Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

A truly universal tractor

Agrofarm TTV / Profiline is the definitive multirole tractor. Designed and built with minute attention to detail for extraordinary compactness and limited weight, these tractors set new benchmarks for versatility and manoeuvrability and offer class-beating levels of advanced technology to maximise productivity and reduce operating costs. SDF R&D has created the TTV continuously variable transmission - tailored specifically for this power class (100/110 hp) - exclusively for DEUTZ FAHR. A family of state of the art tractors striking the perfect balance between compact dimensions and technological content, which are ideal for a wide spectrum of specialised applications. The supremacy of the Agrofarm 420 / 430 is taken even further by the Profiline version, which offers a three stage Powershift gearbox, a hydraulic reverse shuttle and 4 PTO speeds, to let the driver take full advantage of the extraordinary performance of the Agrofarm in every application from soil preparation to secondary tillage, and from transport to general utility work on the farm.

Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

Automated engine technology: power under complete control.

These 4,038cc, four-cylinder, turbo-intercooled Euro III Series 2012 engines deliver mighty performance matched with quiet, smooth operation and extremely low specific consumption figures.
Much more advanced than conventional rotary pump systems, the exclusive SDF injection system uses individual pumps for each cylinder to maximise engine power (with very high injection pressures of up to 1,400 bar) and ensure extremely short injection times, while the electronic engine management system varies the injection timing itself in relation to load to optimise consumption.
The individual injection lines are very short and equal in length, which also contributes to achieving very rapid injection times.
The fuel injection system is controlled electronically by the engine management ECU, which continuously monitors engine load and optimised engine function accordingly.
Agrofarm 420 and 430 models are equipped with EGR, a highly effective exhaust gas recirculation system which significantly reduces harmful oxide emissions produced during combustion.
The system also lets the driver set and store engine speeds for specific operations. Whenever an application calls for a constant engine speed, the governor automatically maintains the preset engine speed value whenever constant engine speed is needed, maximising productivity, cutting time wastage for headland manoeuvres and reducing driver fatigue. This function is particularly helpful when using the PTO.

Engine - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

A state of the art transmission.

Agrofarm 420 and 430 TTV and Profiline models are equipped with the unique TTV continuously variable transmission.
This extraordinary transmission was developed and tested specifically by SDF to ensure progressive speed control and completely automatic ratio selection both in the field and on the road, and offer two separate speed ranges (0-20 and 20-40 km/h).
The result is a system that combines superlative performance with unrivalled efficiency.
This transmission is also incredibly simple to use: the driver controls speed simply from the accelerator pedal, without having to use a clutch pedal or shift lever.
The Over Speed system lets the transmission attain a ground speed of 40 km/h at an engine speed below 1,900 rpm.
The faster, more effective direction changes performed by this transmission make headland turns quicker, increasing productivity and significantly reducing fuel consumption (especially during transport applications).
The TTV transmission offers the driver a choice of three modes: Manual, AUTO and PTO.
With the engine running and the transmission in Auto or PTO mode, the Power Zero (active stationary hold) function is also available. With this function enabled, the transmission holds the tractor stationary without the driver using the handbrake, even with engine is at idle speed and irrespective of gradient and load.
The hydraulic reverse shuttle features a response adjustment function to permit setting off and direction inversions without using the clutch pedal.
In addition to this is the Sense Clutch and a system for adjusting the response of the Stop & Go function.

ProfiLine version

Unlike the TTV variant, the Agrofarm ProfiLine has a 5 speed gearbox with 3 stage Powershift and 4 ranges, for a total of 60 forward + 60 reverse speeds, with Overspeed function for a top speed of 40 km/h achievable at engine economy speed. Having a choice of three different powershift ranges for each gear significantly increases both performance and productivity.

Transmission - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

A versatile PTO delivering the right power for any job.

Agrofarm 420 and 430 TTV tractors are equipped with an extremely versatile PTO (engaged electrohydraulically for simple and safe operation) offering a wide choice of speed modes: 540/540ECO/1,000ECO.
This translates to extraordinary versatility, making it possible for these tractors to work with a very wide range of implements, and even with particularly heavy devices.
The PTO clutch pack receives drive directly from the engine via a completely independent shaft, for maximum power transmission efficiency and minimised power losses.
A synchronised PTO and automatic PTO are also available as options.
The synchronised PTO is driven independently via a dedicated gear, and is particularly suitable for operating implements requiring PTO speeds proportional with ground speed.
The automatic PTO operates in relation to the state of the linkage up/down switch, with an activation height settable by the driver as required for the application.

ProfiLine version

Agrofarm ProfiLine tractors are equipped with the Sense Clutch hydraulic power shuttle for smooth, barely perceptible direction changes, and the Stop & Go system, which maximises manoeuvrability and versatility even when working in the tightest spaces on the farm. Four speed hydraulic PTO (540/540ECO/1,000/1,000ECO), auto PTO and synchronised PTO with independent drive shaft. All the power you need in a single machine: the DEUTZ-FAHR Agrofarm ProfiLine.

PTO - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

Maximum power only when you need it.

A dedicated 58 l/min pump only feeds oil to the hydraulic system, which is equipped as standard with three (or, as an option, four) electronically controlled auxiliary distributors with flow regulator and timer functionality. Two of these distributors are controllable individually, while the remaining one or (in the optional configuration) two distributors are controlled from the joystick.
Electronically controlled rear lift with load capacity up to 5,300 Kg (or up to 6,200 Kg with supplementary hydraulic rams).
Agrofarm 420 and 430 TTV and Profiline tractors are equipped with the innovative “Energy Saving” hydraulic system. When the distributors and lift are not in use, a specific flow sensing valve shuts off the flow of hydraulic fluid to the utilities and returns it to the transmission.
This significantly reduces energy losses and fuel consumption, as unlike a conventional open centre system, hydraulic oil does not flow through the auxiliary distributors and linkage when it is not needed.

Hydraulic system - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

Managing traction and differentials has never been so simple.

The electrohydraulically engaged front wheel drive system is extremely robust, while the 100% lockable front and rear differential locks, ensure impeccable traction even in the most challenging conditions.
An independent 44 l/min pump ensures total steering control without sapping power from the main hydraulic system.
The tapered new front ballast support and pivoting front mudguards allow a larger steering angle of 55°, significantly reducing the minimum turning circle.
Agrofarm 420 and 430 TTV models are equipped with hydraulically operated independent Long Life wet disc brakes on both the front and rear axles.

Brakes - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine

Productivity begins with comfort.

DEUTZ-FAHR's engineers and designers ensure that every detail of every product is perfect, and dedicate a significant part of the development project to the design and ergonomics of the driver area.
The results of this dedication are clear in the functional and comfortable driver area of the Agrofarm 420 and 430 TTV, which has been specifically conceived to make the job of the driver as pleasant and relaxing as possible.
The cab has a four-pillar structure with full length, rear-hinged doors for facilitated access (which is made even easier by an anti-slip step), and a remarkably spacious interior offering excellent visibility for total, precise control when working.
The generously sized screen and windows (in athermic glass) and optional high visibility roof offer an unobstructed all-round view.
The Agrofarm TTV series is equipped with a powerful lighting system for maximum productivity even at night. In addition to the legally required headlamps and working lights on the cowl, the lighting system also includes six additional lights (four on the cab roof and two mid-height front lights) for perfect visibility and precision even when working in total darkness.
The instrumentation is comprehensive and precise: with dials and indicators providing clear, concise information and keeping the driver in complete control of the tractor and the PTO.
To make routine actions easier, the controls are grouped according to frequency of use, for more efficient operation and easy identification.
The four speed ventilation system with ten adjustable vents (settable to direct air into the cab or towards the windscreen for rapid demisting) ensures the ideal environment in the cab. But for even greater comfort, an air conditioning system with three fan speeds and numerous directional, adjustable flow vents maintains a constant, ideal temperature.


Specifications - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLineSpecifications - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine
Technical sheet - Agrofarm TTV/ProfiLine


Designed with specific technical solutions and constructed with special materials, the injection system is fully compatible with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.

Stop & Go

Stop & Go

A system maximising the potential of the Sense Clutch shuttle for superlative manoeuvrability. Ideal for jobs involving frequent stops and starts.



Four-wheel integral braking system, with: oversized rear multi-disc brakes (five discs per side) on both of the rear differential output shafts, and hydraulically operated inboard front brakes.


The system monitors a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Automated for total simplicity: lets the driver set, store and recall the most appropriate engine speed for the job in hand.


A system integrated in the hydraulic system which reduces thermal losses, improves efficiency and recovers energy that would otherwise be wasted. When the lift and distributors are not in use, a solenoid valve returns the hydraulic fluid flow to the transmission housing.



An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential lock in relation to steering angle and speed.

Sense Clutch

Sense Clutch

Hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multiplate wet clutches and an electronic control unit.