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C7206 TS Extra Power

C7206 TS Extra Power


Elegant design with a fresh new look. The new C7206 TS Extra Power Series boasts a modern design penned by Giugiaro expressing the technological supremacy of the DEUTZ-FAHR brand - a guarantee of excellent threshing performance and superior grain and straw quality from over 100 years of experience and constant evolution in developing harvesting systems. The C7000 is undaunted by challenging conditions and delivers superlative productivity and threshing quality in all situations. The C7206 TS Extra Power Series is powered Deutz 7.2l engines matching extraordinary performance in the field with among the lowest fuel consumption figures in this class, . All of these features come together to make the combine harvesters of the C7206 TS Extra Power Series the perfect solution for any possible operating conditions. The Commander Cab V, with superior visibility, latest generation work lights and extraordinary comfort, make the latest addition to the DEUTZ-FAHR stand out from the crowd. For unrivalled performance and reliability and class-beating harvesting results, every aspect of the new C7206 TS Extra Power Series is conceived for maximum grain and straw quality and productivity.

C7206 TS Extra Power

Schumacher cutting system

With a planetary transmission for very high cutting rates (1,220 cuts/minute), the Schumacher Easy Cut II cutting system ensures precise cutting results and delivers both outstanding performance and superior cutting quality even when working with green or laid crops and with high crop densities. An innovative optional system with blade presser rollers and blade guide rollers keeps the blade perfectly straight while also reducing vibration, wear and power consumption.

Cutting bar - C7206 TS Extra Power

Even the details of the C7206 TS Extra Power Series are astonishing: The feeder channel has three alternating rasp bars fastened to three chains with toothed support shafts to prevent judder and allow large cutting tables to be used. Drive is via a two-groove V-belt (an optional three-groove V-belt is available for use with maize pickers) for efficient power transmission with minimised noise. The first step towards perfect threshing results.

Feed channel - C7206 TS Extra Power

DEUTZ-FAHR has developed a modern threshing system for the new C7206 TS Extra Power family which sets new standards for the class. This sturdy, reliable and extremely productive system treats the product gently throughout the grain separation process. The result is outstanding harvesting quality. Furthermore, as much of the grain separation process already takes place in the concave, this lightens the workload on the straw walkers, increasing productivity while also ensuring that the straw itself is treated delicately.

Threshing or separation - C7206 TS Extra Power

Like the threshing system, the cleaning system is also an exclusive DEUTZ-FAHR design.
The sieves cover an extraordinarily generous area, while the turbine works in concert with the double step system to clean enormous quantities of product efficiently.

Cleaning - C7206 TS Extra Power

Grain Tank

C7206 TS Extra Power Series have a 9,500 litre tank. The tank is fed by the grain elevator which features a folding joint to minimise the risk of grain shredding as well as ensuring optimum tank filling at any angle. The level in the tank is observable via a window in the cab, while the threshing quality may be checked via an external grain sampling hatch. Two sensors in the tank activate an indicator light and an audible warning signal to inform the driver that the tank is full, and that it is necessary to bring the tractor near the thresher for discharging onto the trailer.

Harvest transport - C7206 TS Extra Power

Straw Chopper

The integrated straw chopper is equipped with 60 blades on 6 straw walker models. The blades are serrated and curved This configuration produces an air flow which spreads material uniformly over the entire surface of the cutting tables, and may be adjusted with manually controlled deflectors (electrical adjustment system available as an option). The system may be set to chop straw or maize by simply changing two pulleys, without requiring additional reduction gears for threshing heavier crops. The position of the counter-blade is adjustable to obtain the degree of chopping required.


Chaff spreader

Like the straw chopper, the chaff spreader is designed to distribute material over even the broadest cutting table, for perfect mixing of the chopped material.
The transfer pan (which transfers the product to be processed) ensures uniform chaff distribution, while a conveyor with metal chutes directs the chaff to the four-blade rotors.
The blades on the rotors include specific deflectors which regulate air flow for superlative distribution results without very high power demands, while the angle of the chaff spreader is adjustable to ensure ideal distribution with different crops.

The engine of a combine harvester must not only be powerful enough to meet the performance and functional requisites for the machine itself, but also to operate supplementary equipment and optional implements such as straw choppers, corn cutting heads, stalk cutters etc. It must also ensure an adequate torque reserve to ensure dependable operation even in demanding conditions with no loss in threshing system speed. The 7.2 litre Deutz engine produces up to 366 HP and meets emission standard Stage III A.

Engine hydraulic transmission - C7206 TS Extra Power

The new "Commander Cab V" has been designed for excellent visibility, to ensure a clear view of the cutting table and to offer a spacious, comfortable and ergonomic working environment embodying the unique strengths of the DEUTZ-FAHR brand. The interior of the cab is attractively designed with visually pleasing colours for the relaxing, soft-touch materials. The generously-sized, supportive and fully adjustable driver seat (available as air sprung or mechanically sprung variants) is the perfect complement to the innovative design of the cab. Contributing to the excellent all-round visibility is the steering column with a continuously adjustable gas spring system. The rim is covered in anti-slip material and shaped for a safe grip. An air conditioning system lets the driver set temperature and air flow to suit personal preference and maintain a comfortable working environment inside the Commander Cab V. High quality finish adds an inimitable touch of premium elegance to the Commander Cab V equipping the C7206 TS Extra Power Series.

Cab - C7206 TS Extra Power


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