2W Series

2W Series

Solidly built,
tough multi-purpose tractors.


The new DEUTZ-FAHR 2W Series consists of 4 models with power outputs from 25 to 40 HP. These new models, all with 4 wheel drive, combine extremely sturdy construction with an unmistakeably contemporary design. Boasting 540 and 1000 rpm PTO modes, a potent rear lift and offered with up to 4 hydraulic couplers, these solidly built machines are capable of working with a wide range of carried or towed implements that would normally require a much more powerful tractor. With a modern, comfortable driver zone in keeping with the latest standards for ergonomics and with rationally organised controls, 2W Series tractors are ideal for small farms and for parkland maintenance tasks.

2W Series


The new 2W Series is equipped with a choice of 3 and 4 cylinder engines with power outputs from 25 to 40 HP, which are simple and reliable to run and extraordinarily fuel efficient.
Naturally aspirated induction ensures superlative reliability, while the outstanding fuel economy (with specific consumption values under 250 g/kWh even for the most powerful variant) and 40 litre tank let you keep on working uninterruptedly for hours on end even in the toughest conditions. The intake air filter and silencer are both situated under the hood for unobstructed forward visibility.

Engine - 2W Series


The fully synchronised transmission is based on a 4 speed gearbox with two ranges, offering a total of 8 speeds in both directions and a top speed of 28 km/h. The 2W Series is offered with a wide choice of tyre sizes as standard, ensuring the versatility and multi-role capability needed to tackle any possible task. A minimum turning radius of just 4.5 metres contributes to the extraordinary agility of the 2W Series.

Transmission - 2W Series



To offer unrivalled versatility, even the base versions of the DEUTZ-FAHR 2W Series range come as standard with a PTO with both universal speed modes (540 and 1000 rpm), operated via a dual action dry clutch.

PTO - 2W Series


The closed centre hydraulic system features a 29 l/min gear pump and 2 or 4 way rear hydraulic distributors. For outstanding driver comfort, hydraulic power steering is standard on all versions.
The rear lift (with category 1N 3-point hitch) offers an impressive load capacity of 420 to 720 Kg, depending on the model.

Hydraulic system - 2W Series


Fitted as standard with dry disc brakes with direct mechanical control, these tractors may be equipped with an optional higher power brake system with multiple wet discs.

Brakes - 2W Series


Featuring rationally organised controls, the driver zone of the new DEUTZ-FAHR 2W Series is comfortable and meets the latest requirements for ergonomics. The all-flat platform facilitates access, while the adjustable seat, offered as standard, includes an effective mechanical suspension system.

Cab - 2W Series