Agrofarm T-TB

Agrofarm T-TB

Versatility is power

Agrofarm T tractors are multipurpose machines ideal for small and medium farms. They may be used with extraordinary efficiency together with all the implements necessary for a wide variety of applications from cultivating to harvesting. Agrofarm TB tractors are low, practical, efficient and compact, making them ideal for applications in greenhouses, olive groves and citrus orchards, and for mixed crop farming with irregular planting patterns. Both models are available as two versions: LS (with synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle) or GS (with hydraulic power shuttle).

Agrofarm T-TB

Power under control.

Agrofarm T and TB tractors are equipped with four-cylinder, turbo-intercooled Deutz Euro III 2012 engines.
The electronic control unit (ECU) monitors and controls the fuel injection system in real time and automatically governs engine performance (in relation to effective load) for quiet, smooth operation in all conditions.
The driver can store engine speed presets for specific applications and recall them whenever needed. The system maintains these engine speed presets at a constant value, saving considerable time when performing different operations and offering a significant advantage in terms of productivity.

Engine - Agrofarm T-TB

Bespoke transmission configurations.

Agrofarm 410 and 420 T/TB tractors are offered with a five speed gearbox with three or four ranges and (for GS versions only) a two stage Powershift Hi-Lo gearbox, for up to forty forward and reverse speeds.
The Powershift HI-LO gearbox lets the driver shift smoothly from a normal operating ratio to a reduced ratio under drive and with no interruption in torque transmission.
GS versions with the hydraulic powershift reverse shuttle use multiplate wet clutches for maximum durability and seamless direction changes.

Transmission - Agrofarm T-TB

A versatile, dependable PTO.

Agrofarm T-TB tractors offer four PTO speed modes (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO), all of which selected and engaged electrohydraulically for simple, safe operation.
The versatility of a PTO capable of operating over such a wide speed range makes it possible to work with a huge variety of different implements.
A transmission-synchronised PTO (driven independently of the engine PTO via a dedicated gear) is also available, for operating implements requiring PTO speeds proportional with ground speed.

PTO - Agrofarm T-TB

Simple, functional hydraulics.

The hydraulic system on Agrofarm T-TB tractors uses a dedicated 56 l/min pump feeding three auxiliary distributors.
The hydrostatic system is fed by an independent pump, ensuring total steering control without sapping power from the main hydraulic system.
The standard rear lift, with a mechanical draft sensing system on the lower arms, has a maximum capacity of 4300 Kg (for the 410) or 5100 Kg (for the 420).

Hydraulic system - Agrofarm T-TB

Extraordinary stopping power and traction for total productivity.

Agrofarm T-TB tractors are equipped with electrohydraulically engaged dual traction.
The axle of two wheel drive models is specifically engineered for superior strength and load capacity, and for simple adjustment.
The front and rear differentials are 100% lockable for maximum grip even in the most challenging conditions.
Agrofarm T-TB tractors are also equipped with hydrostatically operated multiplate wet disc brakes.

A simple and contemporary driver area.

The driver area of Agrofarm T-TB tractors is spacious and comfortable and has been specifically designed to offer superior comfort and make the job of the driver as relaxing as possible.
For driver safety, T models are equipped with a four pillar rops frame or a folding two pillar rops.
To reduce overall height, TB models are equipped as standard with a two pillar rops frame, offered as partial or fully folding variants.
The instrumentation is modern and precise, but extremely simple to use, with a comprehensive set of analogue dials and digital displays providing clear, concise information and keeping the driver in complete control of the tractor and the PTO.


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Specifications - Agrofarm T-TBSpecifications - Agrofarm T-TB
Technical sheet - Agrofarm T-TB


Powershift HI-LO gearbox with supercreeper gear as standard and synchronised hydraulic reverse shuttle for a total of fifteen or twenty forward/reverse speeds; dry clutch with brakes on front axle as standard; 2WD or DT; Two-speed PTO (four-speed availabl


Powershift HI-LO gearbox with supercreeper gear as standard and Power Shuttle hydraulic reverse shuttle for a total of twenty or forty forward/reverse speeds; wet plate clutch with brakes on front axle as standard; 2WD or DT; Four speed PTO.