430 | 610 Agrotron K

430 | 610 Agrotron K

A compact tractor packing an impressive punch

The Agrotron K epitomises the ideal modern agricultural tractor: highly productive and versatile in the field, agile around the farm and quick when transporting on the road. Compact in size, equipped to take all working conditions in their stride and offering extraordinary comfort and ergonomics, this series of machines created by DEUTZ-FAHR has all the right attributes to let you run a modern farm successfully and professionally.

430 | 610 Agrotron K

The most advanced solutions for the ideal engine.

Power, flexibility, low fuel consumption and impressive durability are the key strengths of the Euro III 2012 Series engines equipping the Agrotron K.
Offered as 4038 cm³ four cylinder or 6057 cm³ six cylinder variants, these engines feature turbo-intercooler forced induction and an innovative combustion chamber configuration to combine superlative power and extraordinary torque with impressive fuel economy.
Deutz engines are structurally designed to sustain very high static and dynamic loads during the use of front loaders and front lifts easily without needing additional mounts and lateral frames, which would impede access to parts for maintenance and limit steering angle.
The amount of exhaust gas recirculated back into the combustion chamber is variable for truly efficient engine operation and to minimise nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx). The “PowerCore” cross-flow air filter cleans intake air effectively, while the exhaust gas recirculation system minimises the harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.
Another innovative technological solution is the high pressure Common Rail injection system used in the Agrotron K 430 and 610 models: a pair of injection pumps embedded in the cylinder block and lubricated with engine oil make it possible for the engine to deliver remarkably high, continuous performance, even in the heaviest duty applications. Together with the electronic engine governor, maximum injection pressures of up to 1600 bar, attained irrespective of engine speed, ensure outstanding torque even at low engine speeds. As well as maximising fuel economy, this injection system also contributes to reducing engine noise and vibration.
In response to the operating conditions determined in real time from an array of sensors, and the input from the operator controls, the electronic engine governor delivers only the amount of power effectively needed.

Engine - 430 | 610 Agrotron K

Simply perfect transmissions.

Agrotron K tractors are equipped with the extraordinary, fully synchronised ZF 7.100 transmission, offered in two configurations: with a four speed gearbox and two electrohydraulically selected ranges (for “Road” and “Field” modes), or a three speed Powershift gearbox with supercreeper gear.
The Powershift gearbox lets the driver select three different ratios for each speed, even under load (and without using the clutch pedal), by simply pressing the buttons on the transmission lever.
The three selectable ratios of the Powershift gearbox also let the driver increase speed by 20% by simply shifting up to the next ratio, or reduce speed by approximately 17% by selecting the next lowest ratio.
This means that in the majority of operations, the driver can shift ratios under load with no interruption in drive, and take full advantage of the capabilities of the tractor for maximum productivity.
Oversized multiplate wet clutches have been adopted to significantly reduce the clamp loads involved for each ratio, for superlative transmission reliability and durability.
Depending on the tyre size mounted, these transmissions allow the tractor to operate at range of speeds from 320 m/h to 50 km/h (or to an electronically limited 40 km/h, where required by law) at rated engine speed: while within the range used in the majority of applications - between 4 and 12 km/h - the driver has a remarkable ten different ratios to choose from. In the highest ratio, a vehicle speed of 40 km/h is attained at an engine speed of just 1870 rpm, for maximised fuel economy and minimised noise. Should conditions call for all the engine power available, however, simply shifting down to the second highest ratio gives a vehicle speed of 40 km/h at maximum engine power rpm.
The Profiline version is equipped with an automatic Powershift transmission: with a dedicated electronic control unit which selects the ideal ratio according to load and engine speed.
Lastly, Agrotron K tractors are also equipped with the Powershuttle hydraulic reverse shuttle, which lets the driver change the direction of drive (FWD/REV) under load and without using the brakes or clutch at speeds up to a maximum 12.5 km/h. The Powershuttle is controlled from a practical lever (protected by a safety guard to prevent accidental selection), and is particularly useful during headland manoeuvres and during operation with the front loader.

Transmission - 430 | 610 Agrotron K

A PTO has never been so versatile.

With an interchangeable PTO output shaft and an impressive four selectable speeds (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO), the Agrotron K is capable of working with any PTO powered implement .
The PTO is simple and rational to operate, with electrohydraulic controls and an LCD screen displaying the effective PTO speed, allowing the driver to use any implement in the ideal operating conditions. The PTO may be operated either from the driver seat or from control buttons on the rear fenders.
The optional front PTO, which operates at a standard 1000 rpm, is driven directly by the engine and engaged electrohydraulically from a button.
For maximum reliability, the PTO is equipped with an electrohydraulically operated multiplate wet clutch with load measuring system to ensure smooth, progressive engagement in all conditions.
The Auto PTO function may be used to stop and restart the PTO automatically when the implement hitched to the 3-point linkage is raised or lowered.

PTO - 430 | 610 Agrotron K

A hydraulic system that adjusts delivery for optimised functionality and reduced wastage.

Agrotron K tractors are equipped with an open centre hydraulic system with a 61 or 75 l/min pump or, in the case of Profiline versions, with a closed centre system with 83 l/min load sensing variable displacement pump.
The load sensing function alters the delivery rate of the pump automatically to the demand of the implements: this means than only exactly the quantity of oil needed is delivered, even at low engine speeds.
The hydraulic system equipping Agrotron K tractors feeds a set of three six-way distributors or, in the case of Profiline versions, four eight-way distributors.
The control levers are colour-coded in relation to the respective hydraulic connections and may be locked in “delivery” and “float” modes.
A joystick on the console lets the driver safely and easily operate two of the auxiliary distributors from a single control device.
On the Profiline version, all the distributors are electrohydraulically operated and controllable from a joystick on the multifunction armrest and from four buttons on the PowerComS.
The rear lift, with EHR electronic control, has a maximum lift capacity of 6200 kg. The EHR control unit is capable of automatically performing numerous functions when the lift is activated: draft force and position control; mixed control mode; quick soil engagement; float mode; slippage control; oscillation damping; transport lock, lift height limiter; and rate of drop control (using same radar system used for slippage control).
The optional front lift, which may be specified together with the 1000 rpm front PTO, features a pair of dual action hydraulic rams and has a maximum lift capacity of up to 3200 kg.
When the tractor is driven at speed on the road, large amplitude oscillations may be caused by the implement hitched on the lift, which could compromise safety. Through special sensors integrated in the lift arms, the Antidumping function (active above 8 km/h) detects oscillation and controls compensating lift movements to counter the oscillations and maximise the stability of the tractor-implement system.

Hydraulic system - 430 | 610 Agrotron K

Dependable brakes and automatic dual traction for maximum safety.

The ASM system engages and disengages the dual traction system and the differential locks completely automatically.
The system engages and disengages front wheel drive and the differential locks under load in relation to steering angle and vehicle speed for maximum traction in all conditions.
The hydrostatic steering system is fed by an independent pump with a maximum delivery of 26 l/min, for impeccably smooth steering action even when other hydraulic utilities are operating simultaneously, and especially in critical operating conditions (such as when steering with the engine at idle speed). The Agrotron K has a maximum steering angle of 52 degrees, for extraordinary manoeuvrability and agility.
Load capacity is also impressive: maximum front axle load capacity is 1850 kg for the Agrotron K410 and K420, 2050 kg for the K610 and a remarkable 2150 kg for the K 430. Maximum effective rear axle capacity is 3510 kg for the K430, and approximately 3200 kg for all other models.
The hydrostatic braking system uses oversized wet discs incorporated in the rear axles, while the front wheel drive engages automatically and links the front and rear wheels for integral four-wheel braking.
The most noteworthy options available for the Agrotron K include the “L” series front loaders, designed specifically for these tractors and with steering front mudguards, rear mudguard extensions, available in three different widths, hydraulic or air trailer brake systems, and a wide choice of front mounts and ballasts.

Brakes - 430 | 610 Agrotron K

The ultimate cab.

With the S-Class cab, the Agrotron K sets truly superlative new standards for comfort, while interior space is nothing short of astonishing.
Access to the cab itself is just as excellent: with broad slip-proof steps in zinc-plated metal and generous doors.
To damp the vibrations reaching the cab, the S-Class may be equipped with an optional, automatically regulated air suspension system: compressed air is automatically delivered to the air springs in relation to the weight in the cab, while a control unit maintains a optimum suspension attitude in response to varying load.
Larger amplitude oscillations are cancelled out without fuss by two hydraulic dampers and the sprung front axle, while a Panhard bar eliminates cab pitch and roll.
For unrivalled driving pleasure, the cab may be equipped with the optional Aeromat comfort seat, with air sprung suspension, adjustable rake backrest and a whole host of other class-beating features.
The S-Class boasts a truly powerful air conditioning system, with four different fan speed settings and seventeen adjustable, directional vents, which can deliver up to 740 m³/h of dehumidified air to maintain a comfortable environment inside the cab whatever the conditions outside.
The S-Class boasts a truly powerful air conditioning system, with four different fan speed settings and seventeen adjustable, directional vents, which can deliver up to 740 m³/h of dehumidified air.
The lighting system is just as extraordinary, with fourteen work lights capable of illuminating approximately 500 m² of terrain with daylight quality light.
Powered by low noise emissions engines and making extensive use of soundproofing and sound absorbing materials, the Agrotron K is one of the quietest tractors on the market today.
All the controls and instruments in the Agrotron K are immediately recognisable, and are rationally arranged and grouped according to function and frequency of use.
The Profiline version comes as standard with even more comprehensive instrumentation, and with the multifunction armrest and PowerComS joystick incorporating all the primary functions of the tractor. The Comfortip function lets the driver save and then recall and automatically execute repetitive operation sequences, while the Infocenter monitors all the functions and operating parameters of the tractor.


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