Agrotron M 600 | 620 | 650

Agrotron M 600 | 620 | 650

Power is synonymous with efficiency

Agrotron M is a tractor like no other, with eye-catching, exclusive style and a generous panoramic cab. These attributes come together with state of the art Deutz engines matched to perfection with efficient ZF Powershift transmissions and a high performance hydraulic system to create an astonishingly effective package. Power Efficiency, the philosophy pursued by DEUTZ-FAHR to implement the best technological solutions in every aspect of its products for maximum cost-effectiveness, reaches new heights in the Agrotron M.

Agrotron M 600 | 620 | 650

The perfect fusion of performance and economy.

Agrotron M tractors are equipped with turbocharged, intercooled engines with DCR (Deutz Common Rail) electronic fuel injection. Completing the class topping technology of these engines is a dual water/oil cooling system and a fuel radiator. AGRex cooled external exhaust gas recirculation is used to minimise emissions. Deutz six cylinder engines have four-valve cylinder heads that are specifically configured to locate the injector in a vertical, central position, which maximised power and reduces consumption.
The two injection pumps of the DCR system, which are embedded in the cylinder block and lubricated with engine oil, and a new combustion chamber configuration in the piston contribute the extraordinary productivity of these engines even in the most demanding applications. Together with the electronic engine governor, injection pressures of up to 1,600 bar, attained irrespective of engine speed, ensure outstanding torque even at low engine speeds. The results of all this are: quieter operation at both idle and rated speed, less vibration and improved fuel economy.
For maximum eco-compatibility, DEUTZ-FAHR are B100 compatible, meaning that they can use mixtures of standard diesel and biodiesel in any proportion or even 100% biodiesel. The AGRex system continuously adjusts the quantity of exhaust gas recirculated back to the combustion chamber to minimise nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx).

The ideal transmission for optimised productivity.

Agrotron M tractors are equipped with highly efficient and reliable ZF transmissions. Setting these transmissions apart are a six speed synchromesh gearbox, a Powershift unit with four ratios per speed selectable under drive, a supercreeper gear for very low operating speeds and a hydraulic reverse shuttle.
Oversized multiplate wet clutches are used to significantly reduce the clamp loads involved for each ratio, for superlative transmission reliability and durability.
The range Powershift allows rapid shifts performed under drive without stopping to eliminate time wastage. This system is enabled from a button on the transmission or from a dedicated control on the multifunction armrest (or on the multifunction joystick on Profiline versions).
Forty forward and reverse speeds are available, throughout an operating range at nominal engine speed from 380 m/h to 50 km/h (or an electronically limited top speed of 40 km/h, where required by law). For maximum fuel savings, top speed is also achievable at a lower engine speed of 1,800 rpm.
Ten different and intelligently spaced ratios are available in the speed range used for field applications (between approximately 3 and 10 km/h), letting the driver maintain the ideal speed for any application.
The powershift hydraulic shuttle lets the driver invert direction by simply using the relative lever, without pressing the brake or clutch pedals.
Direction inversions are performed rapidly and smoothly, even when manoeuvring on gradients.
The “speedmatching” function automatically selects and engages the most appropriate powershift stage at each change in range, optimising the responsiveness of the machine for the job in hand.
The Profiline version is also equipped with the APS automatic transmission, with a dedicated electronic control unit which selects the ideal ratio according to load and engine speed.

A PTO has never been so versatile.

Agrotron M tractors offer all four standardised PTO speed modes - specifically the two normalised speeds 540 and 1,000 rpm, plus ECO modes for both.
All modes are selected and engaged electrohydraulically with an automatic load sensing function to ensure that the implement connected is always started progressively and smoothly.
An automatic PTO activation function is also available, to engage or disengage the PTO in relation to the position of the implement hitched to the rear 3-point linkage. A remote PTO start button is also included as standard on the rear mudguards.
The optional 1,000 rpm front PTO is driven directly by the engine via a multiplate wet clutch and is electrohydraulically engaged for progressive, smooth implement starts. The front PTO makes it possible to perform high power demand operations requiring the simultaneous use of front and rear mounted implements, saving both time and fuel.
For unparalleled PTO versatility, the output shaft is interchangeable, making potentially dangerous adaptors unnecessary.

True efficiency means always having the right power for the job.

The hydraulic system equipping Agrotron M tractors is a permanent open centre system with an 83 l/min gear pump feeding external applications via eight-way distributors with detent, kick-out, float and flow regulator functions.
A closed centre load sensing system is offered as standard on Profiline versions (and as an option for other versions), with a 120 l/min variable displacement pump and electrohydraulic distributors (two of which with timer function) with flow regulation.
Load sensing technology continuously alters the hydraulic power delivered in relation to effective demand to minimise energy wastage.
The load sensing system is also equipped with the Power-Beyond connection as standard, which may be used to feed implements directly with the entire delivery of the pump, without the flow passing through the auxiliary distributors of the tractor, minimising hydraulic power losses and reducing oil heating.
“Push-pull” hydraulic connectors are used, for trouble-free connection of hydraulic lines even when pressurised. A specific container collects any oil which may escape when coupling the hydraulic lines of the implement.
Agrotron tractors are equipped with an efficient electronically controlled lift (with a remarkable 9,200 kg load capacity) which, when connected to a radar system, may be used to operate implements with extreme precision in relation to parameters set by the operator.
The functions implemented by the electronic control system are: draft, position and mixed mode control, quick soil engagement and slippage control.
The EHR system also offers quick soil engagement and slippage control functionalities.
When driving at speed on the road while carrying heavy implements, large amplitude oscillations may be produced compromising comfort and safety. To correct this phenomenon, the electronic lift of Agrotron M tractors includes an antidumping function which significantly reduces oscillation at speeds above 8 km/h.
As an option, a front lift is also available, combined with a completely independent front hydraulic distributor.

Optimised control for every function.

The ASM system engages and disengages front wheel drive and the differential locks completely automatically, eliminating the need for repetitive manual operations which could distract the driver's attention.
The system automatically engages and disengages front wheel drive and the differential locks under load in relation to steering angle and vehicle speed for maximum traction in all conditions.
An independent pump with a maximum capacity of 42 l/min dedicated to the hydrostatic steering system ensures smooth, effortless steering action even in particularly challenging conditions when other hydraulic utilities are in use.
The front axle is equipped with electronically controlled suspension with two hydraulic rams. On Agrotron M tractors, the front suspension may be locked in a rigid configuration at any time for maximum precision when ploughing or using front loaders.

Outstanding comfort and stability.

Agrotron M tractors are equipped with a superlative cab with an innovative suspension system offered in a choice of two configurations. The standard configuration is a mechanical cab suspension system, with mechanical springs considerably reducing vibration and shock when working or driving on rough terrain, while an automatically adjusting air-sprung cab suspension system is available as an option. In the air-sprung version, compressed air is fed automatically to the pneumatic springs to keep the suspension perfectly level in relation to cab load and make full use of the suspension travel available. Larger amplitude oscillations are cancelled out quickly by two hydraulic dampers, while a Panhard bar eliminates pitch and roll of the cab module.
The compact and environmentally friendly air conditioning system includes a recirculation function and a powerful four speed fan capable of delivering an air flow of 580 m3/h. The thermally insulated ducts distribute air intelligently through fourteen adjustable vents with filters located in the left and right hand A-pillars.
Specific slits direct air towards the cab screen and windows for rapid demisting or defrosting.
The controls and instrumentation are simple and intuitively laid out. All the control levers and switches are colour-coded by function. The multifunction armrest with PowerComS joystick incorporates all the primary functions of the tractor, while the Comfortip system lets the driver save and recall up sixteen repetitive sequences of operations.


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