Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo

Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo

Genuine DEUTZ-FAHR elegance

Superior technology, outstanding performance and the impeccable comfort and elegance of DEUTZ-FAHR. The extraordinary performance of the 6 cylinder Stage 2 engine are perfectly matched for the professional working in or for a large agricultural concern. These are reliable tractors with a sturdy construction and perfect weight distribution. Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo tractors can work tirelessly for hours on end in any application from heavy ploughing tasks to soil preparation and from sowing to road transport. These tractors boast class-beating characteristics such as: a 6 cylinder turbo-intercooler engine with electronic engine governor; a 5 speed transmission offering a top speed of 40 km/h, disc brakes on all four wheels and four wheel drive for working in complete safety, whatever the conditions. The extraordinarily comfortable, high visibility cab caters for the needs of even the most discerning modern operator, for working in complete comfort and with total peace of mind while minimising operating costs.

Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo

A mighty 6 cylinder delivering impressive torque over a broad range of engine speeds. Individual high pressure injection pumps for each cylinder, ensuring effective fuel atomisation and Stage 2 compliance. Short, equal length injection lines ensure extremely rapid injection times for all cylinders. The special configuration of the combustion chamber, combined with the high turbulence of the incoming air, ensures that the fuel and air are mixed perfectly to optimise combustion. A filter with a dust ejector ensures that only perfectly clean air is fed to the engine.
As if all of these features were not enough, the engine powering the Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo is equipped with an electronic engine governor which uses an electromagnetic actuator on the pump control rack to optimise injection volumes in relation engine load and minimise fuel consumption.
The 180 litre roto-moulded plastic fuel tank lets the tractor keep on working at maximum productivity throughout the longest working day without stopping to refuel.

Engine - Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo

A transmission of unparalleled simplicity and ease of use, with ideally spaced ratios for working at the optimum speed for any task in the field while offering a top speed of 40 km/h on the road. All the gears are fully synchronised, while the hydrostatically operated dry main clutch with cera-metallic plates contributes to the efficiency and productivity of these tractors.
The forced lubrication transmission transfers all the power of the engine to the ground via a 5 speed gearbox with 3 ranges and synchronised reverse shuttle, operated from a single lever, for a total of 15FWD+15REV speeds.
Alternatively, these tractors may be equipped with a transmission with 4 ranges, 5 synchronised speeds with supercreeper gear (for a minimum speed of 0.4 -1 km/h) and a synchronised reverse shuttle operated from a single lever offering a total choice of 20FWD+20REV speeds.

Transmission - Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo

The PTO is a 2 speed unit (540/1000 rpm) with a multiplate wet clutch engaged electrohydraulically from a button. The PTO is driven directly from the engine, reducing power losses and noise. The removable PTO output flange shaft ensures complete compatibility with different implements. The PTO speed selector lever is situated at the rear of the transmission casing.

PTO - Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo

An open centre hydraulic system with a 58 l/min. pump providing exactly the amount of oil needed by the implement hitched to the tractor delivers smooth, immediately responsive hydraulic power.
A generously sized mechanically controlled rear lift has the lifting capacity to match the power of the engine, with a maximum load of 4,700 kg; which, if necessary, can be increased to 6,200 kg with the addition of supplementary rams. 4 or 6 way auxiliary distributors cater for every possible application, and are configurable for single or double acting operation when needed for total compatibility with different implements. Instantly responsive, smooth and effortless steering action is assured by a dedicated hydraulic system with a separate pump feeding two double acting hydraulic steering rams situated behind the front axle for excellent protection against accidental impact.

A tractor with heavy duty final drive reduction gear units for working in the toughest terrain conditions in the field. The front axle, powered by a completely enclosed, central driveshaft, ensures impressive ground clearance. Four wheel drive is engaged and disengaged electrohydraulically by simply pressing a button. In difficult conditions where maximum traction is needed, the driver can lock the rear and front differentials by 100% with an electrohydraulic control. In any situation in the field or on the road, safety is assured with the Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo by four hydrostatically operated wet disc brakes ensuring that the driver is in total control in all possible conditions.

The agricultural vocation of these tractors is also evident in the generously appointed and comfortable cab. With a design expressing the history and professionalism of the DEUTZ-FAHR brand, the Silent-Block mounted cab immediately makes an impression with its comfortable and spacious interior and superior visibility. The controls are all laid out rationally on the right hand side of the spacious driver seat. A potent 4 speed ventilation system with optional air conditions distributes air throughout the c

Cab - Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo


Technical sheet - Agrotrac 115.6 Turbo


Hydraulic tappets for injection timing control. When the oil is cold, the tappets increase valve lift slightly to advance the injection timing: this ensures optimum efficiency as soon as the engine is started and eliminates white smoke.



Four-wheel integral braking system, with: oversized rear multi-disc brakes (five discs per side) on both of the rear differential output shafts, and hydraulically operated inboard front brakes.


The system monitors a set of engine parameters, and optimises engine function by adjusting injection accordingly. Automated for total simplicity: lets the driver set, store and recall the most appropriate engine speed for the job in hand.