C9000 Series

C9000 Series

Extraordinary versatility

Embodying DEUTZ-FAHR's many years of experience in harvesting and its ongoing commitment to developing new technologies, processes and machinery, the C9000 Series consists of four models: C9205 TS, C9205 TS B, C9206 TS and C9206 TS B. These machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications), an elegant design and incredible functionality, for unparalleled harvesting performance with all types of crop. With powerful engines, superlative fuel consumption and unbeatably low running costs and simple maintenance, the C9000 Series is truly remarkable.

C9000 Series

The high performance cutter bars (measuring from 4.80 to 9 m in width) have a monolithic structure for superior weight distribution and stability, maximising durability and performance irrespective of cutting width.
The large diameter feeder auger with broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers ensures continuous feed and product transfer.

Cutting bar - C9000 Series

The feeder channel has alternating rasp bars fastened to three chains. The carrier shafts are fitted with toothed guides to prevent slippage between chain links, to ensure continuous feed to the machine and prevent overload.
The feeder channel has a large aperture facilitating access to the interior of the channel itself for maintenance.

Feed channel - C9000 Series

DEUTZ-FAHR has developed a state of the art threshing system for the C9000 Series of combine harvesters. This is a robust, reliable and highly productive threshing system that handles the crop delicately during grain separation, to ensure extraordinary levels of crop quality. The system already achieves a high degree of gain separation between the threshing drum and the concave to reduce the workload on the straw walkers, increase productivity and handle the straw more delicately.

Threshing or separation - C9000 Series

The turbine works in conjunction with the double step system to clean enormous quantities of crop; while the crop is fed back to the grain pan for maximum grain protection without overloading the threshing system. Grain pan
The very long grain pan moves with a reciprocating motion to ensure perfect stratification of the chaff and straw. As these two components are lighter than the grain, they are blow away immediately upon contact with the air flow produced by the turbo-ventilator, for more effective cleaning of the finished product. The grain pan is easily removable from the combine harvester, minimising maintenance times and simplifying the operations needed to reconfigure the machine for a different crop.

Cleaning - C9000 Series

Grain tank
The grain tank of C9000 Series machines has a 9,500 litre capacity and is emptied with an extraordinarily high speed discharging system, with powerful motors capable of discharging the tank effectively while working and without stopping the machine, eliminating time wastage and lost productivity. 
The level in the tank is observable via a window in the cab, while the threshing quality may be checked via an external grain sampling hatch.
An indicator light and an audible warning signal activated by two sensors in the tank inform the driver that the tank is full, and that it is necessary to start the discharge procedure.

Harvest transport - C9000 Series

Straw chopper
The integrated straw chopper is equipped with a rotor with 48 cutter blades arranged in four rows: This configuration produces an air flow which spreads material uniformly over the entire surface of the cutter bars, and may be adjusted with manually controlled deflectors (electrical adjustment system available as an option).
The position of the counter-blade is adjustable to obtain the degree of chopping required, while the system may be set to thresh even very heavy crops by simply changing two pulleys, without requiring additional reduction gears.

Straw management - C9000 Series

The engine of a combine harvester must also be capable of powering additional or optional accessories, and must have a sufficient torque reserve to maintain maximum productivity even in the most challenging conditions, with no loss in threshing component speed.
Modern 4 valve per cylinder, 6 cylinder DEUTZ Common Rail TCD 6 7.8 l Tier IIIb engines offer the perfect solution for this specific application, and combine outstanding power with extraordinary efficiency, for superior threshing performance with optimum fuel efficiency and productivity.

Engine hydraulic transmission - C9000 Series

The “Commander Cab V” offers a spacious work environment with excellent visibility offering a clear view of the entire cutter bar.
Access to the cab is facilitated by a pivoting ladder that folds flush when the machine is moving.
Athermic windows, a sun visor and the specially contoured cab roof create a comfortable working space, while the electrically adjustable, telescoping double curvature rear view mirrors contribute significantly to driving safety.
The interior trim also plays a part in the excellent comfort of the cab. New colours have been defined for the relaxing soft touch materials, while the headliner finished in elegant but durable fabric also contributes to creating a car-like atmosphere.
Other features enhancing the comfort of the cab include the generously sized, self-adjusting air-sprung driver seat with body-hugging forms, and a two-way adjustable steering column, for the most comfortable driving position possible and an unobstructed view of the cutter bar.
Last but not least, the steering wheel rim is ideally sized and trimmed with non-slip material to keep the driver in total control in all conditions.

Cab - C9000 Series


Technical sheet - C9000 Series


The exclusive Balance system keeps the combine harvester stable and level, automatically compensating for lateral gradients up to 20% and longitudinal gradients up to 6%. Available on: 9206 / 9205 C.
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