noise and vibration.

1000h engine oil change interval

To ensure reliable performance and longer-term use of the engine, the engine oil must be changed regularly. For the lowest running costs, the engine offers a maximum use time of 1000 hours until next oil change.


With a TTV transmission the driving and engine speeds are independently adjustable. In auto mode the operator defines the desired speed and the tractor automatically adjusts the gearbox and the engine, while in the PTO mode the engine rpm is frozen, for the best working result. Manual mode is for working speeds below 100 m/h.

60 KM/H

Transmission with a maximum speed of 60 KM/H. Depending on the model, a speed of up to 60 KM/H can be achieved at a reduced engine speed, which improves travel comfort and decreases fuel consumption, vibration, and noise. Possibility to limit the speed electronically to 50 KM/H or 40 KM/H with super eco or ultra eco engine rpm.

DualSpeed front PTO

The DualSpeed front PTO allows the advantages of the economic rear PTO speeds to be used together with the front PTO. Desired speed can be selected easily in the InfoCentrePro.

Intelligent front axle suspension

The intelligent and adaptive suspension system gives the tractor maximum stability – for heavy towing and for pushing tasks. The innovative anti-dive system stabilises the tractor during all transport tasks and increases safety.

Load sensing pump

The load sensing pump has the ability to vary its output flow and the system pressure to just match the demands at the hydraulic actuator, to reduce the fuel consumption to a minimum

CleanOil hydraulic system

With CleanOil Hydraulic System, transmission and hydraulics have two separate hydraulic circuits. Transmission and hydraulics oil cannot mix, so there is no risk of contaminating transmission oil with dust and other external pollutants that could come from implements.

Hydraulic side stabilizers

The hydraulic side stabilisers can be changed from floating to rigid position via iMonitor. This avoids any impact of the implement on the convenience of driving the tractor on the road. It can also be used in the field to improve work performance.


When the tractor is stopped, PowerZero keeps it braked without intervention on any pedal, even in hilly conditions and with trailed implements. Tractor starts moving again only when driver presses accelerator pedal.


Ergonomic console linked to the driver seat. With the MaxCom armrest you can operate all tractor functions by just moving joysticks or pressing buttons. All controls are conveniently located following the well-known colour-coding logic.


5’’ LCD colour display which shows all tractor information you need (status of the tractor, fuel consumption, worked area and many more). In addition to that, InfoCentrePro also allows setting of the main tractor functions.


The iMonitor3 is the central user interface for accessing various important functions. In one terminal, users can work with SDF Guidance, SDF Data Management and ISOBUS, but also other features like the ComfortipPRO headland management, tractor settings for hydraulic spool valves, cruise control or cameras.


Thanks to its rounded windows, the MaxiVision cab permits outstanding all-round visibility. Different interior levels are available according to tractor equipment. All of them are designed in order to ensure maximum comfort levels.

Pneumatic cab suspension

Pneumatic cab suspension is the best way to absorb vibrations transmitted from the ground. It doesn't matter if you are in an open field or high-speed transport, because the pneumatic system is able to compensate for and cancel the vibrations.

LED lights

LED light technology is the latest evolution of lighting systems. LED lights stand out through their exceptional brightness and illumination combined with a long lifetime and low electricity demand.

Coming home function

In combination with WOLP (Work Light Panel), the tractor features the Coming Home function. After stopping the engine, with a simple pull on the indicator lever, the working lights activate for a period that allows you come home safely.

External compressedAir port

Ideal for cleaning the radiators, the filters or the cab - a compressed air supply port is installed which allows the compressed air of the tractor system to be used for external devices.


A fuse test available on the electronic circuit boards allows the operator to check if the fuses are defective or OK.

Dry Disk brakes

Front dry brakes increase braking performance and, consequently, driver safety. Also thanks to this technology, the tractor can reach high speeds in combination with higher gross vehicle weight.

High performance engine brake

Compared with a standard engine brake, the high performance engine brake also activates the eVisco fan, in order to further increase the braking force.

Dual Mode hydraulic trailer brake system

This system allows Mother Regulation (MR)-compliant or other (old) trailers to be connected. The system can recognise which kind of trailer is connected and as a consequence apply the correct pressure in order to get the highest braking performance.


The advanced trailer brake management reduces the response time and optimises the braking behaviour of the pneumatic trailer brake system. In addition it informs the driver of the trailer brakes' condition.


XTEND allows the display area to be extended easily, with a tablet, for example. You can either display the guidance application or even fully control all ISOBUS-UT functions – with your tablet! It is a cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative solution to a second terminal.


Easy Steer is a feature of the steering orbitrol to decrease the manual steering movements of the driver. Once activated with a button on the armrest, four steps (from 0-4) can be adjusted via settings in the iMonitor. The benefits are quick turning manoeuvres in headland and added convenience for the driver.

Remote Support

The iMonitor3 contains the Remote Support feature which allows an expert to access the monitor following the driver’s permission. For example, a dealer can assist or even control some functions, insight diagnostics or error codes remotely via internet connection. This guarantees operational reliability.


The Auto-Turn feature allows automatic turns to be performed on the headland. You as the driver can decide which track to steer into. Different patterns are available – whether to skip lines or fill plots. Benefit from added convenience, decreased soil compaction on the headland and time saved!


External Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Exhaust gas recirculation: includes a specific radiator for cooling recirculated exhaust gases, which would otherwise compromise combustion efficiency and increase consumption.



A four-wheel drive provides the best traction, even in the most demanding terrain. The front-axle drive can be engaged automatically by the ASM function (if the tractor is equipped with ASM) or manually using a lever or buttons (depending on the model and equipment).


EPB offers an automatic function that activates the park brake after stopping the tractor and deactivates them when the driver starts moving the tractor. It can also be activated in comfort via an electric push-button control on the armrest.

Ready for Agrirouter

The agrirouter is a universal data exchange platform that allows farmers and contractors to exchange data between machinery and agricultural software applications from different manufacturers. It ensures reliable cross-manufacturer online data transfer between all members, while users always have an overview of all data.

6 TTV Series

SDF ExtraCare safeguards your investment, provides you with maximum control over operating costs and ensures long life for your product. You can rely on the high technical knowledge and professional support provided by the DEUTZ-FAHR service network.


  • Investment protection
  • Preservation of value
  • Better reselling opportunities
  • Use of original components and lubricants
  • Totally transferable
  • Two options: 3 or 5 years warranty


SDF ExtraCare

Warrior Editirion. Limited editions for owners who demand nothing less than the best.

For owners who like to stand out from the crowd, DEUTZ-FAHR offers the coveted Warrior equipment variant for the new Series 6 TTV models. For the first time the customer has a choice of 4 special colour schemes in addition to the classic green: java green, matt green, black and matt black. Take advantage of the special Warrior LED lighting pack and enjoy the luxury of the comfortable Warrior seat, the automatic climate control system and the audio system with DAB. With taking the choice of a Warrior Edition the new Series 6 TTV makes a bold impression and stands out unmistakeably from the crowd.

DF_43 - 6 TTV Series
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