610 | 620 Agrotrac

610 | 620 Agrotrac

Essentiality - the ace in its sleeve

The Agrotrac 610 and 620 are conceived for unparalleled essentiality: a competitive characteristic evident in both the technological solutions chosen and in the forms of these extraordinary machines. Conceived to tackle even the heaviest duty jobs, such as ploughing and soil preparation for sowing, these are reliable tractors that deliver outstanding productivity with minimised running costs.

610 | 620 Agrotrac

Advanced injection for superlative combustion efficiency.
With state of the art injection systems for optimised combustion, this engine is both powerful and economical, and can keep on working at peak performance uninterruptedly for hours on end.
1,000 cc six cylinder Turbo Intercooler engines, with power outputs of 140 hp (103 kW) for the Agrotrac 610 and 163 hp (120 kW) for the Agrotrac 620.
The unique configuration of the combustion chamber, combined with the augmented swirl in the intake port, ensure that the air and diesel are mixed perfectly, optimising combustion.
Much more advanced than conventional rotary pump systems, the exclusive SDF injection system with individual pumps for each cylinder ensures extremely short injection times and maximises engine power (with very high injection pressures of up to 1,400 bar), while the electronic engine management system varies the injection timing itself in relation to load to optimise consumption.
The configuration of the individual injection lines, which are very short and equal in length, also contributes to achieving very rapid injection times.
Euro III A engines are equipped with HRT (Hydraulic Roller Tappets) technology, a system controlled by a an electrohydraulic valve to optimise the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. during engine starts while the engine oil is still cold, the system increases valve lift slightly to advance the injection timing, optimising engine efficiency right from the start of the day and in any weather conditions, and eliminating the unpleasant white exhaust smoke typically produced by diesel engines under cold starting conditions.
A 300 litre roto-molded tank ensures outstanding autonomy.
Agrotrac 610 and 620 models feature an electromagnetic system for electronic fuel injection management: this system directly adjusts the push rods of the pumps, to deliver precisely the right injection volume in relation to engine load, significantly contributing to overall engine performance.

Engine - 610 | 620 Agrotrac

The ideal transmission to make your work even more productive.
Agrotrac 610 and 620 are equipped with two mechanical transmission configurations to ensure the right speed and torque (and a top speed of 40 Km/h) for a wide variety of applications.
With fully synchromesh gears and a hydraulically operated dry main clutch with cerametallic discs, these tractors are incredibly efficient and productive.
The basic transmission configuration consists of three ranges and four gears with synchronised shuttle and underdrive gear (reducing the drive ratio by 20% for each gear), for a total of twenty-four forward and twelve reverse speeds.
Alternatively, these tractors may be equipped with a transmission with three ranges and four gears with synchronised shuttle and supercreeper gear, for a total of sixteen forward speeds and twelve reverse speeds.
Minimum speed is just 0.4 Km/h, while a single control lever is used to perform instantaneous shifts, and also operate either the shuttle and underdrive gear (in the first of the two configurations) or the shuttle and supercreeper gear (in the latter configuration).

Transmission - 610 | 620 Agrotrac

Quiet functionality.
The two-speed (540/1,000 rpm) PTO with multiplate wet clutch is engaged from a mechanical control situated to the right of the driver.
An important advantage of this PTO is that it is driven directly from the engine, for minimised power loss and noise.

PTO - 610 | 620 Agrotrac

Formidable hydraulic power.
The Agrotrac 610 and 620 are equipped with a powerful, responsive hydraulic system capable of delivering adequate hydraulic oil flow for even the most complex application.
This is an open-centre hydraulic system, with a 68 l/min pump and four or six auxiliary hydraulic distributors.
For smooth and extremely manoeuvrable steering (50 degree steering angle), a dedicated pump feeds two dual action rams situated behind the front axle (to prevent damage in the event of accidental impact).
A mechanically controlled lift is also available, with an impressive load capacity of 5,400/7,000 Kg.

Hydraulic system - 610 | 620 Agrotrac

Safety and power.
The Agrotrac 610 and 620 are equipped with an integral brake system, with four hydrostatically operated wet disc brakes, which can stop the tractor immediately and in complete safety, even when working with high loads.
Smooth steering action and an impressive 55 degree steering angle for significantly simpler turns.
100% lockable front and rear differentials (operated from a simple mechanical pedal control) maximise traction in particularly critical working conditions.
With Heavy Duty rear reduction gear units, which transmit engine power to the wheels through a system of planetary gears, Agrotrac tractors deliver outstanding productivity even in complex jobs involving heavy rear-mounted implements.
Last but not least, the rear axle is adjustable, for easily modifying the track to suit the crop.

Brakes - 610 | 620 Agrotrac

Superlative lighting power and an ideal working environment in all conditions.
Agrotrac 620 and 630 models boast a spacious and extremely comfortable cab mounted entirely on silent-blocks.
A large, wide-opening door and broad self-cleaning, anti-slip steps facilitate access to the cab.
Superb 360 degree visibility. The high visibility roof with glass panel allows a clear upward view, which is vital when using the front loader, while a number of intelligent solutions - such the exhaust silencer mounted on the cab A-pillar, the rounded forms of the hood and the slim mudguards - have been adopted specifically to ensure an unobstructed forward and lateral view.
Agrotrac is also well equipped for working at night, with a powerful lighting system with six work lights (four on the cab roof and two mid-height front lights).
A four speed ventilation system with eighteen adjustable vents maintains a comfortable temperature within the cab.
Clear, comprehensive instrumentation and the intuitive, rational layout of the controls, situated strategically to the right of the driver, contribute to making these tractors extremely simple to use.


Technical sheet
Specifications - 610 | 620 Agrotrac
Technical sheet - 610 | 620 Agrotrac


Hydraulic tappets for injection timing control. When the oil is cold, the tappets increase valve lift slightly to advance the injection timing: this ensures optimum efficiency as soon as the engine is started and eliminates white smoke.



Four-wheel integral braking system, with: oversized rear multi-disc brakes (five discs per side) on both of the rear differential output shafts, and hydraulically operated inboard front brakes.


A system integrated in the hydraulic system which reduces thermal losses, improves efficiency and recovers energy that would otherwise be wasted. When the lift and distributors are not in use, a solenoid valve returns the hydraulic fluid flow to the transmission housing.