430 Agrotron TTV

430 Agrotron TTV

The power of efficiency

Power Efficiency is the philosophy applied by DEUTZ-FAHR to develop, design and improve each and every one of its products. Every component, device and system is conceived to improve efficiency and reduce power loss and fuel consumption, with the end goals of significantly increased performance and minimal environmental impact. The Agrotron 430 TTV tractors represent this philosophy put into practice: these are versatile machines capable of tackling any possible condition, equipped with highly efficient engines and the TTV continuously variable transmission.

430 Agrotron TTV

Power to cater for every application.

430 Agrotron TTVtractors are equipped with potent four cylinder DEUTZ 2012 Series turbodiesel engines with four valves per cylinder, turbo-intercooler forced induction and common rail (DCR) injection.
The sixteen valve head ensures efficient combustion chamber filling and an optimised fuel-air mixture; while the configuration of the head itself allows for a central, vertical injector position, to inject (and, subsequently atomise) the fuel at the centre of the piston crown, where ignition normally initiates, significantly increasing power and reducing fuel consumption.
Power outputs : 134 hp / 98.5 kW for the 430.
The dual pump injection system (with injection pressures up to 1600 bar) and the new combustion chamber configuration contribute to ensuring immediate power delivery, while the injection system itself is electronically controlled for precise fuel delivery in relation to load. One example of the intelligent solutions applied for the engines equipping the Agrotron TTV series is the electronically controlled viscostatic fan, with variable speed in relation to temperature and load. The speed of the fan is controlled via a viscostatic joint managed by an electronic system, which ensures extremely rapid response times and varies the flow of cooling air in proportion to demand. The result is a solution which maintains an optimum coolant temperature and protects the engine against overheating while minimising power losses and reducing fuel consumption. This extraordinary engine allows the tractor to reach 40 km/h at an engine speed of just 1400 rpm, and saves fuel right from the beginning of the working day. The engines powering Agrotron TTV models use an innovative EGR exhaust gas recirculation system, to achieve compliance with Tier IIIA emissions regulations.

Engine - 430 Agrotron TTV

Functionality through total control.

The transmission equipping the 430 Agrotron TTV range sets new benchmarks for continuously variable transmission technology.
The electronic management system offers a number of different transmission modes (Manual, PTO and Auto) and four working ranges, for optimised productivity at all speeds.
In each range, if needed, torque may be transmitted entirely mechanically (with no torque transmitted hydrostatically), for maximum efficiency and significant fuel savings in certain situations, such as when high tractive power is needed.
The operating principle is simple: the mechanical/hydrostatic system consists of a planetary reduction gearbox and a hydrostatic unit combined in a configuration optimised for maximum efficiency. The planetary reduction gearbox consists of four planetary gear units (each one of which maintaining continuous drive in each of the four corresponding ranges), while the hydrostatic unit uses a variable displacement pump driven directly by the engine, which is capable of continuously varying the speed of the hydraulic motor and, as a result, the tractor.
Real world examples of the advantages of this solution can be seen in subsoiling and heavy duty deep ploughing applications (with tractor speeds varying between 3 and 5 km/h) or in conventional ploughing (with speeds ranging between 5 and 9 km/h), in which the tractor operates at full power for very prolonged periods. In both of these cases, only minimal torque is transmitted hydrostatically by the transmission of the Agrotron TTV 410/420/430, maximising the overall performance of the tractor.
When operating with the transmission in Automatic or PTO mode, the “PowerZero” (active stop) function is also available. With this function enabled, the transmission holds the tractor stationary without the operator using the handbrake, irrespective of gradient and load, when the engine is at idle speed.

Transmission - 430 Agrotron TTV

A choice of PTOs for the right answer for every application.

Versatility is one of the key strengths of the 430 Agrotron TTV series, and this also applies to the PTO. All four PTO speeds in standard usage are available (540, 540ECO, 1000 and 1000ECO), while a synchronised PTO is also available as an option.
The PTO is engaged electrohydraulically (from controls on the driver console and on both rear mudguards) with an automatic load sensing function to ensure that the implement connected is always started progressively and smoothly.
As well as manually, where necessary, the PTO may also be engaged and disengaged automatically in relation to implement height.
The PTO is extremely simple to operate, with electrohydraulic controls and an LCD screen displaying the effective PTO speed, allowing the driver to use any implement in the ideal operating conditions.
And for use with particularly heavy duty implements, the PTO is equipped with a generously sized multiplate wet clutch to handle load peaks easily and in total safety.
The optional PTO, which operates at a standard 1000 rpm, is engaged electrohydraulically and driven directly from the engine.

PTO - 430 Agrotron TTV

Unbeatable performance, even with the most complex implements.

For maximum productivity when using more complex, hydraulic power-hungry implements, 430 Agrotron TTVtractors are equipped with a pump with an impressive capacity of 120 l/min and with up to seven auxiliary distributors (five rear and two front distributors).
All the distributors feature flow regulation and oil deliver timer functions, and may be operated as needed from a choice of different controls: the practical buttons on the PowerComV lever, a joystick on the armrest and “smart wheels” on the lateral console.
A load sensing pump is used, which continuously varies the oil delivery rate as needed in relation to demand and to maintain constant pressure, reducing power losses and increasing the durability of the hydraulic components.
The entire new Agrotron TTV 430 series is equipped with push-pull hydraulic connectors, for trouble-free connection of hydraulic lines even when the system is pressurised, with a dedicated container for collecting the small quantities of oil which may escape during coupling.
The rear lift has a maximum capacity of 6200 kg and is controlled by the electronic EHR system, which performs a number of functions: draft force and position control, mixed control mode, quick soil engagement, float mode, oscillation damping, transport lock, implement lift height limiter, rate of drop control and slippage control (by interfacing with radar system).
When the tractor is driven on the road, large amplitude oscillations may be caused by the implement hitched on the lift, which could compromise safety. At speeds above 8 km/h, the Anti-dumping system detects oscillation via special sensors integrated in the lift arms, and controls compensating lift movements accordingly to counterbalance the oscillations and maximise the stability.
The main hydraulic system has a dedicated 50 litre tank which is independent of the transmission tank and has its own filtration system.

Hydraulic system - 430 Agrotron TTV

Integral safety.

The hydrostatic steering system uses a dedicated 37 l/min pump which feeds two powerful dual action hydraulic cylinders to ensure smooth, effortless steering action even at low engine speeds.
Offering a steering angle of 55 degrees and generous wheel excursion, the optional electronically controlled sprung front axle is mounted on a joint with three hydraulic rams assisted by two nitrogen dampers.
These innovative engineering solutions maximise driver comfort and ensure sure-footed stability even at high speeds and on rough terrain.
The electronic control system keeps the suspension perfectly level in all conditions, independently of load. And for more demanding soil preparation applications, the entire suspension system may be disabled to create a rigid axle and maximise implement depth control precision.
The Power Brake system maintains constant pressure in the hydraulic braking circuit so that the driver can depend on immediately responsive, powerful and progressive stopping action at all times with minimum effort. The system also includes an auxiliary emergency accumulator which allows up to ten stops in complete safety even with the engine off.
And for even greater safety, an integral braking system with wet disc brakes on all four wheels is available as an option.

Brakes - 430 Agrotron TTV

A complete cab for unparalleled comfort and functionality.

The S-Class cab is simply unbeatable: its extremely spacious interior is accessed easily via generously sized doors and broad anti-slip steps in zinc-plated metal.
The cab features automatically adjusted air-sprung suspension for impeccable driver comfort. In this innovative system, compressed air is fed automatically to the air springs by the control unit in relation to cab load, to keep the suspension level in all conditions.
Any variations in cab load are detected by a sensor, and compensated for by automatically adjusting the position of the suspension. Larger amplitude oscillations are cancelled out quickly by two hydraulic dampers, while a Panhard bar eliminates pitch and roll movements of the cab module.
The driver seat is just as advanced: with eleven-way adjustment to provide the perfect support for every part of the body, the “Aeromat Maximo” seat with Deluxe air-sprung suspension and anti-slip fabric upholstery ensures superlative driver comfort even on the roughest terrain.
The generous equipment also includes a steering wheel with gas-spring adjustable height and rake, and with a perfectly sized rim in anti-slip material for a sure, comfortable grip.
The powerful four-speed ventilation system cleans external air via two filters integrated in the A-pillars and distributes it into the cab through fourteen vents.
The noise level measured in the pressurised, soundproofed cab is just 72 dB(A). This outstanding result has been made possible by the highest manufacturing standards: with a perfectly sealed monocoque cab; a floor mat made from sound-damping material; laminated lower front windows and, above all, extraordinarily quiet engines.
The controls are instantly recognisable by colour and shape, and are logically organised and grouped according to function and frequency of use.
The Infocenter provides all the information needed for total control of the tractor, with analogue gauges for operating parameters, warning and indicator lamps signalling the operating status of the machine and the performance-monitor dedicated to the transmission and PTO.


Technical sheet - 430 Agrotron TTV